Thank YOU!

Thank YOU

Thank YOU So So Much!

Thank YOU!

Just uploaded a whole heap of absolutely awesome Sublime Science Party feedback. Thank YOU all so much for sending it in.

Makes it all worthwhile and means the world to me.

Another HUGE thank you goes to the Sublime Science team. As you might know we’ve now made science awesome for 1 million kids.

{The photo is of a few of the (always awesome!) Sublime Science team, standing in front of the ‘Wall of Awesomeness’, no less!}

Reaching 1 million kids seemed completely and utterly ridiculous when I started out with that £1,750 Prince’s Trust loan close to a decade ago.

I’m completely humbled to have played a small part in inspiring 1 million children and absolutely blown away by the response since announcing it.

So many of you awesome humans have sent emails/facebook-messages/tweets/texts and one or two even picked up the telephone and sent cards in the real ‘snail mail’ to offer your congratulations.

Thank you all so so very much,

Here’s to reaching the next million!

And, of course…

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. YOU are awesome