World Record Breaking Sublime Science!

World Record Breaking Sublime Science!

Sublime Science... World Record Breaking!

Wooohooooo, got some awesome news for you.

I’ve wanted to break a world record since I was about 8 years old… 20-something years later I’m officially part of a Guinness World Record for Richard Branson’s Pitchathon.

And it would never have been possible without your support. You can see just how happy this made me by the cheesy grin, below!

Pitchathon - Marc Wileman - Sublime Science

This is how happy breaking a world record made me!

The pitch was a nerve-wracking but awesome experience. There were some absolutely incredible judges and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed all the flying smoke rings and bubbling potions, I certainly hope so!

Thank YOU so so so so so so so much.

I appreciate you, you are awesome!

Mad Marc


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