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How to Guarantee An Awesome Learning Experience For Your SEN Group?

Discover The Dragons Den Winning SEN Science Workshop - Unforgettable Experience, 100% Guaranteed!

Are you looking for an amazing learning experience for your SEN group?

The Sublime Science SEN (Special Educational Needs) Science Workshop might just be perfect for you. 

Your Science Workshop is Dragons Den approved, Queen's Award Winning and 100% Slimetastically Guaranteed to be awesome.

After inspiring more than 1,000,000 children, over 15+ years, you can relax. Sublime Science have the experience to deliver an incredible learning experience that's just right for your SEN group.

Dragons Den Winning SEN Science Workshops

How Does The Sublime Science SEN Experience Work?

Your Sublime Scientist will travel to your location. They'll bring practically everything with them to deliver an unforgettable learning experience. 

After the success of Dragons Den, we're fortunate enough to have a fab team of Sublime Scientists Nationwide. They'll be able to travel to you from your local area with no mileage charges or extra travel costs.

Your Sublime Scientist is DBS checked, fully insured and the Sublime Science Lab (Head Office) have all the risk assessments and paperwork done for you.

Most importantly, after inspiring more than one million children, we've got the experience to customise your visit so that it's perfect for your group and their needs. 

Queen's Award-Winning SEN Science Workshops

Will This Be Right For My SEN Group?

Absolutely! Your group has its own needs and requirements and we customise your science workshops so you get an unforgettable learning experience that's exactly right for you. 

Having had the pleasure of working with SEN children for over a decade we're more than happy to tailor things to your requirements. We've been fortunate enough to receive so much amazing feedback over the years. We'd never expect you to read it all. Here are just a few thoughts...

SEN Sublime Science In Action

"I loved the interaction with our SEN children Lesley was exceptionally intuitive and had exquisite ability in engaging with our children and incorporating her science, our children wide-ranging disabilities both physical medical and psychological. And yet she managed to interact with each and every one child. Truly magical! This lady was dynamite absolutely how she managed to engage with my 23 year old autistic son and his buddy, they were all chatting away like they had been friends for years I was so overwhelmed with this ease and gracious communication skills drawing out conversation from 2 young men who struggle to communicate outside their close friend circle."
SEN Science Event for Shine South Charity

"The passionate staff, the amazing science tricks and the fact that your email stated "stay awesome"! The students really loved the workshops. We have used you pretty much every year since you began and will most likely continue to for the foreseeable future."
Science Workshops for SEN Students at Ellesmere College, Leicester

What Types Of SEN Groups Do You Work With?

After winning Dragons Den, we're fortunate enough to be pretty well known and have had the immense pleasure of working with some of the most amazing SEN schools, groups and organisations. 

We've loved working with so many incredible schools (here's just a small sample):

Treloar School, The Garth School, Stubbin Wood School, Holly Grove Primary School, Piper Hill High School, Crosby High School, Wood Lane High School, West Lea School - Haselbury Campus The Westminster School, Holgate Meadows Community School, Samuel Pepys School, Queen Elizabeth II School, Oaklands Special SchoolWarren Wood Specialist Academy School, Mandeville Special Needs SchoolWoodsetton Special SchoolCotswold Chime SchoolWilliam Morris School, Culverhill SchoolThriftwood College and  Harlow Fields School.

Dry Ice at SEN Science Day
Is It Just SEN Schools You Work With?

Absolutely not! It's an amazing honour to work with such incredible schools but it's not just schools that we work with. We also love to work with such wonderful organisations as:

•   Deaf Children’s Society 
•   DeafConnect 
•   Lollypop York 
•   National Deaf Children’s Society
•   Trafford Deaf Children’s Society 

National Deaf Children’s Society

•   Action for Children 
•   Thomley Disability Centre 
•   Cheshire Buddies 
•   Little Miracles 
•   Kids Orchard Centre 
•   Daisy Chain Children’s Charity 
•   Sheffield Deaf Children’s Society 
•   Action For Blind People 

Action for Children

What Type Of Special Educational Needs Do You Work With?

We're so grateful to have experience working with so many different children over more than a decade. Chances are we've inspired children similar to your group. 

Here's just a quick (not complete!) list to give you an idea. If you're unsure in any way just click the big green button below and get in touch now.

•   Special Needs, SEN, Additional Needs or Mixed Abilities
•   ADHD
•   Autism
•   Deaf, Hearing Loss or Hearing Impaired
•   Sight Loss, Blind or Visual Impairment
•   Speech
•   Auditory
•   Diverse
•   Behavioural Difficulties
•   Mental Health
•   Emotional Needs
•   Children with Disabilities or Learning Difficulties
•   Wheelchair Friendly

And so many more amazing children. Your group will have their own needs and every child is different. We only give a list to offer some information about our range of experience. Not sure if we can help? Click the big green button below now. 

Can You Share More SEN Science Workshop Feedback?

Of course!

"Most of the children attending were visually impaired, our scientist, Bogna, called me a couple of days before to discuss what she could do to help and was amazing at explaining what she was doing, passing stuff around so the children could feel and making everyone feel included. Bogna and Louis couldn't have been any more helpful, they were absolutely brilliant and I was so impressed."
Fiona Brandford, Science Workshop with Visually Impaired Children for Sight for Surrey

"The young people loved all the slime and experiments and actually engaged much more than we thought they would. We cater for young people that have a lot of sensory needs so they all love slime."
Sensory Needs Science Workshop for Disability Challengers


"Just wanted to follow up yesterday’s session at Daisy Chain. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! With some trepidation I assure your colleague that the children might start to leave the room as their concentration span is smaller than children with no disabilities, but a whole hour passed and WOW no one left the room!! The sweets and slime making were fantastic, well worth every penny. Thanks again and looking forward to using them again."
Becky, Northampton Special Needs Centre Sublime Science Event

"What did you like best? Opportunity to design our own day according to our classes and pupil needs. How helpful were the Sublime Science office team? Very helpful and informative. What was the number 1 reason you booked Sublime Science? Ability to design day to suit our pupils - with a range of learning difficulties and special educational needs this was important and enabled us to ensure group sizes and timings were appropriate."Grace Jackson, Accessible Science Workshops with Special Educational Needs

Daisy Chain

"On Saturday we had our Sublime Science workshop, it was fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for creating such an interesting and exciting activity for the children, they all loved it! We look forward to booking again in the future. Many thanks."
Sarah Winch, Action For Blind People, Visual Impaired Science Workshops

"Hi, Just wanted to say how pleased we were with Sublime Science. My little boy attends a support group for children with Aspergers/anxiety in woolston, Southampton, and the lady who came kept them all entertained and was lovely. They all had a great time. I can't remember her name but hopefully you will know. It was Tuesday evening for an hour. Thanks again"
Lucy Lawless, Aspergers/Anxiety Sublime Science Group

"We have children with limited attention (including ADHD) and her attention was held for the majority of the evening without us having to spend the usual amount of time getting her back to whatever was going on."
Sarah Farquhar, ADHD Science Workshops Experience

You'll Love Our Paperwork Free Policy:

If you're anything like us you love working with Special Educational Needs children but you probably don't love the idea of extra paperwork.

That's why you'll love our paperwork-free policy. We've done the work ahead of time so the paperwork is taken care of for you. You'll get:

  • Complete Risk Assessments
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Enhanced CRB/DBS checks of your Sublime Scientist

You can relax and enjoy an unforgettable learning experience. All we need is a suitable space & we bring virtually everything else for an incredible day of science!

Can You Come To My SEN Group?

We love to help out wherever we can.

After Dragons Den, we've grown to a Nationwide team of Sublime Scientists so chances are we can travel to your location. Here's a quick list of some of the most common places we love to make science awesome. 

Greater London, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, East & West Sussex, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Stevenage, Enfield, Saint Albans, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Essex, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Bedford, Northampton, Stratford, Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester, Coventry, Birmingham, Stafford, Stoke, Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Sheffield, Leeds & York as well as Manchester, Merseyside, Liverpool and the North West.

If your location isn't listed it's still likely we can help out. As long as you're in the UK. Please don't miss out. After Dragons Den and winning and a Queen's Award we do get fully booked. Often well in advance. Get the best chance of the time and date that's right for you when you click the green button below now. 

When Do I Need To Get In Touch?

Right away!

I'd love for us to be able to share these awesome science experiences with everyone but we do get fully booked. 

What About Pricing?

We completely understand that you have a budget to work with and we do everything possible to provide an incredible learning experience that works for you. And your budget.

We never have hidden costs. We keep things simple… Everything’s Included: No Mileage Charges, No Hidden Extras - all Slimetastically Guaranteed!

Plus Your Sublime Science Experience Comes With A 110% Slimetastic Guarantee!

110 Guaranteed SEN Science

WARNING: - Availability Is Limited - Check Now!

After inspiring more than one million children and winning Dragons' Den, things do book up fast!

I'd absolutely love to help mesmerise, educate and inspire your SEN group if we possibly can. 

Please don't miss disappointment. Pop a few details in the form below. It takes just seconds. Or give us a call on 0116 380 0750 - we'd love to help out if we possibly can!

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Mad Marc, Founder, Sublime Science

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P.S. After the success of Dragons' Den and inspiring more than one million children - we do get booked solid so I urge you to pop your details in the form now!

P.P.S. As you know your Sublime Science Experience is covered by our unique Iron-Clad 100% money-back guarantee - so you've got nothing to lose!

P.P.P.S. Ethical Bribe - Free copy of 'Don't Eat Your Slime' Just for getting in touch!

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It's all part of my mission to inspire children everywhere to discover how awesome science can be and it means that even if we can't make it to you we can still help get the children excited about science!

Don't Miss Out - Pop your details in the form above now or give one of the helpful team a buzz on 0116 380 0750!

110% Guaranteed SEN Science
Award-Winning SEN Science

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