Mind=Blown... Forbes just referred to me as a "Visionary"!

Mind=Blown… Forbes just referred to me as a “Visionary”

Sublime Science Founder Gets Slime Into Forbes!

Is this real life?

I honestly don’t know what to say!

I’m absolutely honoured and utterly humbled.

When I started Sublime Science with a £1,750 Prince’s Trust loan working alone out of my parents’ spare bedroom I didn’t exactly see a Forbes article coming!!!

Long story short, so many awesome things have happened over the past couple of years and one afternoon I found myself on the phone with a journalist from Forbes wanting to ask a few questions about Sublime Science.

Somehow word had travelled all the way to the USA about all the slime we’ve been making.

“Surprised” doesn’t exactly cover my initial reaction but they were ridiculously lovely and just wanted me to share my story and a couple of ideas that might help other people out.

I get super-passionate (it’s actually kind of embarrassing!) whenever people ask for my thoughts on how to do something cool so of course I was more than happy to help out.

I thought it would just be a quick note or comment or something but turns out they put together this whole (awesome!) article about me and all things Sublime Science and even referred to me as a “Visionary”.

Here’s the link if you fancy checking out the Sublime Science story on Forbes – or just checking to see if I’m just making it up.

Just leaves me to say ‘thanks so so so much’ for all the support and positive vibes. Genuinely means the world to me.

Let’s all make 2016 the best year yet!

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc