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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Rocket Ren who did an amazing job at my son’s party today. The kids all loved her and the show went down a storm, not least the rocket finale. Just brilliant.
Marianne Markham, Children’s Party in East London with Rocket Renin, October 2016

Our party was a huge success on Saturday. I was surprised Colette managed to engage all the children as we had a big age difference. Everything went extremely well and was very well thought out.
Diane Saxton , Kids birthday party in Leicester with Cosmic Collette, October 2016

The enthusiasm and fun from Atomic Anna. All the different types of experiments. Very helpful -my husband liaised with them, but they really helped us out as we had left it till quite short notice to book a party. The various experiments, that you have party presenters and my husband had seen you on Dragons Den - so he was really interested in you. I thought Atomic Anna was super! She had do much energy and enthusiasm. She was patient with the children - 12 '6' years olds is hard to manage, but she was brilliant. The parents who stayed at the party, haven't stopped talking about it either! Thank you for an amazing party, our son loved it and even went in to school talking to his teachers about it - they were pleased too!
L Puttock, Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, October 2016

We wanted a fun and interesting experience that differed from the standard run of the mill children's parties. We definitely got it with Sublime Science!
Stephen La Bash, Lincolnshire Sublime Science Party with Jupiter Jade, October 2016

Kids loved making the coloured slime and making fizzy sherbet.
Eloise Kennedy, Children’s Science Party in Bushey with Cosmic Caroline, October 2016

The kids were totally entertained the whole way through. They are still talking about it three days later. Something different. And my son is interested in science. I would definitely recommend it.
Vicky Poynton, Boys birthday party in Bexleyheath with Jupiter Jeremy, October 2016

Kept the children thoroughly entertained and interested! No complaints - would definitely recommend. Something different to all the other parties this year!
Cheryl Murch, Sublime Science Party in Leicester with Cosmic Colette, October 2016

I loved how easy it was to book my party and also how well organised the presenter was. She took complete control of the party once she arrived and was just fantastic. Keeping 15 6/7 year old entertained for an hour and 15 is not easy but Hannah was amazing and everyone had a great time, even the adults. Everything was explained in a way all the children could understand, and even though some were late Hannah happily waited so nobody missed out. Very helpful, booking the party was so easy. I wanted something different for my son's party and he loves experimenting and finding out new things so this was perfect. Please thank Helium Hannah for her patience and fabulous party on Saturday, we really had a fabulous time.
Lisa Uehlein, Manchester Children’s Party with Helium Hannah, October 2016

Interesting, educational, factual, engaging, interactive.. FUN!
Lana SG, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Alan S, October 2016

Kids liked the slime making best. I just liked the fact it was a different party to the possible princess party that could of been. It was a different kind of party with lots of good reviews.
Mark Gilmour, Wheathampstead Children’s Birthday Party with Subatomic Sarah, October 2016

All round great communication via email for booking, great interaction with the kids and everyone had lots of fun. Tasmin was a very good host. Wanted something a little different from the usual kids party thing and had seen sublime science stuff online.
Steven Hopkins, Children’s Party in Eastbourne with Titanium Tasmin, October 2016

Slime making and the fact I didn't have to get involved for an hour. No one in class had done it before.
Inge Jenkinson, Kids Science Party in Richmond with Mad Michele, October 2016

The fact the kids loved it! I did like the balloons that turned into dust! Brilliant party!
Emma Reynolds, Sublime Science Party in Oxfordshire with Borax Ben, October 2016

Thank you and Phillippa so much for an amazing party on Sunday. You did a great job of entertaining the boys and they all loved it. A few of the children told me it was the "best party ever". Thanks especially for including Felix so well, his mum contacted me to say what a super time he had.
Laura Chisholm, Hampshire Sublime Science Party with Lightning Lesley, October 2016

Thank you so much for such a wonderful morning. We had a fabulous time (and that was just the adults) the kids thought it was amazing! Ryan hasn't stopped talking about you since you left. You were so good with all of them and thank you for taking that extra time with them.
Lara, Nick, Kids Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, October 2016

Thank you so so much for the great science experience! Everyone had a great time and parents were all impressed. My whole family all agreed it was a fantastic party 🙂 Wish you the best
Maggie Chen, Kids Birthday Party in North London, with Cosmic Caroline October 2016

Try and get all the children to take part in demonstrations, not just the birthday girl-although she loved it! We saw it in dragons den and my daughter loves science and asking questions. The party was fantastic and my daughter and her friends had a brilliant time. We would definitely recommend Sublime Science.
Louise Harris, Girls Birthday Party in Petersfield, with Borax Bethany, September 2016

The whole party was excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Recommended by a friend plus very good reviews. Thank you for a really enjoyable party, which kept 25 (5 year olds) engaged for over an hour.
Nolly Nutman, Children’s Science Party in Hampshire with Kryptonite Kristie, October 2016

Thank you so much to Paul for all his patience with a very noisy group of children!!
Kathryn Hall, Kids Birthday Party in Abingdon with Plasma Paul, October 2016

We've had some great feedback from the kids and their parents saying that it was lovely to go to something different. The kids were fully engaged for the whole hour. They especially enjoyed the smoke bubbles! This was a bit different and kept the children entertained. It was perfect for their age group (5 - 7) and totally stress free for the adults! Very good. Felt very organised and the lady on the phone was lovely.
Katie Gough, Science Party for 5-7 Year Olds in Oxfordshire with Jupiter Jess, October 2016

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Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Hi Belle, I just wanted to say again how completely fabulous you and the entertainment provided was on Sunday at Nora's birthday. Sorry I was running around a little too madly to show my appreciation on the day but please be assured lots of parents commented v positively on the proceedings and above all Nora thought the science stuff was fantastic.. and now wants to be a scientist when she grows up.. along with a ballerina, architect, fashion designer and princess (sorry!)!! Totally brilliant - top notch! Rachel (Mum). 🙂 🙂
Nick Fielding, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Surrey with Borax Belle, October 2016

Wow, how amazing Dave went above and beyond to make Layton’s 7th Birthday party and extra special event, we had a mixture of age groups from 6-12 year olds and the all thoroughly enjoyed it, I would recommend anyone to book a party, My daughter would have loved one.
Zena Webb, 7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Nottingham with Dynamic Dave, October 2016

The science focus, especially for a girl's party - something different from the usual Disney Princess theme! The theme itself. Didn't know the company but found it to be very efficient and well-run, as was the party.
Agnes Fletcher, Children’s Birthday Party in Bucks with Dr Shaky, October 2016

That the kids were involved in all the experiments and no one was left out. But the birthday girl was the first to be allowed to do everything, that's important when you are 7! It looked like it would be a really memorable day and something different and educational for the kids.
Jennifer Rea, Sublime Science Party in High Wycombe with Batty Bridget, October 2016

ALI was absolutely fantastic!!! I have never seen anyone able to captivate that many children that age for that long. They were mesmerised! He was patient, informative, fun, kind, inclusive and the children (and adults) all loved him! Thank you Atomic Ali!!!! The office team was fantastic. Very helpful every time we called and taking payment after the event shows you truly believe in your 'product'. It was all effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. A different party for my son that was interesting and didn't cost the moon!
Adriana Ennab, Children’s Science Party in London with Atomic Ali, October 2016

The fact that the entertainer had the children and adults were so quiet and with her at every point. You could hear a pin drop. I loved how the children were able to make the sherbet and slime. Yes very helpful- quick to respond to the emails or questions over the telephone. Yes- I googled ideas last year and found you; however you said my children were to young (age5 and 4) and said wait another year; you didn't take my money when you could have done- we waited a year and we were not disappointed. One of our guests said "this is genuinely the best party I have ever been too" I couldn’t agree more and I'm glad we were the hosts of the best party talked about in town!
Emma Cox, 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Peterborough with Sodium Sam, October 2016

My son loves science and it seemed like something that would be great to entertain him and his friends with. That the kids all enjoyed it.
Alexandra Oliv, Kids Science Party in Cheltenham with Jupiter James, September 2016

Everything, from initial communication to the invite and thank you links to the contact with the presenter and then to the actual event and professionalism and content of the party. Kelly was very good we had a group of about 25 children and she controlled the group with ease and kept them entertained and interested. We had the 1.5hr party with everything included and it was fantastic, all of the parents have been talking about the party ever since. The outside rocket launches are just the best with the kids going crazy for this experiment. and the mento’s which was good fun. I will send some pictures through as the venue Urban Café in Runcorn was ideal with an indoor space and a fantastic outdoor space for the rocket launches. We felt this was an ideal party for the age group of 7/8 year olds and very different from the usual predictable parties.
Catherine McEvoy, 7 & 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Runcorn with Kelly Chemikell, September 2016

Hi Caroline. Just managed to sit down today. Wanted to thank you for the awesome time. The kids loved it (all took the slime home and are probably messing up their parents carpets) and I think I saw a few parents' eyes with a childish shine to them. Honestly some parents came to us and told us how much they enjoyed it. Thank you and hope to see sublime science shows in future birthday parties Isac attends.
Pedro Galvao, Sublime Science Party in London, with Cosmic Caroline B, September 2016

My 7 year old son loved it all, especially when he was made to go first on the experiments. With a little preference for the sweet making experiment as we (adults) did get a chance to participate and taste it as well. Very helpful! 5 star service! But to be honest, I thought the all experience was already very good, Ben has everything under control & got the kids' attention with so much ease. My husband did the research and the fact that you were on Dragon's den, being an entrepreneur & and a science enthusiast really made it for us. Thank you so much Sublime Science - Ben & his assistant did such an amazing job at entertaining the kids & keeping them busy & absolutely on their best behaviour! I highly recommend Sublime Science, I find them reliable, efficient, knowledgeable & amazing with a bunch of wild crazy kids (that includes my son). Billion thanks from happy parents and a very happy 7 year old child.
Saleha Pinhorn, 7 Year Olds Party in Marlborough, Wilts with Borax Ben, September 2016

The different activities that the children were involved in. The children loved the slime and sherbet making. They were great. I was undecided on a venue when I called and they were helpful and didn't make me feel overwhelmed with questions. My son loves science at the moment and all your great reviews definitely sold it to me. I wanted something hands on for the children and that's what others were saying you did. My son loves the experiments.
Samantha Giles, Boys Birthday Party in Essex with Electric Eamonn, Professor Perfect, September 2016

She was brilliant with the kids. She fully captured their attention and was very engaging. Everyone had a great time, even the parents. Wanted something different and something educational.
Noemi Sinkovics, Manchester Birthday Party with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

I cannot comment as I was competing in It's A Knockout so I can only go off the feedback we sent out to our 1,000 visitors. It was a huge success according to the feedback and we have booked again. We are a chemical company so it appealed to us that we could do an educational display as well as be fun for the children. We are thrilled to have secured you again to come back to our event next year. Thank you.
Catherine Dines, Sublime Science in Yorkshire with Weird Will and Helium Helen, September 2016

How well the kids got on with Tamsin. They were interested in everything she did and asked lots of questions. Everything they did was fun and new. She was friendly, kind and undemanding. Because it is different from anything else we've done and it was appropriate for my daughter’s age.
Annaliese Truman, Girls Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

That the children loved it. Very helpful if I had any questions they replied promptly. I was looking for something different and it didn't disappoint.
Janita Wilson, Kids Party in Hasley, Worcester with Super Steph, September 2016

The experiments were brilliant and very well designed for the kids. Extremely helpful and very efficient. John was great - we had a fantastic session and the kids loved it!
Ines Mohwinckel, London Kids Science Party with Jupiter John, September 2016

The kids were engaged the whole time and she stuck to time perfectly. She was very good with the kids and had excellent contact with us in the lead up and throughout. Looking for something a bit different for a party and sublime science was on my radar from a previous Google search for kids party ideas in my area. Mentioned a few party ideas to my son and he loved this idea the most.
Annabel Hunt, Lincoln Science Party with Helium Helen, September 2016

The amount of experiments we had kept the children entertained and eager to learn more. They didn't get bored. Rich was great in involving all the children over the time and getting them involved in the experiments. Office were very helpful. I received emails prior to the event about what would happen now, during and after the event, had text messages from Rich prior to the event introducing himself. When I called the telephone number, my queries are always answered. It was something different, age appropriate and my son likes Science. I would recommend it.
Amy Nijjar, Solihull Children’s Birthday Party with Rocket Rich, September 2016

The fun but informative execution of the science experiments. All of which were great fun and offered participation and interaction for all of the party guests. Brilliant, very helpful and got things done quickly. Wanted something different and also my kids had seen it and heard of it from Dragons Den. They were impressed with the fact that it is the UK's no 1 party! Thought it was fabulous from ages 7 to 13 they were totally and utterly entertained to a very high standard. It was great to make education fun and the interaction made it more memorable.
Cheryl Levington, Mixed Ages Kids Party in Lymm, Cheshire with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

The fact that Mike kept their attention consistently. Harry has not stopped talking about his party, he had such a good time. Very helpful and the fact you can pay after the party really helped. Mike is great at his job! An asset!
Hannah Ruse, Boys Science Party in Weybridge with Dr Shaky, September 2016

Zing! Atomic was great with the kids, new his subject area and kept them well engaged. We had a fun sublime science time! The team was always professional and prompt in their response. Testimonials of how good the service is and the quality of info and fun created for kids.
Sabrina Senior, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Ali, September 2016

When we went outside to make the rockets, making slime, it was great getting the children and adults involved in some of the experiments! My son loves science and inventions. Excellent 9th birthday party which kept 16 enthusiastic children totally entertained for 1 and 1/2 hrs ! All the parents have commented on how much fun their children had.
Georgina Sim, 9 Year Olds Party in Leicestershire with Sodium Sam, September 2016

That the presenter was very flexible with the children he was presented with! He did a very good presentation which was enjoyed by the adults as well. (at least 3 of them were science teachers but I didn't tell him that!) My party was a very special 70th birthday and retirement celebration for all the children I have childminded for the last 25 years
Fran Hunter, Children’s Party in Gloucestershire with Jupiter James, September 2016

Dina's patience, the way she engaged with the children and really impressed with how she was able to keep them entertained for the whole duration. Really attentive. Excellent customer service.
Reema Shelley, Kids Birthday Party in Warrington with Dina Dynamite, September 2016

The kids loved making slime the best. They also really enjoyed firing smoke rings to knock cups of each other's heads. They also loved the rocket being fired into the air. My son, who is 5, is completely mad about science. I saw the reviews that you had posted and thought that it would be great. My son had a great time.
Samantha Leek, 5 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

The slime was the biggest hit with the kids. I wanted something different to the magicians etc. that I had booked before and in all honesty the email marketing campaign could not be ignored!
Leah Osborne, Kids Science Party in Ascot with Mercury Matt, September 2016

The kids had so much fun! I think the slime went down a son loved it as he isn't sporty and really interested in science. It was definitely something different. It was something different for my son.
Ellen Lees, Kids Birthday Party in Barnsley with Radioactive Ross, September 2016

He was excellent at keeping 20 5 & 6 year olds still, quiet & really interested, thank you & well done! Something different from the normal noisy disco's, bouncy castles & play centres.
Pauline Zelaieta, Party For 5 & 6 Year Olds in Sheffield with Professor Will, September 2016

Loved the children laughing Caroline was fab with the children.
Karen Whitfield, Wigan Children’s Party with Cosmic Caroline, September 2016

Because it was nothing like other party and it looked very interesting for the kids and it was true all the kids was very interested and they love to involved with. Very helpful everything was very complete.
Kai Oldriyd, Bedfordshire Kids Birthday Party with Sherbet Shetal, September 2016

We loved everything about sublime science experience, fun, educational and entertaining absolutely amazing! Atomic was great with the kids, new his subject area and kept them well engaged. We had a fun sublime science time! The team was always professional and prompt in their response. Testimonials of how good the service is and the quality of info and fun created for kids.
Sabrina Senior, London Sublime Science Party with Atomic Ali, September 2016

When we went outside to make the rockets, making slime, it was great getting the children and adults involved in some of the experiments! My son loves science and inventions. Excellent 9th birthday party which kept 16 enthusiastic children totally entertained for 1 and 1/2 hrs ! All the parents have commented on how much fun their children had.
Georgina Sim, 9 Year Olds Party in Leicestershire with Sodium Sam, September 2016

The kids loved the slime making, bubbles with steam in and airzooka. Very helpful, answered lots of questions etc. Science mad child with friends who have some social/physical problems so this seemed like the ideal party as was something all of them could join in at and they absolutely loved it! Sarah was fantastic with the kids, had full control, dealt brilliantly with my child who is slightly on the spectrum and his friend who has motor skills issues and helped him so he felt included. The kids loved her as did another parent who is the head teacher at school and now wants her for science week!
Lynsey Baird-Nelson, Cheshire Kids Party with Sarah Sparks, September 2016

The children's involvement and how engaged they were. Their excitement and obvious delight. Because I thought it sounded entertaining and fun and interesting and varied and surprising. It proved to be all of the above Tamsin managed the different ages and personalities so well and parents and children alike had a ball.
Raquel Cassidy, London Children’s Science Party with Toxic Tamsin, September 2016

The kids loved the lemon sherbets and they couldn't wait to try the wind pipes. The highlight of the party were the lemonade rockets which were a huge hit. Tash was fabulous with the kids. She held their attention for 1.5 hours and presented the whole experience with great gusto, energy and flair from beginning to end. She was terrific and made the party.
Daintre Murrell, Sublime Science Party in London with Toxic Tasha September 2016

Sarah came and set up and took control of the party from the outset, in terms of assigning children name badges and telling them where they needed to be. Sarah kept the group engaged throughout the whole party, even the younger kids. I also liked the text from Sarah the day before letting me know her number and when to expect her. Extremely helpful, we didn't need to think about anything. Everything was clearly explained in the emails and I knew exactly what was happening. Something different that I thought the kids would enjoy. My son especially likes science as do a lot of the boys in the class.
Sarah Potts, Boys Birthday Party in Stockport with Sarah Sparks, October 2016

All the entertainment was great for the children. Those adults present found it very entertaining too! Office, Extremely, not being competent silver surfers and anxious to provide a lovely party for our grandchildren we also spoke direct and all enquiries we had were dealt with in a very reassuring manner. We wanted something totally different.
Steph Blay, Kids Birthday Party in Lutterworth with Chaotic Claire, September 2016

The varied amounts of experiments shown, the way they were introduced to the children and the fun and enthusiastic way Kristy put them across. Kristy had a great way of keeping the children in check and interested all at the same time. She never lost her patience and kept the energy levels high all through the performance. We would highly recommend her to anyone else giving a Sublime Science party. Couldn`t have asked for a more professional yet friendly approach. Impressed by what we had seen already on TV and you tube. Keep up the great work educating and entertaining children, the scientists of the future.
Simon Marsh, Children’s Science Party in Hants with Kristy Kryptonite, September 2016

Loved The rocket, sherbet and slime. This company looked interesting because they won dragons den and I thought that would mean that they would be good if the dragons gave them money.
Lira Heatley, Kids Science Party in Helsby with Dina Dynamite, September 2016

Many thanks for such a wonderful party yesterday. My son and all of his friends absolutely loved it and I have had many thank you's from parents who enjoyed it too! The way you managed to keep them all engaged throughout was fantastic and we were amazed out how quickly you picked up their names!
Kim Nye, London Boys Birthday Party with Alan S, September 2016

My son’s party was on Saturday, it was amazing all of the parents and children loved it, if you want me to do a testimonial please let me know. Gabi was awesome:)
Ranjit Johnson, Boys Birthday Party Party in Leeds with Galactic Gabbi, September 2016

Just a quick email to thank you for a really amazing party yesterday. Prof Kristy Kryptonite was excellent with the kids and how she managed to keep 20 x 5 and 6 year olds entertained and focused for that long is beyond me. Our son loved every second of it and wants her to come back next year to do it again. We weren't sure what to expect but after seeing the Dragon's Den episode wanted to book one as Edward loves science. Definitely were not disappointed. Thank you all (especially Kristy- and sorry about the rain- hope you didn't get too wet ) for making his 7th Birthday really special. Will recommend to all.
Sarah and Simon Keating, 7 Year Old Boys Party in Hampshire with Kristy Kryptonite September 2016

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