Common Mistake No1 - Booking an Unoriginal Boring Party!

Whoah! That seems pretty obvious I hear you cry! I guess it is obvious but that doesn't make it any less true or necessarily that easy to avoid.

We all know that children demand more and more these days and the type of party entertainment that they used to love just doesn't seem to measure up anymore.

Kids seem to grow up quicker too - it seems that the age they 'grow out of' clowns and bouncy castles gets younger every year.

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The other big 'problem' is that kids get invited to more and more parties than ever before and there's only so many disco parties, swimming parties or wacky warehouses you can go to before they all seem to blend together and merge into one.

What kids' always crave is something different...

How To Avoid Booking An Unoriginal Boring Party
Good news first - there are loads of different children's parties to choose from! So, it's easy then? Nope, unfortunately not! The bad news is that the quality of these different parties varies enormously too....

Where to find a Party with that 'Something Different'?
A great place to begin your search is, of course, asking friends, family and colleagues - the only problem with that is it can lead to the same party 'doing the rounds' at your child's school or within their friendship group and we know how much children love new things!

Nowadays more and more busy parents jump online to find an original kids party and normally do a Google search but the amount of different results mean it might be round to next year's party before you've narrowed it down!

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The 4 Top Tips of How to Pick a Kids Party Online:

No.1 Clear Professional Video of what happens at the party - it's great if you can see the children interacting and having fun and, of course, it's always encouraging when it's been professionally recorded (not filmed off a mobile phone in a dark village hall!)

No.2 Great Testimonials From Loads Of Customers, not just one or two! At the time of writing we've got 2,000 testimonials on the Sublime Science website including Audio & Video Testimonials - I don't want to sound cynical but if all the testimonials are just written, how do you know they are real? I've heard of party companies start up and a week later have 30 'customer testimonials' on their website! I've never seen a company like that get audio or video reviews from their customers!

No.3 An Established Company, not just a flash in the pan. I'm not saying they've got to have been around since the dawn of time but a couple of years (Sublime Science is almost 10 years old!) shows that it's a company that you can trust. Remember they may well require a deposit from you!

No.4 Lots Of Paperwork! - All entertainers should be CRB checked (that’s a suitability to work with children check done by the Criminal Records Bureau), have several million pounds of Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind and have written Risk Assessments they can send to you too!

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