The Ultimate Science Party Food Ideas

Ultimate Science Party Food Ideas...

The Bio-Hazard Brain:

Kids love jelly. And kids tend to love anything that's gory or disgusting.

So why not combine the two and add a Bio-Hazard Brain to your Sublime Science Party.

All you need is a brain jelly mould that you can find online, some jelly and plenty of room in the fridge!

Jelly Brain Science Party Food Idea
Petri Dish Science Party Food Idea

Scientific Specimens - Jelly Petri Dishes:

If something is edible, disgusting and science-y then it's bound to be a hit.

Scientific Specimens are all three. Petri dishes filled with slimy jelly and gummy worms are the perfect addition to your science theme and add taste a million times better than they look!

Science Party Cupcake Toppers:

Birthday parties are just linked to cakes. No getting around it.

But how to make your cake science-y without ruining them? Cupcake toppers can be a great option. 

The look fun and science-y but without changing the delicious flavour of your cakes. Perfect!

Cupcake Science Party Food Idea
Test Tube Science Party Food Idea

Test-Tube Treats:

I've always got a bit of a soft spot for edible experiments but Test Tube Treats might just be my favourite.

The look sublime (sorry!)...

and taste just as good too and make a wonderfully unique science party favour.

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The Time-Saving Options!

Feel free to use these ideas plus your own creativity and imagination to transform your space into an incredible lab.


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