Don't Eat Your Slime is 5 Star Reviewed on Amazon

Don’t Eat Your Slime Is 5 Star Reviewed On Amazon – Thank You!

Don't Eat Your Slime Proves Popular!

I was just on Amazon and being as clever as they are over there, they know how much fun science stuff I buy, and were recommending other cool science stuff I might want to buy…

Nothing new there, only this time Amazon recommended my own book – ‘Don’t Eat Your Slime’!

Now, I didn’t buy it! I wrote the thing and already have a copy but I did click on the link (I’m that cool!)

Anyway, I noticed that it’s got a 5 star average review and 18 people have taken the time to review it! Awesome!

I just wanted to say a quick thank-you for all the support and for helping to get awesome science experiments to as many people as possible!

Just in case you missed it – Don’t Eat Your Slime is packed full of awesome science experiments that you can do with stuff that you’ve already got!

I also noticed that Amazon have knocked 92p off the price! huh? But there’s no sales pitch from me as you can get a completely free digital copy here!

Dont Eat Your Slime