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The children loved the rockets and the lemonade/mentos fountain. Office were very helpful and really prompt. I was looking for something that would appeal to boys and girls. Michele was AMAZING! She was really professional, excellent with the children - explaining the science behind the experiments without being patronising or too complex ie she managed to pitch it exactly right for a bunch of 6 year olds (and their mums!). One of the little girls told her mum it was the best party she had ever been to! I also like the fact that we had a female presenter to inspire the girls.
Laura Hurcomb, Girls 6th Birthday Party in Surrey for Michele, June 2015

The children were fully engaged for the whole period, and had loads of fun. Office? Perfectly fine - questions were answered by return. Not sure how you could improve, the whole thing worked ever so well. It was something different, other than the run of the mill football parties there is not a lot on offer for a bunch of 10-11 years olds. Professor Tom did a great job, he got his audience absolutely right
Jonathan Hopkins, 10-11 Year Olds Party in North Yorks with Professor Tom G, June 2015

The sherbet and slime making ativites were the best and had all the kids totally engaged. Office? Very helpful. My 6 year old is so interested in science (we as parents are both scientists), so a science party was the obvious choice. I chose Sublime as it had the mums net seal of approval and no hidden charges. Rikki was great at keeping the children quiet. She was fun but firm!!!
Clare Ray, Children's 6th Birthday Party in Farnborough with Rikki, June 2015

Loved everything! Professor Adellium got down on the kids level, and explained everything in a way that kept the kids entertained, and kept the kids listening. So much so that the next day they were able to describe in great detail what they had done/learnt. I love that it's interactive (especially with sweet making and slime making), the experiments chosen are fun and easy to follow, kids are able to create their own theories as to what is happening before being told what the actual science behind the experiment was. It was an awesome party. Really really helpful office staff, really polite and understanding. Other offices should take note. Fantastic customer service. I don't think my daughters party could've been improved upon. Daughters class had just done science at school, and they pretty much ignored everything. But after showing them some of Mad Marc's videos on youtube they seemed to be learning, I thought a sublime science party would be the perfect combination of fun and learning and the kids would benefit from learning about science. So glad I booked with Sublime Science, it was fun and educational for the kids and the adults. Professor Adellium was fantastic with the kids, and they hung onto every word. My deaf son was at the party, and was made to feel as if he was as much apart of the event as everyone else (he usually feels left out but Professor Adellium ensured he was involved and enjoying it as much as everyone else). Both my kids were thrilled with the party and I have been told many times that it was 'the best party ever!' I have been told our guests loved it and haven't given their parents a moments rest about it...and have taken to trying to gross out their parents with troll snot/dragons blood slime. We also bought the Sublime Science gift bags which were awesome. One guest didn't show up, so me and my little girls father have been having lots of fun with the contents. Many thanks to Sublime Science and Professor Adellium for a fantastic party!
Jane Cross, Girls Party in Oldham with Adele, June 2015

The whole party ran smoothly, James was fabulous with the children and really engaged with them they all thought he was great and he showed real insight into making sure all children were as involved as possible, even our 20 year old daughter joined in and had fun !!! Would definitely recommend our little girl said it was the best party ever. Office? Very helpful. Can't think of a thing you could do better !! I was looking for something different for my little girl and this certainly fit the bill.
Emma Cody, Daughter's Party in Pointon with James, June 2015

It was proper science. The presenter really knew what she was talking about. The office were very helpful. Pleased on the whole and some of the kids were really stimulated by it.
Alison Dare, Kids Birthday Party in London with Michele, June 2015

Personally couldn't choose what we liked best as it was all fantastic with continuous engagement of dramtic demonstrations. However, I did ask my son what part he liked the best and he said ' making his own gruesome slime and the wild rocket experiment, as it was super cool and made the most mess!' lol - that's my boy!! I called the office many times and even changed the party date without quibble or fuss. Most helpful staff indeed, wih a high grade of customer service. Firstly, for my little science geek boy!! Secondly, because it's a quirky, unique and educational party that I knew would be a winner for all of my son's friends and by golly it was!! Truly captivating at every minute and fantiastic 'hands on experiments' for all the children to participate in - It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children, boys and girls - I had a handful of my son's friends come up to me personally and thank me for inviting them to the best birthday party they have ever been to!!! WOW and Completely unpromted too. Awesome work 'Subline Science'!! You clearly rock your science socks off! Got to mention 'Chris' our Sublime Science Presenter, he was nothing short of fantastic and engaged with the children wonderfully. Thank you so much for a brilliant party. I will certainly be recommending Sublime Science to friends and family.
Carrie Chapman, Son's Birthday Party in Horsham with Chris, June 2015.

Loved Tom's enthusiasm and ability to engage all children (and adults). Office team very helpful. Good range of age appropriate experiments.
Janine Ledger, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Tom G, June 2015

We added on the wacky rockets module, and everyone loved it - kids and parents! I didn't have to have too much contact with the office, other than the initial booking, but they were very helpful during this. Invoices and confirmations were sent from the office when they were meant to be - very smooth process. Can't really think of anything - whole experience was very positive! My son went to a Sublime Science party last year an he loved it - he asked if he could have one for his birthday. Also, we have been to about 6 bouncy castle parties in a row - was lovely to do something different - think it helped the parents to keep their sanity too!! Would highly recommend this type of party to anyone. The children all loved it, and were even talking about what they learnt at school on Monday! Lisa was amazing, and did a fantastic job controlling a hall full of 25+ over-excited 6 year olds - credit where credit is due! 🙂
Melanie Goodey,  6 Year Olds Birthday Party in St Neots with Lisa, June 2015

Loved absolutely everything. It was brilliant and the kids loved it. Office? Again, Brilliant. How could we improve? You couldn't. Seemed the best due to the website info. Mike was brilliant with the kids. Very pleased
Holly Rose, Bucks, Birthday Party with Dr Shakey (Mike S), June 2015

We had a fantastic party today, Bunsen turner was brilliant,keeping the children entertained, she was a lovely friendly and very knowledgable. Thank You, very much to you all and especially Bunsen turner (Helen).
Nicola Cusick, Science Party in Manchester with Bunsen Turner, June 2015

Everybody loved the lemonade rockets and the kids loved getting soaked with lemonade. Office? Very helpful. Lauren had their full attention for the entire time (which is a great achievement in itself when you are thinking about 20 x 5 year olds!) It was something I hadn't seen before and I was fed up with Frozen parties! I would recommend that anyone booking a party also book the rocket launch module where possible (obviously outdoor space is a must) as this was by far the most memorable part of the party. A lot of the Mums and Dads commented afterwards how different the science party was and what a great idea!
Jo Hunt, Gosport, Kids Birthday Party with Brainy Bee Lauren, June 2015

It was recommended to me as a fun (but somewhat educational) and different party. Perfect for a bunch of fun-loving 7 year olds who are keen to learn and try things out for themselves. I would recommend this to everyone as all of the adults and children had a great time. Mum's came up to me in the playground on Monday to tell me that their children had come home "bouncing" and declaring that they wanted to be scientists when they grew up 🙂 Wanted to say a huge thank you to Josiah for a wonderful birthday party today. All of the children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed trying the different science experiments. Educational but a huge amount of fun. Edward tells me that this is his best birthday ever and all of the parents were massively impressed. Absolutely brilliant.
Hazel Murphy, Bromley, Sublime Science Party with Josiah, June 2015

The interaction with the kids was very good and they were occupied completely for the hour Office? Very Helpful. A party that was different and exciting and this certainly lived up to expectations.
Alex Ebo, Children's Party in Leicestershire with Dynamic Dave, June 2015

She was an excellent presenter and she managed to control the whole group really well, Kids enjoyed it a lot, specially the rockets. Office? They were quite helpful, would spend enough time explaining what activities would be there and how it is conducted etc.
Mahesh Dias, Science Party in Milton Keynes with Nobiya, June 2015

Loved rockets in the garden, sweets and slime. The presenter was very personable and had a nice manner with the children.
Susanna Eastham, Children's Birthday Party in Surrey with Josiah, June 2015

Our entertainer was taken ill and Mike had to fill in at short notice. You would not have known that he had no time to prepare. He was a natural with the children, responding to their ideas. Our 5 year old son particularly liked getting to use the blower to hold up the beach ball. We liked the water cups trick, the smoke rings, the use of the zooker to blow off the party hats. The story of Bob the balloon eating so much pizza that he couldn't get in his door captivated the children and drew out their ideas and resolutions. The making sweets came at just the right time to occupy the children while they were sitting listening. Our 7 year old daughter was able to participate at her own level. Office? They were very efficient at dealing with the change of plan when the entertainer was taken ill. They gave useful detail so that we could manage the delay. We wanted to broaden our sons interest from dinosaurs and anything with wheels. We knew he liked experiments with water which we sometimes do at bath time.
Ruth Spiers, High Peak, Boys Birthday Party with Mike D June 2015

The experiments did very well in captivating the boys and the girls (and even some grown ups too!) Office? The team was helpful. They also sent me invitations through the post when I requested it. They got in touch several times to book for the party as well as getting in touch nearer the party date. It looked different from the entertainment packages that were available.
Rotimi Kojeku, Brentwood, Children's Birthday Party with Electric Elle, June 2015

Loved rockets in the garden, sweets and slime. The presenter was very personable and had a nice manner with the children.
Susanna Eastham, Mixed Party in Surrey with Josiah, June 2015

Loved all of it and that the children were thoroughly enjoying it. Office? Very helpful and prompt at responding. No need to improve, excellent as it is. My 8 year old daughter wanted a science party to which I scratched my head!! I went online and saw Sublime Science, noting that it had some very influential support i.e Downing Street, Netmums, BBC to name but a few. On that basis I decided to contact Sublime Science and the rest is history. It was a great party and I have had some excellent feedback e.g 'it's the best party I've ever been to'. Megan was great with the kids and would certainly recommend Sublime Science.
Tracey Coles, 8 Year Old Girls Birthday Party in Chesterfield, June 2015

Liked the range of experiments and kids getting hands on. Loved the rockets. Office? Very, and very friendly. Perfect for our son who is not sporty, but is inquisitive.
David Swann, Stamford, Boys Birthday Party with James, June 2015

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started from...you started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've done...you've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Where do I start! Firstly it was so easy to book and arrange. Secondly Mike brought everything he could possibly need and all we had to provide was a venue, table and a plug socket. Thirdly and most amazingly Mike had all children (20) totally entranced and entertained for the whole hour, they all loved it and I've had fantastic feedback from the children and parents. It all ran so smoothly and was so interesting for both the children and the adults! The communication beforehand was brilliant and it was a really positive experience, would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Office? Very! Friendly, approachable and a pleasure to deal with. For something different for my son's 8th birthday. I searched the internet for ideas and came across your website. After ringing with an initial enquiry I decided to book it as was impressed by the helpful staff and reviews I had read. Thank you so much, it was a fantastic party and Mike was brilliant with the children and kept their full attention for the whole hour, quite a feat with 20 children ranging from 6 to 9! Will hopefully be booking you again in the future.
Anne Ogden, Boys 8th Birthday Party with Mike D in Oldham, May 2015

I (as a parent) enjoyed watching how the kids were so involved and animated, they loved every single minute, even though there was another 2 parties after ours, everyone who came couldn't stop talking about it at school on Monday morning. We got the party packs as well they were great and would definitely recommend. Office? The staff were very helpful and very accommodating with the time I needed. Couldn't ask for more. Because of the limited choice of party stuff for boys....My little boy is not good at sports so he would have hated the " football party", laser quest and others of that sort are very expensive at nearly £20-£25 per child for a half hour and pizza....This sounded perfect, and it was.....
Paula Mcdonald, Boys Birthday Party with Tom B in Wakefield, May 2015

Everything! The presenter was outstanding and had the children captivated the whole time. The rockets were astonishing - the parents that stayed with tier children were filming them! Office? Really helpful - and their advice on how to organise the timing was great!
Clare Freeman, Childrens Birthday Party in Cambridge with Magnetic Mitch, May 2015

Cat had the children captivated throughout. She engaged them every step of the way. Very interesting and fun at the same time. I also found your guide to kids parties on your website very useful and will be utilising this from now on. Very easy to contact and had all the answers quickly. Your website is extremely well optimised, found easily on Google. We loved the idea and the reviews sealed the deal!
Alison Layton, Kids Birthday Party in Chesterfield with Cat, May 2015

I liked that Dave text me prior to the event to confirm that he was my presenter. I liked that he got there early to set up so I wasn't stressing. I like how excited he was to share his information with the kids and how engaged they were. The kids had a great time, we got to school on Monday and they were talking about Casey's party! Office? Very helpful, they contacted me back and helped me move times etc. I never had to chase. The party programme, the helpfulness of the call handler. Really enjoyed it, great time had by all! Stress and hassle free!
Nicci Weber, Children’s Birthday Party with Dynamic Dave, in Nottingham, May 2015

The slime making & edible gooey goo :)) Office? Very helpful & so friendly - even with crazy-trying to get everything perfect Mummies :)) Thank you, the children - & me - had great fun.
Samantha Griffiths, Children's Birthday Party with Elle in Essex, May 2015

Kids absolutely loved how Ross explained but made fun about bob and smoke rings sweets and slime. Office? Very helpful and if wrong team contacted rang you back quickly. Something very different and a way of the children enjoying something they were learning too. A massive thanks to Ross of keeping all 15 children hooked from start to finish. He's wonderful with children and explaining science in a very fun way .
Debbie Newson, Children's Birthday Party in Cleckheaton with Ross, May 2015

The kids loved all of the party but personally the best part was the rockets especially watching the kids run for the empty bottle. All staff I spoke with were very helpful right from booking, inquiries, and the party itself. I really wanted something different. For a 7 year old girl the main theme of parties at the moment is disco/princess/Frozen which she has attended numerous times this year so wanted fun and something unique.
Sue Rolph, Unique Science Party in Kent with Lucy Ho, May 2015

That the 8 year olds were genuinely kept interested for two solid hours! Why change a winning formula? Heard from others that this was better than any science parties out there!
J Southwell, Birthday Party in Bucks with Prof Fox, May 2015

So easy no prep apart from decorating the hall. I've never seen so many 8 year olds so quiet. Really inclusive and lots of fun. All great. I felt like I had missed doing something as it was so easy but the team had it all under control. Great idea! Would be good to be able to buy party products such as banners, plates, balloons and decorations as Science isn't easy to theme.
Jackie Taylor, 8 Year Old Girls Birthday Party in Cheshire with Helen Bunsen Turner, May 2015

Liked all of it especially the climate chaos part. Office? brilliant. Something different to remember and to keep a group of lads busy. I was really impressed that Taherah kept 11 boys busy and she kept their full attention for the time she was here. It was a fabulous party. Thank you!
Zoe Williams, Boys Birthday Party in Wolverhampton with Toxic Tahera, May 2015

I would like to say that Raf, was brilliant at my daughter Lucy's party, the children and adults loved in and had a fab time. Thank you for an excellent service and a great afternoon.
Sarah Davies, Girls Birthday Party in Wilts with Raf, May 2015

I just wanted to say a big thank you for my daughter's wonderful Science Party on 10 April at Victoria Hall in Harrow. Claire was great with the children. She kept them interested and entertained throughout the afternoon, and I had many compliments from parents and children who told me how much they had enjoyed it, and what a great party it was! Thank you again for making Ella's special day such a success!
Clare Alley, Daughter's Birthday Party in Harrow with Claire D, May 2015

Ross was fantastic an absolutely excellent presenter who all the kids thought was brill. Thank you for the excellent service/party.
Tracy Farmer, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Ross, May 2015

The way Bunsen held the attention of 20x 6 year old kids for 1 hour plus! Office? Very helpful. Wanted something different and unusual instead of play barn!
Richard Evans, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party with Helen ‘Bunsen’ Turner, in Chester, May 2015

The way Tom captivated the children all the time. Office? Very helpful. My daughter is science mad and after reading reviews I thought it would be a fun party. Excellent. An absolutely fantastic party. All the children were mesmerized and the adults loved it too. Well done.
Liz Shuttlewood, Children’s Birthday Party with Tom B in Leeds, May 2015

Kam held the children's attention the whole time. Well done. To give the children a taste of science that probably they would not get at school.
Russell Brown, Kids' Birthday Party in East London with Kam, May 2015

That the children were able to get involved and make their own sherbet and slime. Office? Very helpful! We wanted to book a party with a difference that was going to be fun for the kids. Great entertainment! Kept all the children's attention for over an hour!
Debbie Forrest, Sublime Science Party with Varsha, in North London, May 2015

Enthusiasm of the presenter, Mike, and the variety of engaging experiments carried out.......adults thought smoke rings were great and children loved the slime (no guessing there!). The children were enthralled from the outset. It was fantastic to see the subject of Science motivating them as much as electronic play devices! Credit really does need to go to Mike. He made our son feel extremely special and left the other children asking their parents for a Science party! The office team were extremely helpful and willing to assist with any enquiries that we had. Reputation and flexibility to come to a place of our choice. Only to say....thank you for providing a great service and giving us some great memories for us to take away of our sons 7th birthday!
James Millington, Boys 7th Birthday Party in Stockport with Mike D, May 2015

Loved, Games, making slime. Wanted something different.
Christina Bevan, Children’s Party in Derbyshire with Wacky Warren, May 2015

The children got involved straight away and wanted to take part in the activities. Office? Very! Something different for my 6 year old son who loves experimenting.
Lesley Garratt, Sublime Science Party in Nantwich with Helen ‘Bunsen’ Turner, May 2015

All of the experiments were great for the kids - really interactive session which is just what we wanted. They loved taking home their slime! Office? Super lovely and helpful! We were looking for something different! Professor Fox was great - the kids really liked him so thank-you to him.
Helen Moon, Kids Party in Henley on Thames with Stacy, May 2015

Mark was very interesting and enthusiastic. The experiments were fun to watch and be involved in. Office? Very helpful. Went online looking for a party that would interest a boy wanting to be a secret agent when he grows up!
Zoe Laver, Boys Birthday Party in Harrogate with Mark, May 2015

The range of experiments, the simple explanations before each one and how the presenter made them relevant and age and gender appropriate. My daughter and her friends were quite quiet and I was worried the presenter wasn't getting much feedback but he just spent more time engaging the girls and motivating them to participate more. He was super! They loved the rockets outside and the smoke bubbles the best! Office? Very helpful indeed. My son loved the party he attended last year and my daughter wanted something 'not girly but not too boyish!' I thought this seemed like the perfect middle ground. I was right!
Hayley Richardson, Girls Birthday Party in Cobham Surrey, May 2015

Management of the group of young people, he didn't panic when things didn't happen the first time (that's science for you), Very punctual and great time keeping, a great mixture of practical and information/ knowledge sharing, the date and time I asked for were available even though it was Good Friday, payment taken after the party without any fuss or bother. Office? Very helpful, always answered the phone promptly and politely, answered any questions and gave an expression of an excellent team of people. It was something new that neither my daughter or her friends had experienced before. Great, just great, thanks.
Caroline Murtagh, Girls Birthday Party in Nottingham with Dave, April 2015

The Rocket Launch was a real favourite - the kids loved it! Office? Very good, answered all queries, very helpful and polite. It could be a little cheaper but overall I think it's a fabulous party so although not a cheap option I feel we definitely got our money's worth! It really was a fabulous party, I was nervous about booking as I hadn't seen a Science party before but it totally lived up to expectations. The Kids absolutely loved it and loads said it was the best party they had ever been to! Tom was brilliant, we had a very raucous bunch (almost all boys) but he kept them transfixed from the very start. I would totally recommend!
Amy Hooper, Boys' Birthday Party in Ilkley with Tom G, April 2015

Loved, All of it. Office? Very helpful. Improve? Can’t!. Looked interesting & something other than the norm.
Christine Parnell, Kids' Birthday Party in Southampton with Siggy, April 2015

The entertainer was great as he managed to keep 20+ children interested and attentive for the party. He was really great though in his presenting skills though. No one in my sons class had had a science themed party and I thought it was a great age for them to be interested - I was right!!! The fact I read fab things on your website I thought it would be such fun and the party bags were a great addition. Would highly recommend.
Gina Griffith, Sublime Science Party in Maidenhead with Mike S, April 2015

Just as your website predicted, from the booking process all the way through to thanking and waving your colleague goodbye after 75 mins of fun, it was totally stress free. Rikki kept the kids thoroughly engaged and occupied with a great mix of demonstrations (which involved the children’s  guesswork on the outcomes) plus lots of hands on experiments for the kids to do. The rockets were a particular favourite and created much excitement and cheering. I’ve had several messages from parents whose children haven’t stopped talking about the party, using words like ‘awesome’, ‘best party ever’ and ‘I’ve been laughing and learning about science things - it’s really cool’. So in short, thank you Marc - from Vanessa, who after the successful party yesterday has now been renamed the ‘best mummy ever’ by my very happy daughter!   
Vanessa Simon- Norris, Girls Birthday Party in Berks with Rikki, April 2015

We thought it was all brilliant but my son particularly enjoyed the rockets, smoke bubbles, smoke rings, snow making and slime - I was still picking 'snow' out of my hair that evening!! I loved the fact that Jacky dressed him in an oversized lab coat and goggles too! Very helpful particularly as we wanted to book a slightly different version of the party as my son had already attended a Sublime Science party the previous year. We really liked it all - one thing that was particularly helpful was whilst we were waiting for everyone to arrive Jacky gave out some whirlpool bottles and a beach ball for the children to play with before it started - this really helped keep the kids entertained before it started, so perhaps some other simple, safe experiments that they could handle whilst waiting at the start might be good - maybe even a bubble machine?? We loved the one that my son had been to previously and the cost was good for the entertainment.
Lois Harvey Porter, Sublime Science Party in Cheshire with Wacky Jacky, April 2015

Such a well organised party, the children loved many of the experiments & were very excited by the rockets! They loved the slime. Very helpful, as before, when we had a Sublime Science party for our daughter some years ago. Our son wanted a science party as it was such good fun a few years ago when his sister had one!
Marian Loveday, Boys Birthday Party in Brackley with Electric Liz & Joules Jane, April 2015

It's different , it's fun , the kids are involved and learning at the same time. Office? Brilliant really helpful. Something different for kids ( Sam obsessed with slime so perfect for him ). Kids had great time - loads of messages off mums to say kids said fantastic and they want for their party - lots of fun and kids involved and learning at same time which is even better!
Rebecca Speakman, Kids Birthday Party in Solihull with Hannah, April 2015

I liked the experiments, I thought Louise was brilliant with the children and I love that every child had a fantastic time! Office? I found them very helpful. I suppose, different experiments for different age groups as I would love to book again in a few years but would definitely like to see different things done. I really wanted something different for my son's birthday that wasn't the norm.
Sarah Dudley,Boys Birthday Party in Bolton with Louise Lightyear, April 2015

Very impressed with Will. Confirmed attendance on the day, arrived on schedule with all the equipment and politely asked if he should take shoes off inside the house. He kept the kids (9-10 yrs) engaged with excellent crowd control. Wasn't at all phased when some of the kids had seen an experiment before - just swiftly moved onto something else. He involved all the kids , including a couple of shy ones. The exploding rocket , in the garden on a sunny afternoon with a crowd of happy laughing children was the highlight of a fabulous and stress free party - thank you! Office? Very helpful with suggestions for the type of party, prompt phone and email contact. My daughter had asked for a sublime science party after one of your team paid a visit to her school.
Melanie Patterson, Daughter's Birthday Party in South Yorkshire with Will, April 2015

The whole thing from start to finish was just exactly what we as parents wanted and, more importantly, the children loved it!! Office? Incredibly helpful. The whole process was easy and seamless. I was quite nervous before the party as we had 28 children and lots of adults in a very large venue. I really didn't need to worry- Aaron was a star from start to finish. The children were mesmerised- as were the parents. We paid extra for the bottle rockets and it was definitely worth it- and a great way to burn off some energy before food!! Thank you Sublime Science- you made my son's day- he said it was the best party ever!!
Mi Clements, Boys Birthday Party in Leeds with Atomic Aaron, April 2015

The kids were absolutely enthralled, they loved it, and thought that it was a cool party!!! Very helpful and enough email contact - to be honest I didn't need to contact them additionally after the initial reservation. Advise if there is anything that the parents should do to help the presenter or do we just leave them to get going etc. We weren't sure how to 'start' we thought our daughter would enjoy something a bit different.
Julia Smith, Children’s Party in Coventry with Rukhsar, April 2015

The fact that it was interactive so all the children got to join in not just my daughter, although of course she was the "star" of the party. The office team were brilliant, so helpful and very quick to respond to queries. I'm not sure you can improve to be honest. Siobhan loves science and I really am happy to encourage this. All the children had a great time, even my Granddaughter who can't understand why her auntie loves science so much. I have even had children and their parents coming up to me this week telling me how great it was and how much fun they had. They really enjoyed it and Raf was great with them all.
Marie Woodward, Sublime Science Party in Swindon with Raf, April 2015

Hannah was brilliant she got the attention of all the children and there faces were amazed at the experiments she was showing them. The office team were great, very helpful. We wanted a party different from anything else they had before and we weren't disappointed everyone has raved about party. Smiles all round , I would definitely recommend sublime science to anyone who is wanting a amazing party. The children loved it!!!
Tracey Morris, Children’s Party in Kinswinford with Hannah, April 2015

The whole thing was brilliant. Tom arrived on time, and was super friendly. Once the party started, he had the kids eating out of the palm of their hands. Everyone had fun and it was so interesting and entertaining that even the grownups watched the whole show. Office? Fine. Everything seemed efficient and straightforward. My kid loves science (what he knows of it). I wanted to do something special, and for it to be different from all the other parties we've been to. Just to reiterate that Tom, our presenter, was really, really great. The kids and parents, and even the grandparents, all raved about him afterwards.
Rachel Rich, Birthday Party in Leeds with Tom B, April 2015

The Climate experiments were excellent - well worth the extra money, but it is difficult to pull out one thing, all was excellent. The kids would probably say the slime. Office? Yes, exceptionally helpful and really friendly too. The regular communication was good. My son wanted a science party and this was recommended on Mumsnet.
Christa Norton, Boy's Birthday Party with Louise Lightyear in Wigan, April 2015

Loved, Enthusiasm, educational, varied. Office? Exceedingly helpful. Son very keen on experiments. Easy to book, kept twenty 4-5 year olds enraptured and the adults learnt something too! Thank you.
Kate Berry, Children’s Birthday Party in Grantham with Dave, April 2015

I just wanted to say what a fantastic party (hosted by Claire) Jessica really enjoyed herself and Claire managed to keep their attention the whole way through . I will recommend to all my friends.
Sally Knights, Birthday Party in Northants with Claire H, April 2015

Fabulous presenter, kept the kids interested and engaged. Extremely helpful from start to finish. I wanted a party with a difference for my 7 year old son....away from the same old soft play, football etc.
Sarah Newman, 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in London with Michele, April 2015

The whole experience from start to finish was excellent I think the kids loved all of it especially the rockets and the weather climate chaos . It was so well organised and so informative and hands on the kids loved how they could join in with the experiments. The office team again were excellent they are all polite and they sent me information when I requested it as I had accidentally lost an email they were friendly and helpful and advised me ion what package would be best. I honestly don't think you could improve!! My son had attended a party before and loved it and so did I... It was different and they could actually learn something . I absolutely would recommend this party for anyone who's thinking about it I'd say yes go ahead !! And I would love to say a very big thank you to Adele the scientist who was the party host .. She was excellent she held the kids attention made it interesting and fun she was brilliant .. The children listened to what she was saying and she kept them all under control which was fab I'd like to say a big thankyou to Adele for making my sons party a success
Suzanne Guy, Boys Birthday Party in Bolton with Adele, April 2015

The interaction with the kiddies and the entertainer kept their attention all the way through which was pretty hard with 20+ 5 year olds. Very helpful and I never needed to email about any questions as they were all answered beforehand. Found you on Net Mums and wanted something different that would keeps the kiddies attention. Adele was really helpful and went above and beyond what she was required by assistant that bit extra to get the attention of the kiddies for an Eater Egg hunt.
Rachael Lee, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Bolton with Adele, April 2015

Great fun for the children. Meant I could get on with catering. Didn't have to clean up after science bits (just children's food bits!). Office? Brilliant. I made many changes at different times and the office were nothing but helpful and efficient. Fun, different party and my child is currently enthusiastic about science - more so after the party!
Siobhan Murphy, Birthday Partyin The Wirral with Wacky Jacky, March 2015

The children loved all of it especially the rockets and the lemon sherbets. The children asked if we could book you again which we have done however your presenter did say he was limited with the experiments he could do. If you provided a wider range if experiments we would certainly love to book you for every holiday club we offer. Your sales team were very efficient in getting back to me and were very attentive. The service we had was first class.
Tracy Heath, Children’s Party in Oxfordshire with Mike S, March 2015

Wasn't sure how to leave feedback so hope this ok! Charlie had a fantastic 7th birthday party...the kids & adults were mesmerised the whole time!! Tom did a fantastic job...fantastic presenter the rocket was just out of this world...we all want to do it all over again! Great party would recommend this to everyone
Kaye Bache, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Stoke on Trent with Atomic Tom, March 2015

The enthusiasm of the presenter and the way he kept the children's attention and laughter. Office Extremely helpful, reassuring and professional. Just superb! Even myself and husband were entertained.
Kim Van Belois, Children’s Birthday Party in Oldham with Ian, March 2015

I loved Tom's enthusiasm and natural way with the kids. He was very entertaining and managed to keep their attention. Her certainly lived up to my daughter's expectations of a "mad scientist"!! Office? Very - it was all very straight forward and clear at the outset and I had no last minute panics. No real improvements needed from my point of view except maybe it would be nice to have some little lab coats for the kids to get them in the party spirit? We wanted something different to the usual "soft play" parties and kids love a bit of slime! All the feedback from the parents was really positive and at least one parent has asked for information for future.
Gemma Hargreaves, Girls Birthday Party in Newcastle Under Lyme with Atomic Tom, March 2015

The professionalism with which Holly presented the experiments and worked with the kids. Great idea and something a bit different to the usual kids party.
Lisa Carter, Children’s Birthday Party in Chelmsford with Holly, March 2015

Loved the slime! And friendly Helen. The people manning the phones dealing with enquiries are a credit to you. I phoned one of your competitors but they weren't enthusiastic like you were. I've had loads of texts from parents saying their child has not stopped talking about you.
Sarah Wilde, Sublime Science Party in Manchester with Helen, March 2015

The introduction. It was great and really caught the children's attention. Everyone was waiting for the water to pour over the birthday boys head and we surprised when it didn't. Then getting to feel where the water had gone was great. Booked this party as I wanted something different which my son (aged 6) and his friends would remember and talk about. It certainly did not disappoint and the parents were even visibly engrossed in it all. Hearing children go "Wow" and seeing them get excited at the thought of what would happen next was fabulous. I would certainly recommend it and can say it certainly exceeded my expectations. Don't change (other than the contact) and the entertainer was great. She interacted with my son and engaged the children well. I cannot thank her enough. Thank you Nobiya for making my sons day!
Joanne Surley, 6 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Milton Keynes with Nobiya, March 2015

Loved, rocket plus blowing the candles out using the smoke machine. Office? V Good.
Mrs Young, Sublime Science Party in Banbury with Kenton, March 2015

Loved how captivated the children were in all of the items. Office? Very helpful team. Always looking for something different.
Helen Jupp, Kids Birthday Party in Bedford with Gisele, March 2015

Presenter was commended for the way she kept a roomful of 5 year olds quietly captivated for over an hour. It was interesting and informative for the grownups too! She never once talked down to the children and treated them as equals. She made sure the quieter kids got a turn to participate / answer questions as much as the pushier ones. All in all it was a delightful and memorable event that has inspired all the parents there to say 'booking an entertainer is definitely the way forward for kids parties"
Cecilia Mackay, Children’s Birthday Party in Leamington Spa with Rukhsar, March 2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Magnetic Michele for a wonderful party. She did an amazing job of keeping a room of 19 five year old boys engaged and under control. All parents present thought she was brilliant! We would definitely recommend your company to anyone, the admin was smooth and organised and the party content was interesting and fun. Thanks once again , absolutely fantastic!
Tara Sood, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in South London with Michele, March 2015

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