Mad Marc Celebrating Success With The Prince's Trust!

Mad Marc Celebrating Success With The Prince’s Trust!

Sublime Science Founder Speaks For The Prince's Trust...

It was an absolutely massive honour and privilege to be able to speak for the Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success event.

The event was all about celebrating the success of young people who (with the support of the Prince’s Trust) are doing some absolutely unbelievable things.

I was absolutely staggered by what people had achieved and the determination and work ethic that got them there.

It was truly humbling experience to be asked to share my story with everyone.  Sublime Science started out with a £1,750 loan from the Prince’s Trust when I was 22 years old and is now a decent sized (and awesome!) national company so I know first hand the level of impact that these types of things can have.

Apart from making science awesome I’m also super-passionate about helping young people to start their own businesses and working with the Prince’s Trust is the perfect way to do just that.

I made a quick video below about how the Prince’s Trust can help young people get their start and if you know someone that it would help I’d love it if you shared it with them.

Can’t wait to hear the next success story,

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc