3 Crucial Things Not to Get Wrong if You Want The Perfect Party

Mad_Marc_300When you're Planning the Perfect Party there are 3 crucial things that it's vital you get right to make sure your party is a hit.

We'll take them one at a time...

No1 - Deciding how many children to invite!

Mad-Marc-Slime-LeftGenerally the younger your child the more people they’ll want to invite, and whilst that’s an “ok” strategy, depending on what activities you’ve got planned this can make or break the party! The easy rule is the more “hands on” and interactive the activity, the more important it is to keep number to a sensible level.

At Sublime Science we believe the absolute best way to get children to have fun, learn and be engaged is to involve them in everything! This means “hands on” demonstrations, co-operative games and “do it yourself” experiments with as little sitting and listening as possible.

For this reason we limit our parties to a maximum of 30, otherwise all the hands-on elements suddenly take too long and become a bit of a drag for everyone except those involved.

On the flip side you could hire a clown, magician or disco and have a lot more children attend, but how long do you think it’ll be before they get bored?

No2 - Deciding how long the party should last!

Having done 4,576 parties and counting, I’ve come to the conclusion that the perfect total length of a party should be 2 hours.

It normally works best to have the entertainment first as the children tend to arrive excited to get started! For most age groups, about 1-1.5hrs of non-stop fun tends to work best with the remaining time dedicated to food and singing happy birthday.

For first time party planning mums 30 minutes may not seem like such a long time for food AND presents, but if your a seasoned party planner, you’ll already have seen how fast a child will eat party food!

No3 - Deciding when to have the party!

The third absolute most crucial thing that can make or break your day is time of day.

ulimate-kids-party-survival-guide-tight-300If you have your party at 9am you may have less attend than you expect. Same goes for having it quite late, at say 6pm. I’ve done parties at both times and they almost always have the least attendees and are the least fun (because everyone is tired).

In my 5 long years of party planning I’ve found that either having your party at 11am or sometime around 3pm works perfectly.

I think the reason is that if you have about 1hr of entertainment, this leads nicely into the times when people (especially kids!) normally expect to eat: either at midday or around 4-5pm.

That's the 3 'things' to get right but there's so much more useful party planning info packed into the ultimate party planning guide - download it here!

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