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Dragon Den Approved Kids Party in Cheltenham

Discover the Dragons Den Winning Science Party In Cheltenham

If you're looking for a children's party in Cheltenham that's sure to be the talk of the playground then I'm glad you've landed on this page.

The Sublime Science Party has quickly become one of the most popular kids parties and it's now available in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury as well as across the beautiful county of Gloucestershire.

Not only is it Dragons Den winning but it's received rave reviews across the region.

Dragons Den Winning Party

Dragons Den Winning Science Party in Cheltenham

Can You Bring A Sublime Science Party To Me?

Let's start with the awesome news. We cover all of Cheltenham and the surrounding area so if you live in the vicinity then we can almost certainly travel to you.

We never charge mileage or add travel costs of any kind.

However, we do often book up well ahead of time so please get in touch right now so we have the best chance of being able to help out.

Loved by 1 Million+ Children

Latest Feedback from Sublime Science Parties in Cheltenham

"Even though they were only 5 years old they just wanted to carrry on experimenting and carry on doing science, they didn't want the party to end" - 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Cheltenham

"The birthday boy was the star of the show. Sometimes he can be a little shy but he loved every second of being the assistent professor" -  6 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Gloucestershire

"Fast and fun, quickfire activities kept everyones attention and the energy level high which is what kids need" - Cheltenham Kids Party for 7 Year Olds

"Can't really put my finger on any one thing but we loved the whole experience" - Sublime Science Party in Cheltenham

"Really was no fuss, no mess, no stress just an awesome party" - Cheltenham Children's Entertainer Review

"Everything was so well thought out this is the easiest party we've ever thrown on top of being the best" - Tewkesbury Boys Birthday Party

Queen's Award-Winning

Even The Dragons Love The Sublime Science Party!

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Is My Sublime Scientist From Cheltenham?

Yes! Although we're a national company you Sublime Scientist we travel to you from your local area.

Atomic Alex and Sonic Steve are our slime making superstars and don't have far to travel to captivate at our children's parties in Cheltenham!

"What a wonderful idea but more importantly it was so well done. I look forward to seeing you at our next science party" - Children's Entertainers in Cheltenham

"I've never seen more than 20 7 year olds so attentive particularly at a children's party" - 7 Year Olds Sublime Science Party

"Our highlights were the rockets, the smoke bubbles and everyone's favourite was the slime" - Science Parties in Gloucester

"All in all our Sublime Science party was excellent and we'll be recommending you to other parents in the area" - Kids Parties in Cheltenham

"It's safe to say both parents and children alike learnt a thing or two!" - Children's Birthday Party in Cheltenham

Netmums Award-Winning Party

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Slimetastic Reason No.1 You'll get a FREE copy my new book 'Don't Eat Your Slime' 

It's packed full of incredible experiments for curious kids you can do at home with 'stuff' you've already got, it normally costs £9.99 (it's 5 Star Reviewed on Amazon, you know!)

Slimetastic Reason No.2 You'll get your FREE copy of 'The Ultimate Kids Party Survival Guide' - Guaranteed to make your party planning easier.

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Slimetastic Reason No.3 You'll get the best chance of getting the date and time that's perfect for you! 

(After Dragon's Den, Winning Her Majesty's Queen's Award and more than 10,000 unforgettable Sublime Science Parties we do book up fast!) You'll get personalised info about the best options and availability (depending on age, area and group size) all without a hint of any obligation or pressure of any kind.

Either Call our helpful team on 0116 380 0750 or pop a few details in the form above and we'll get all the info to you along with your 'slimetastic stuff',  guaranteed!

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