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Are you fed up with the same, old, boring birthday parties your child (and you!) have been to so many times before?

Would you like a 'something different' kids party in Brighton?

Something special, to make those special memories that are never forgotten?

Would it help if that "something different" was also fun-packed and educational too?

If that sounds like you then the Sublime Science Party could be perfect for you. Read on to find out whether it's right for you why even the Dragons loved it!

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The Sublime Science Party is Now Available in Brighton

Do You Cover The Whole Of The Brighton Area?

Absolutely! We travel to you and make your child's party unforgettable from either your home or from a local village hall.

Whatever works best for you. We've got the whole of Brighton and the surrounding area covered so we can enthrall at kids parties in Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill too!

The Sublime Science Party is hugely popular in Brighton. If you think that it might be something you're interested in then don't miss out. Get in touch right now!

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Latest Local Reviews: Sublime Science Parties Near Brighton!

"My son  wanted a different kind of birthday party that him and his friends would enjoy. It's what he wanted from the moment I showed him your video" - 5 Year Olds Party in Brighton

"The whole thing was AWESOME but I'd say the smoke bubbles, flying smoke and the slime were my favourite bits" - 6 Year Olds Science Party in Bexhill

"Thank you for such a fabulous science party. It's tough to say what the best part was but I know that everyone loved making their slime. The help and support I received from the office was first class." - 7 Year Olds Birthday Party near Brighton

"I loved how much the children were learning by being involved in the experiments and our presenters really knew the science and could tackle those difficult questions that 8 year olds are known to ask!" - 8 Year Olds Childrens Party in Hastings

"Loved our party! Don't think I've ever seen 20 9 years olds getting so involved and having so much fun at a birthday party... just fab" - Science Party Brighton

"The content and the science was perfect for our age group, the children learnt so much about vibrations and sound waves and forces and flight and I know that the adults learnt almost as much!" - 10 Year Olds Kids Party in Eastbourne

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"Loved everything! Many thanks to Sublime Science for making this a party to remember"

- Brighton Kids Party for 6 Year Olds

"Both of my boys had a wonderful time and I've lost count of the number of times the children have told me it was the best party ever"

- Brighton Science Party for 7 Year Olds

"As a parent the thing I liked best was that it was real science with real explanations for the children and our Sublime Scientist had a great depth of knowledge"

- Eastbourne Children's Entertainers for 9 Year Olds
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"Every single child stayed involved right the way through. At other parties I've seen children sitting out and excluded but at our science party every child was fully immersed" - Brighton Kids Party for 4 & 5 Year Olds

"What a party! The children were entertainer from start to finish than you very much!" - Hastings Children's Party For 7 Year Olds

Who Will Be My Sublime Scientist?

We've got some absolutely awesome Sublime Scientists around the Brighton area so your children's entertainer will be local to you. Chaotic Claire runs many of our science parties in Eastbourne. Toxic Tamsim loves to help out at our children's parties in Brighton and Mad Mimi loves to inspire the children at our science parties in Hastings.

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