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Loved the whole thing. My daughter had wanted a disco party but I thought it would be good to try something different. I was nervous as I wasn't sure how this would go down with 15 6 year old girls but they loved it! James was fab with the kids and kept them all entertained. We didn't need a huge space at home and there was no mess after. Kids loved the smoke rings and the outdoor rocket. Something different as so many disco parties
Nicola Collyer, Daughter's 6th Party in Harrogate, Sept 2013

What did you like most? Enthusiasm of presenter
Vicky Nash, Childrens party Hardingstone, September 2013

Timeliness, Professionalism and Engagement with the children. I think the kids were very happy with James (especially the Slime bits as expected) and so were all the parents who I checked with. Quite a few adults who watched along with the kids were equally engrossed in the fun way of presenting basic science. Probably James' teaching background came through for him!
Kartik Pawar, Kids Party in Leeds, September 2013

Kids loved the balloon blowing with the hot air and the smoke rings, the slime was really fun kids loved all the hands on things
Fab party all really enjoyed the party James was great with the kids, thank you.
Caroline Smith, Kids Party in Northowram with James L, September 2013

Tobi and his friends had a fabulous time with Kevin. Kevin was an excellent entertainer and was able to hold the attention of boisterous 10yr olds for over 50minutes. That deserves an award! Seasoned class teachers still struggle with this age group. Lol! We all had a fantastic time! I will definitely recommend you to friends and families. Thumbs up to you guys!!!! well done!
Tuumie Adetoba, Kids party with Kevin, September 2013

What did you like best? The variety of the experiments and interaction with the children!
Sally Churm, Birthday Party with Naomi, September 2013

I liked the fact that the whole entertainment package was sorted and I didn't have to resort to pass the parcel style games etc. The kids were mesmorised and lou did a great job of keeping their attention for well over an hour! I also liked the fact that the children were called by name after having name badges put on on arrival which made them feel really included. It seemed different from all the parties we normally go to and my son is at the in-between age of 7 and normal party games are a little babyish for him now so this seemed ideal-and it was!
Joanne Murphy, Boys 7th Party with Louisa in Derbys, Sept 2013

I really appreciate the flexibility of the presenter and how accommodating she was of the girls (they were dead noisy!!). Gaby also made sure the birthday girl wasn't left out and made her have the first go at everything, which made her feel really special. As for the experiments themselves, they were eye-opening and very educative. The girls were in awe of some of the stuff done. Gaby was so good at encouraging participation that it made the whole thing a lot more fun. Gaby and Angela were very professional, doing everything themselves and not asking for help with anything, even though we were offered to. All the parents were impressed, as their girls went home full of it!!!! They could not thank us enough! Some of them actually registered their approval of the science theme. The party bags were awesome and arrived on time. I ordered a couple more and they arrived just the day after I'd ordered them. The service was faultless! I also like the fact that you only pay a small deposit before and pay the difference after the party. This is testimony to the fact that you deliver exactly they way you say you would and therefore have nothing to fear. Thank you so much for a different and yet very exciting birthday activity.Also, it breaks away from the monotony of normal kids' parties which are in no way educative. This way, Science is made more fun at whatever level.
Clara Badu Amoah, Science Party with Gaby and Angela in Chesham, Sept 2013

What did you like best? James' enthusiasm and excellent teaching skills.
Helen Brough, Kids Birthday Party in Clifford with James B, September 2013

It was a great mix of "action" (the rocket, the snow, the mentos in the lemonade) as well as interesting science (like the balloon in the jar, and blowing into air the canvas tubes). The presentation style was also very good and the children were extremely exited. Not messy, easy to do at home. Our son wants to have party with Claire too. Thank you Claire it was perfect party for children and parents. A great way to entertain the kids ( parents enjoyed it too, very very much), but also to teach them something. Something different to usual party entertainment.
Benia Heywood, Childrens Party in Wellingborough with Claire Ham, Sept 2013

It was completely different from any other parties and that Zahava managed to keep the children's attention for the complete time. Feedback from the parents of the children was that it was imaginative and different - we tried to get the parents out of the hall when it was taking place but they were as interested as the children so all wanted to stay and watch! We wanted something totally different from the usual parties and got exactly that.
Karen Coles, Kids Party in Enfield with Zahava, Sept 2013

I loved the way Junie engaged all the children and the way that the time flew and no one even realised how quick time went. I especially liked the way Junie made my little boy feel special on his birthday and also involved his little sister, was absolutely fantastic and she was great fun. I would recommend Junie as an entertainer she was amazing and great fun and the kids loved her. She is an asset to your company and a great role model.
Nicola Kellas, Science Party in Coventry with Junie, August 2013

Lou was fantastic! She managed to keep all the children captivated despite the age range of between 4 and 11. They all loved it and so did we!
Nina Vadgama, Party with Loopy Lou in Nottingham, Aug 2013

My children are incredibly curious about why things happen the way they do and the fabulous Prof Varsha kept 21 feisty children on the edge of their seats (the floor!), straining to be the one chosen to answer her challenging questions about what will happen next and why as she went through her experiments. The children knew and used scientific terms and learned new ones, they made sherbet and slime, which they took home. Some comments as they left..."awesome", "the best party I have ever been to", Parents were impressed too, and children were talking about it for days afterwards. Varsha was great. She was really responsive to the questions the children asked. She was also really respectful of the wrong answers and very polite when she got a few of them to stop touching the things on the table, which I admired. I would try and book her by name if I came again.
Catherine Brady, Kids Party with Prof Varsha in North London, Aug 2013

It was different to all the other children's parties and entertainers, there are so many magicians and soft play parties around, and my children get bored with those, and also lots of children left alone to run around a soft play place can get a bit rough. Everything Mad Marc said about party planning is true, all the guides and reminders were very helpful. The party was truly amazing, all the adults were as captivated as the children. Louise had the children's full attention all the time, and they loved having a go at the experiments. My son said it was the best birthday party he had been to in the whole wide world ever. Thank you so much.
Tina Jones, Son's Party in Ufton with Lectric Lou, August 2013

Justine was fantastic. She came across so cheery, confident, knowledgeable and fun. Her pace of all the experiments was brilliant, the kids attention was kept at all times. She was excellent at involving the kids in the experiments, especially the birthday girl. The rockets at the end were absolutely fantastic! The kids have been talking about them non-stop! We were absolutely thrilled with our Sublime Science party!
Teresa Walters, Science Party with Justine in Fradley, August 2013

James had the children completely captivated throughout and kept more 'boisterous' members of the group under control so as not to spoil it for the rest. The experiments were more than suitable for the ages and lasted just about long enough to keep their attention. The children (and adults) enjoyed the whole experience and I'm sure the memories will last a long time yet!
Lynne Graveling, Children's Birthday Party in Sheffield with James B, August 2013

James was the perfect mixture of cool, fun and professional - he had the children under control without them realising...they just had a fabulous time.
Sarah Clough, Kids Birthday Party in West Yorks with James L, August 2013

My daughter Anna 8th birthday - she loved the making of sherbet sweets also the steam rings which traveled the length of the hall making snow! The presenter James was brilliant had children totally transfixed from moments into the presentation all adults there were also really interested many comments on how different it was and interesting. James kept children awe inspired for over an hour superb party idea thanks so much to all sublime science team a great success will mention to all.
Wanted to try something different and although daughter is already into science all the children really loved it and cannot seeing any reason why all kids would not like this.
Paul Cope, Daughter's 8th Party with James L in Knaresborough, August 2013

Junie was excellent and very good at commanding the audience. She had the kids and grown-ups listening and getting involved throughout the party. It was great fun and lots of interactive stuff to get involved in. The rockets were the best bit..really exciting and fun - had everyone laughing and joining in. I think adding a 'volcano' section would be good as this age group like a bit of mess! Dear Junie & Kim, Thank you for a great party. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Also thanks for calling me before you arrived and then turning up early to set-up and clearing up at the end. Many thanks, Lou.
Louise Pearson, Science Party with Jumping Junie & Krazy Kim, Aug 2013

The whole party was great. Naomi captured 20 children from the start and she really engaged with them all. Encouraging the children to provide answers meant they all got involved so became enthusiastic about each science experiment being shown. The Rocket section was fantastic, even I was amazed at how you can create a fountain with lemonade and mints! My son has been asking that I perform it for him again and again along with some of the other experiments shown on the day. The party was for a 7th birthday and I would suggest that this is an ideal age. I have a second son and I know that I will be booking the same for his 7th party in a couple of years time. Will be recommending Sublime Science to all my friends. Thank you for making my son's birthday very special and a huge hit with all his friends. X
Alison West, Kids Party in Birmingham with Naomi, August 2013

The fact that it was fun and interesting but educational too and was something that boys and girls could equally enjoy. Really liked the straw noise and getting the children up and involved. Very good use of questioning and praise of children. Was just amazed that james kept 20 over excited 5 year olds captivated for an hour. Just thought this was a fabulous party and james was brilliant and will make a great school teacher!
Fiona Phillips, Birthday Party in York with James B, July 2013

I would like to leave feedback and am not sure if you have a set form for it but it was a fantastic party, we had a young boy with Autism in the group and James was absolutely brilliant with him without detracting from the attention he paid to the other kids. All the kids were raving about what a great time they'd had (even us big kids!!). I wished we'd had longer!! thank you.
Geraldine Timlin, Childrens Party with James L, July 2013

Sara Hanrahan Busby, Childrens birthday party in Bedford with Electric Liz July 2013

Hi we want to say a huge thank you for the entertainment you do for children.We liked everything just can't chose one thing. Naomi came to Louis' party today and she got all 25 children fully watching her and the tasks they did were out of this world.They all loved it so did the parents that stayed.While the children were eating their party food the discussion was i want a science party like Louis it was brill. The parents that didn't stay came up to me when they picked their children up and said my child has had a fab time thank you.So a big Thank you to Sublime Science
Teresa Johnson, Childrens Birthday Party with Naomi in Wolverhampton, July 2013

Ekta, had the children's attention throughout, and pitched everything perfectly for their age range. The sweet making, slime and the outside experiments went down very well! I was looking for something different that would suit a boy who doesn't like disco parties/ entertainers with lots of shouting and enforced "joining in". I found a few science party providers, but was attracted by Sublime Science's professional looking website and branding. I felt like I would get the "whole package"
Jo Wiltshire, Kids Birthday Party with Ekta in Hertfordshire, July 2013

I liked the experiments to do with sound and the one blowing air into the long tube. The kids would say the sherbet and slime bouncy balls! We were really pleased with all aspects. Lou was fantastic and really kept the children interested and entertained. Couldn't ask for more!!
Susanna Stephenson, Kids Party, July 2013

All of it! But mainly the fact it was about Science, totally different from all the normal magician/entertaining type people out there! Dan arrived in plenty of time and was set up well in advance of the party start time, he also delayed his start by 10 minutes to wait for a few guests which where late, he held the kids attention for a whole hour without any problems and they all thoroughly enjoyed watching and part taking in all his experiments, especially the slime making! The party couldn't have gone better and we are very grateful to Dan for delivering such a fantastic service.
Liz Ashworth, Kids Birthday Party in Harrogate with Danny C, July 2013

Everything to be honest was very well prepared and entertaining did well to keep 14 boys quiet!!! My son loves science and it involves all the children getting hands on too.
Sarah Wakerley, Kids Birthday Party in Aylesbury with Kerry, July 2013

They really enjoyed the sweet making, and smoke machine Xander loved it and his friends said it was the best party they had ever been to!
Emma Stone, Kids Party in High Wycombe with Gaby, July 2013

George my son loved every thing at his party. loved the rockets going in the air. loved everything .very happy with the party. a big thank you when George went to school he had to stand up in front of his class to talk about he party. Had a lot of parents saying how good the party was and that the kids are learning as well has having a party. Nothing to improve it was perfect its a party that all kids will love and it helped them to learn about science to.
Lisa Hall, Kids party in Birmingham with Johnny -July 2013

Zahava engaged very well with children as they enjoyed doing experiments. According to all children including the birthday girl it was the best birthday party.
Harpreet Nijar, Daughter's Party in Northwood with Zahava, July 2013

The kids loved the sherbert making and the rockets the best. I am a scientist and my daughter is always interested in what I do so I thought it would be a good, safe and fun way for her to learn about science. My 5 year old nephew told me it was the best party he had ever been to so thanks very much.
Jo Pickworth, Childrens Birthday Party in Derby with Clare J, July 2013

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The children definitely were most thrilled by the rockets, though the slime was met with a lot of intrigue too. The kids were captivated from the start and I was chuffed to hear the presenter's was also pleased with the children's response. Really pleased we took this option, hassle free, professionally managed and a joy on the day.
Jo Hutton, Kids Party in Nottingham with Jannelle, July 2013

Many many thanks for a fantastic party!!! Absolutely brilliant. Clare had the kids fully entertained throughout. The slime was a big hit as were the party bags!
Rachael Kilding Birthday Party in Sheffield with Clare J, July 2013

The variety of experiments. The fast pace. The humour and fun of the presenter. Very impressed.
Fiona Munno, Kids Birthday Party in Bedford with Eliz M, July 2013

Making the slime and launching the wacky rocket! No improvement needed - our son Henry and his friends absolutely loved the party. It was the topic of conversation between them all at school the next day and a few commented that it was the best party they'd ever been to!
Rachel Barlow, Children's Party in Sheffield with Rebecca, July 2013

It was something different, which kept the children entertained, especially a a large group of boys. Loved seeing the smiles on the children's faces and there was plenty of them. Kids loved making the slime. A party with a difference.
Julia Pattinson, Kids Party in Leeds with James B, July 2013

The party was great, the kids loved it. The rockets outside were wicked, how high did it go....... Really enjoyed the thunder tube and the smoke bubbles inside. 1 boys mum came back to me and he'd said it was the most awesome party he'd ever been to!! Really different party that was interactive, fun and educational. Brilliant!
Sarah Franks, Children's Birthday Party in Stoke on Trent with Hannah July 2013

The clear explanations and interaction with the children. They were clearly engaged and keen to answer questions and volunteer comments. The flat rate fee was attractive, it was easy to determine the total cost. The sheer volume of good comments and endorsements from sources like the BBC and the Science museum were reassuring. My daughter had a brilliant 10th birthday. Huge thanks to Naomi and Craig for making the party so much fun.
Claire Stevens, Kids Party in Staffs with Naomi & Craig, July 2013

The whole party was amazing, especially the experiments, the children were all involved very educational and visually entertaining even the parents enjoyed it.
Sonal Patel, Kids Party in Rickmansworth with Gaby, July 2013

All of it..... from the offset of first contact to organisation on the day. We had 25 children with a couple of younger siblings (not expecting them to sit down and join in), and Kat was a legend. She kept their attention levels at all times and the day was a true success. I cannot recommend Sublime Science enough and will definitely be booking again. Thank you Kat, you were brilliant!!! Something different and that was a proven success, every one was intrigued and the kids were excited, especially as they could take home the slime and test the sweets
Samantha Coventry, Children's Party in Sheffield with Cat, July 2013

Everything - she kept all the children's interest and controlled them beautifully. They loved all the experiments especially the rockets. Hit from start to finish. Very impressed. Best party ever was the feedback I got. Well worth the money, as far as I'm concerned - it was perfect.
Kay Gibson, Kids Birthday Party in Sheffield with Cat, June 2013

Everything! They were fantastic. They had a great rapport with the children and each other. They immediately had all the children up playing with a ball and quickly had them eating out of their hands. Very impressive. They were fab at remembering the childrens' names and making them all feel involved. The show was interesting, exciting and funny. The children loved it and so did the adults. I've already passed on details to a few interested mums. Parents who were not there have told me their children did not stop talking about the party all night. I also appreciated receiving a text from Zahava on the day of the party which reassured me everything was in place and ready to go. It was first thing that came up when I googled Birthday parties Buckinghamshire! (we have only recently moved into the county so had no idea of what party entertainment there was locally). And when I then clicked on your site it looked exciting and sounded brilliant. The fact that you would take charge for an hour was very appealing to a busy mum! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Zahava and Gabby.
Clare Corrigan, Kids Birthday Party in Prestwood with Gaby and Zahava June 2013

James was fantastic and had the children, all 20 of them, even the youngest at 3 years old, totally absorbed. They were hanging off every word he said and enthralled by every demonstration. The parents that stayed were also captivated and entertained by the show. The experiments were at just the right level for the kids to get excited and interested in the science (without realising they were learning). A fabulous birthday party alternative. Everything was amazing. To do something different from the normal birthday parties, really good value for money. I'd just like to say how impressed I was by James. He had a great rapport with the kids and had great control when they got a bit excited. A truly great experience for the kids and grown ups alike. As the organiser I was able to sit back and watch the show as well so it took the stress out of organising a kids party for twenty 6 and 7 year olds. Thank you.
Cath Gittins, Kids Party in Sheffield with James L, June 2013

All of it from start to finish. James arrived promptly and set up and then held the attention of 18 active 6 year olds for the full hour and a quarter. They all loved getting involved in making the sweets and the slime. They really enjoyed chasing the smoke rings and trying to catch the ball. James made Daisy, the birthday girl, feel very special but also ensured everyone was involved. He made time to talk to all of the children and answer their questions too. Simply one of the easiest and best parties I have ever done. Just wanted to do something different for a party. Looked at science parties after a google search. Chose sublime science as it seemed to offer the best all round package.
Please thank James again from us all. He was really great with the children. He made the party very easy all I had to do was put the tables out and sort out some food.
Sarah Hensman, Children’s Party in Sheffield with James L, June 2013

The children (and adults too!!) enjoyed every minute of the party! My son and his friends especially enjoyed making and eating the sherbet and making the slime. They were amazed by the bubbles with the smoke inside and by the smoke rings too! They all thought James was fantastic 🙂 The comments we've had back from children and parents who attended the party say its the best they have ever been too! My son is really into science and loves experimenting and finding out about why things happen so it was a PERFECT party for him!
Steve Dalton, Science Party in Sheffield with James L, June 2013

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to “Ektoplastric Ekta” and Kayleigh for Oliver’s party on Saturday – what can I say, it was amazing. The scientists managed to keep 14 five year olds (and their parents) focussed and enraptured for a whole hour. Every parent that I spoke to after the party and in the playground this morning said that their children really enjoyed it. Highlights for all seemed to be definitely the smoke rings, the slime and the wacky rockets module, but it was all very interesting and I would say definitely pitched at the right level. The ladies had such a good rapport with the children and kept them involved throughout – and even more important for me, made Oliver feel really special. Thank you – the party was a huge success and I will definitely recommend you and use you again.
Tracey Sewell, children’s birthday party, with Ektoplastric Ekta

Hearing the boys laugh all the way through learning so much! How could we improve? It was honestly perfect, everyone loved it! Your website gave me confidence and when I talked to Liz who booked it, she was lovely and very trustworthy. James was absolutely amazing. He had 18 boys to entertain and not at any point did he loose "control" over them. On the contrary they were glued to his every move. He made the party the best party my 8 year old has ever had. We have had numerous text messages from other parents in the days after saying the kids could not stop talking about the party. I am so happy sublime science went out of their way to accommodate us.
Marie Hughes, childrens birthday party with James L in Leeds, June 2013

Danny was so in control and it meant that I could relax. All the kids just loved it.
Emma Sinclair, children’s birthday party in Herts with Danny A June 2013

What did you like best? All of it although the rocket was great How could we improve? No improvement needed the kids and me all had a great day. Eka was great and the kids all had a brilliant time.
Kerrie Saggers, Birthday Party with Ektoplastric Ekta, June 2013

The group activities and smoke experiments were the best part of the day. However, my child loved every minute of it, everything that was demonstrated kept the kids interested. It was educational but fun.
Lucy Jackson, Kids Party Entertainment with Cat in Rotherham, June 2013

I liked how friendly emily was and how she immediately captured the rather rowdy bunch of 20, 7 years old kids. Her table was set up rather quickly and looked very authentic as did she. The kids loved the slime, tornadoes, snow fight and the vibration session. They all put their hands up with the answers and enjoyed the participation throughout the party. The excitement when the rockets were launched was a sight to behold. I liked the character logo it looked fun and marc's photo was could see whose idea it was on the website. Thoroughly enjoyable party would recommend
Sara Houghton, Childrens birthday party with Emily B in Leek Wooten, June 2013

The hassle free booking, and ease of day from parents point of view. The mentos and coke explosion was a hit, and the kids really enjoyed the Tornado in a bottle game. Claire really kept the kids interested the whole time, it was very relaxed and everyone got involved. Cameron loved helping out too. How could we improve? No improvements - just compliments! Knew no-one that had had a Sublime Science party before and thought for this age group (10) it was a really good idea. My boy is interested in science but it really caught all of their interest on the day! Amongst the group of boys and girls we had an autstic boy, who I was warned would not touch the slime, upon Chaotic Claire's arrival I advised her of that, and pointed him out. She was extremely careful when giving him anything to touch and he did try touching one batch of slimy stuff, he still made the slime, but did not wish to touch this, all the time Claire was encouraging but not pushy. I have had several parents approach me since the party and express their childs happiness and excitment after the party. One parent said "Hit the nail on the head with that one" 🙂
Emma Bowey, Kids Birthday Party with Chaotic Claire, in Northampton, June 2013

I loved how engaged all the children were and slime making was fab! Lou was fantastic, she captured the children's attention (which is never easy with 18 5/6 year olds). I loved that we got a text from Lou on the morning of the party confirming everything and then the party ran so smoothly. The kids all got to take turns at different experiments and they all made slime and sherbet which was wonderful. I've had brilliant feedback from the children and parents about how great it was and can highly recommend. Even better the birthday girl now wants to be a scientist! Thank you! : )
Imogen Croft, Kids birthday party in Derby with Lou, June 2013

Just wanted to say WOW! that was a fantastic party. Crazy Clare was awesome (quote) thanks to you all from start to finish Liza and the birthday girl Clem.
Liza Nash, Kids Party in Sheffield with Crazy Claire, June 2013

To be honest Jonathan and his friends loved everything. The rockets were a big hit. They found it hilarious when they landed in a neighbour's garden. They also really loved the tube which made a noise when it span round. I was amazed that eighteen 7 years olds were silently listening. How could we improve? Not sure there is anything I could suggest. Everything ran smoothly. To give Jonathan a different party. He has been learning about science in school and found it fascinating. A big thankyou!
Nerys Bint, childrens birthday party with Pippa in Herts, June 2013

Loved every moment, how interactive the party was, how the kids interest and attention was captured immediately and lasted for 1 1/4 hours, how my son said the party was so awesome, the smiles on the kids faces, the laughter, the sheer squeals of delight, couldn't recommend you enough. Thank You.
Didn't really want to host a party at home but you did all of the hard work, also son's age was a huge factor and that boys and girls alike love the science elements.
Jayne Shacklock, Party Entertainment with Kerry, in Aylesbury, June 2013

The whole party it was great. It was different fun and educational. Thank you all the children really enjoyed it, still talking about it. Expect more bookings!
Kay Ingram, Kids Party with Naomi, Yoxall, June 2013

The children loved the slime and the sherbert and of course when it came to the mentos explosion there was no holding back. I needed something different to the usual.
Sublime Science made a party for 10 six year old's one to definitely remember. Thanks to Pippa our presenter and the Sublime Science team for ensuring one very happy birthday boy!
Kathleen Bonnick, Childrens Party in Welwyn Garden City, June 2013

I would like to say what a fantastic party we had yesterday, Anna had a ball and all the children were mesmerised with the experiments. Emily was absolutely wonderful and had such a way of keeping the children focused at all times. She took control of the party and made it fun and very entertaining, even for the adults. We would like to thank her for all her hard work and would recommend a party like this to anyone who would like something a little different.
Karen Askey, Kids Party in Stoke on Trent, June 2013

The kids loved Gabby and from the moment the party started they were all engaged, interested and thoroughly entertained. Gabby did a fantastic job keeping ten rather hyper seven year old boys entertained for 1.5 hours - they especially loved the slime making and the static electricity sphere. I wanted something a little different and the fact that it is educational fun was an added bonus. My 7 year old son loves science and after the party wants to know even more, which is great.
Ruth Davison, Science Party in Watford with Gaby, June 2013

Really good set up, very interesting and fun, kept kids and mums and dads happy for over an hour!
Jenny Coyle, Kids Birthday Party in Harpenden with Pippa, June 2013

All the childrens parents have agreed that the children could not stop talking about what they have experienced. Loved the Rockets and slime.
Charlotte Elliott, Birthday Party in Derbyshire with Janelle, June 2013

The kids loved the rocket and mentos experiment the most. My daughter and her friends had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were all fascinated with what Anita had to say and she was great with them. All of the adults enjoyed it too! . I also liked the way she showed the experiment and explained the science around it afterwards I think the children learnt alot. It was fascinating also to hear about Anita`s background. I think my daughter definitely would like a career involving Science Now!
Claire Jessup, Kids Birthday Party in Brierly Hill with Atomic Anita, June 2013

The children loved the sherbert making and slime xx I wanted Something different for my sons 7th Birthday, so booked a Sublime Science party, his friends told him his party was Awesome which is great for my son and me to know , it was fun and all the children were hyped up when they left, thankyou I would recommend you to anyone for girls and boys.
Kadia Evans, Kids Party in Newark with Rebecca, June 2013

I liked the way Alex changed the order to suit the attention of the children involved. Alex sensed they wanted wow factor early on so the rockets and mentos experiment engaged them. They were then ready for the more intricate exercises of making sweets and slime and having a stab at working out why things happened with different experiments. I thought there was a very good variety of experiments and they all appealed to the age group of our party, 8-9 yr olds. And I really liked the idea of the certificate for the birthday person, and all the party children signing it. I went to a party and thought it was an exciting new idea for a party and worked well. I liked the way Sublime Science were good communicators and were flexible for our requirements.
Jane Baker, Children’s Party in Stratford, with Atomic Alex, June 2013

It was something new. Danny was good with the kids and did a good job entertaining them. The kids loved it. The team was very helpful.
Rehana Shakir Childrens birthday party in Chesham with Danny, June 2013

Claire was wonderful! She was punctual and sent me a text beforehand, she was friendly with the kids and engaged their interest for an hour. She cleared away any mess and was polite and friendly. We were very happy indeed with what she provided. The kids all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Sally Ross childrens birthday party in Sheffield with Clare, June 2013

The Rocket launches were brilliant! The kids loved making the slime, the sherbert sweets, the smoke bubbles & the beach ball. They loved the whole thing but those were the favourites. My Daughter is into science in a big way so when I looked on google you came up. You had lots of recommendations so that's why I booked you. James was great with the kids. He managed them all really well including one little boy who was fairly loud. He included everyone and was fair in choosing different children for each experiment. I would highly recommend Sublime science and have already done so to 2 mums 🙂
Jenny Mason-Briggs, childrens birthday party in Scholes with James L, May 2013

The differing experiments appealed to the childrens sense of adventure and intrigue. It kept them entertained, particularly the 'Rocket Launch' part of the event. Dave himself was flexible and great with the kids who were very enthusiastic. Something different! All of the recent parties have been similar (Football Parties / Lazer Quest etc) This built upon work that they have all done at school, and enjoyed, but brought an extra element of fun and variety to the day
Alex Sharpe, Childrens birthday party in Hilton with Dynamic Dave May 2013

I wanted something different to the norm, and came across Sublime Science during a internet search. I must admit I was very nervous and thought twice about making a booking, as it was something I hadn't come across before and I didn’t know how well it would be received by my 10 year old and her friends I am very happy to say that I had absolutely nothing to worry about and Fay from Sublime Science exceeded all my expectations! Fay was an absolute gem and kept all the kids really engaged which freed me up and gave me some valuable time to concentrate on the other elements of the party i.e. food, drink etc. The experiments were fantastic and captivated everyone (adults as well as kids), and during the whole time Fay was with us, all I could hear (from the kitchen!) was a lot, “oooooow’s, arrrr’s” and laughter! Amongst the many things that the kids enjoyed about the party - they absolutely loved the rocket launch (such fun!). All in all a very good party and I will highly recommend Sublime Science to anyone looking for a different, unique birthday party!
Parmy Shokar, Kids Party in Northampton with Fantastic Fay, May 2013

It was fun and educational at the same time. Litmus Lizzie was fantastic. She fascinated the children. Please send our thanks again to Litmus Lizzie who was brilliant. Our daughter absolutely loved the party and it was very easy for us as parents.
Claire Perkins, Science Party in Solihul, with Litmus Lizzie, May 2013

Danny was great with the children and adults. He held the children's attention well (no mean feat with 20 5&6 year olds!) and was both funny and educational. The boys favourite bits were making sweets and the rockets...which were great fun! Both boys are facsinated by science and we thought it would be something different and exciting - and it was!
Nicola Christie, Boys Birthday Party with Danny in Long Crendon, May 2013

It has to be the best children's party I have ever seen before. The presenters were just amazing making it incredibly fun and interactive. It was non- stop entertainment from start to finish. Perfect for both girls and boys.
Helen Glanvill, Children's Party Entertainment with Danny in St Albans, May 2013

The party was great, the children loved all the interaction. Cat kept the children's interest from start to finish totally amazing. A brilliant party. Thank you.xx
Debbie Daly, Children's Entertainers in Sheffield with Cat, May 2013

The informal approach that kept children and adults entertained. Why did you book?..... ……All-inclusive price - what is quoted is what you pay, no hidden extras, and the ultra-informative and detailed website. Great party, the kids loved it, and so did the grown-ups!!
Lona Dodsworth, Science Birthday Party in Potton with Kryptonite Kevin, May 2013

She was able to keep the children entertained for the whole hour and i loved seeing the looks on their faces, especially the smoke bubbles. They loved making sweets and my sons favourite was the water in the cup with nappy powder. I love science and teaching my son about how the world works. He loves space and can name all the planets and dwarf planets. The testimonials on the website and other sites looked good, and the you tube videos you put on your site also helped me make my decision. I was looking for some thing a bit different to the usual bouncy castle birthday party.
Terri Hoggart, Kids Birthday Party in Nuneaton with Jeanette, May 2013

Dynamite Dave was fantastic, six10year old girls had a fantastic time. They really enjoyed making slime, launching rockets and the science behind every experiment. Thank you so much.
Deb Sweetmore, Science Party in Stoke On Trent with Dynamic Dave, May 2013

We liked: The friendliness of the presenter....How the kids were entertained......The science experiments-all of it! When can you come back?
Janine Valerio, Kids Birthday Party with Kryptonite Kevin, May 2013

Kids thoroughly captivated throughout the show. Sam really enjoyed it. Parents were all really impressed with presenter. The assistant was nice also. Presenter has a natural gift of keeping the attention by using the kids who are paying attention to bring any unruly kids back inline! Show was interesting for kids and parents! I attended a party a year ago at a friend of Sam's called Will and always thought it was the best one I had been to. Also I have seen other competitor's for this type of party that are no where near as good. Big Thanks from Sam and his friends and family for a great party and service.
Dan Moult, Children's Birthday Party in Allestree with Louisa, May 2013

Danny was great. He contacted us to let us know when he would arrive. Whilst setting up he engaged with the kids so the fun began even before the actual party. The kids loved the experiments, especially making slime and the look on one child's face when he tasted some citric acid was such a comical moment. All the parents have commented on how much their child enjoyed it and how well Danny engaged with the children.
Heidi Lee, Kids Party in Hemel Hempstead with Dynamic Danny, May 2013

We liked the magic and things that surprised the kids. My son wanted something different and it was great that the kids learnt something too.
Victoroa Capstick, Science Party in Stewkley with Kryptonite Kevin, May 2013

We liked the: Rockets, Green Slime, Making Music, Smoke Rings. It was all fabulous and they laughed for over 1 1/2 hours.
Sarah Barnes, Birthday Party in Puttenham with Kev, in April 2013

James was a fantastic presenter. He kept all the children engaged and they really had fun joining in with the experiments. They especially enjoyed the goo, smoke rings and trying to catch the floating ball. We had 20 6year olds at the party and all got to have a go while still making sure that the party boy was the centre of attention. The parents enjoyed it too and we have had lots of people saying what a great time they had. We would definitely recommend to everyone who wants to do something a bit different for a party. The special certificate for the party boy was a nice touch too at the end of the party. We wanted something different for a party and the reviews online were all good. We didn't really know anything about Sublime Science so it was a bit of jump in the dark as to whether it would be good but we were not disappointed.
Jo Scrutton, Science Party in Leeds with James L, April 2013

The way all the equipment was everyday, recycled stuff that we could find at home. Liz was brilliant with the children too!
Sam Roper, Children's Birthday Party in Tilbrook with Electric Liz, April 2013

The enthusiasm of Woz - fantastic fun and great with the kids. Our daughter desperately wanted to be a scientist - this has only fuelled that more. She loved every minute of it.
Anna Leesley, Kids Party in Sheffield with Waz, April 2013

Please let Junie know the smoke rings and smoke bubbles were fantastic. The kids thought they were brilliant and the sherbet brought back memories for many of us adults. Junie is a great entertainer and really kept the children busy.
Gurmeet Panesar, Birthday Party in Coventry, April 2013

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