Sublime Science Wins Queen's Award

Sublime Science Wins Queen’s Award

Queens Honour Win For Sublime Science

'Mad' Marc Wileman Receives Queen's Award...

Absolutely honoured and far beyond blown away to be able to share that Sublime Science just won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Not to exaggerate but this I think this is literally the highest honour available in business and the opportunity to receive one for doing what I love is beyond a privilege.

It somehow makes it even more perfect to be awarded such an honour on Her Majesty’s 90th birthday. It’s also the awards 50th year which is absolutely incredible.

In July I’ll be heading down to Buckingham Palace to receive the award and get to take my mum with me. (She’s just as excited as me!)

I’m utterly humbled, grateful and blown away.  When I founded Sublime Science with a loan from the Prince’s Trust I never could have imagined that anything like this could happen.

Thank you so so so much for your support.

Stay awesome!

Mad Marc

Queens Award Sublime Science