Shortlisted By Richard Branson To Attempt World Record

Shortlisted By Richard Branson To Attempt World Record Pitchathon!

Sublime Science Founder Shortlisted By Richard Branson...

VOOM! That seems like the word to go for.

Absolutely blown away to have been shortlisted and the next step is to attempt a world record 29 hour “pitchathon”…gulp.

It’s been one of those weird childhood dreams to win a Guinness World Record and looks like (age 30!) this is my chance.

Most importantly of all we’re one step closer to securing the backing of legendary entrepreneur and (constant inspiration!) Richard Branson and one step closer to our goal of making science awesome for one million children.

Finally, thanks so so so so much for being so awesome and all of your support. Oh, and start crossing stuff.

Oh, keep an eye out on Wednesday 1st June somewhere between 3-5PM on the Voom, Virgin website. You might just see a slime-covered lab coat wearing dude trying to sound like a serious business owner…it’s being live-streamed…gulp.

Stay awesome,


VOOM Shortlisted