The 25,000th Sublime Science Booking!

The 25,000th Sublime Science Booking!

Sublime Science celebrates 25,000th booking!

Slimetastic news just in.

Sublime Science just celebrated our 25,000th booking.

It whizzed by faster than that flying smoke ring!

All joking aside, it seems like only yesterday I was taking out that £1,750 Prince’s Trust loan and concocting science experiments out of my parents’ spare room.

That was a while ago! Over almost a decade we’ve gone on to inspire more than 1 million kids to discover how awesome science can be.

And, it almost goes without saying but, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks so so much to everyone who helped out along the way.

To the awesome Sublime Science Team, our incredible Sublime Science Presenters, friends, family and supporters and (of course!) to our amazing customers.

Thank you all so much.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc