The Standing On Eggs Experiment!

the-standing-on-eggs-experiment_clip_image002Nobody ever believes this experiment is going to work but I promise you it will! Go on, give it a try, it's an absolutely incredible feeling and all you need to get started are 2 six packs of eggs!

What do I need:

  • 2 packs of eggs!
  • A bit of courage to give it a go!

How do I do it?

the-standing-on-eggs-experiment_clip_image004STEP1 - First off, it's time to build your confidence. Hold an egg in your hand vertically and start to squeeze it!

WARNING: Make sure it's vertical, not horizontal and you're not wearing a ring. Squeeze, harder and harder, the egg doesn't break!

STEP2 - Expect the best but plan for the worst! You might be best to do this experiment in the kitchen, that way if all goes horribly wrong (not that it will!) it'll be easy to clean up!

STEP3 - Lay your two packs of eggs on the floor, side by side, and get a chair or something to hold on to for support. The eggs will take your weight (I'm 80kg, 13 stone+ and it took mine!). the-standing-on-eggs-experiment_clip_image006Try and spread your weight as evenly as possible across the eggs, once you're settled let go of the chair or whatever is supporting you!

Congratulations, you are now in an elite group of people who has stood on eggs!

What's going on?

This is mother nature at her very best! The shape of the egg is eggcellently designed (I'm really sorry, there's no way I could write this without one egg joke, I'll keep it to one, I promise!). The shape of the egg distributes your weight evenly and as long as you spread your weight between them, 12 eggs is enough to take all your weight.

Mad-Marc-Slime-ForwardThat's amazing, considering how thin eggs are!

More Fun Please - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • If you want to go nuts and buy lots of eggs you could set up a course and go for a stroll on top of them (may need to tie this in with a pancake party or something!)
  • Would it work if you were wearing shoes?
  • What's the minimum number of eggs you can stand on? Only try this one if you're feeling brave and don't mind cleaning up a big eggy mess!

Even The Dragons Love Sublime Science Experiments

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