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I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my daughter’s birthday party which we had on Saturday 10th Sept. It was awesome. The children were mesmerised by Charlotte from the beginning. She was very professional, under control but very child friendly throughout. They loved her. My daughter is definitely a fan of hers!! The adults present were very impressed and we all learnt something as well as the children!! We purchased the party bags which were a great addition to the party.All in all a truly fantastic party!! Will definitely be recommending you. Thank you so much for making Jessica's birthday the best one yet!
Shelley Welch, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Swindon with Sherbet Charlotte, September 2016

The way that Kristy kept all the kids so engrossed and under control! She was brilliant from set up to pack up - can't fault her!!! Really helpful - kind, responsive, thorough and making the effort to double check and confirm everything to put stressed party planning mums minds at rest!! Honestly no suggestions, it was great!!! All the brilliant reviews and their success on Dragons Den. A massive thank you!!! The boys had a fantastic time and so did all their friends. Definitely a huge success!
Tess Stone, Winchester Science Party with Kristy Kryptonite, September 2016

The rockets were awesome! Seriously the kids loved every element of the show. They were delighted at all being able to be involved eating icing sugar and making their own slime. One child was in floods of tears at the end of the party as he'd misplaced his slime and was devastated! He wanted his parents to go to Sainsburys to get some Borax so he could make some more! Our Presenter, Will Latter, was brilliant with the kids, he was a natural at getting their attention, making it all seem fun and a bit naughty whilst they were truly learning a slice of science. He also made sure the birthday girl had the chance to do some special tricks without leaving the other children just to watch as usually happens with party entertainers. The parents were very impressed at the originality of the show and the enthusiasm of the children for more. The office team were very helpful, it was a completely painless process to arrange the booking. The responses to my enquiry and questions were fast and clear.Thank you, it was amazing. The kids loved it and the parents were happy!
Rachel Buckley, London Kids Science Party with Will L, September 2016

Wow - we asked for a lot and we got it! Steve was a hero, making age appropriate and varied shows. We are happy to recommend The Sublime Science team for top-class fun and education value. At least 4 kids now want to be Scientists when they grow up! I was very impressed by the clear options of what was/wasn't available - much better than being told everything was do-able. I was really pleased with the tailor made package and the flexibility of the contents of the presentation. It was important that the SS team covered all the H&S etc paperwork so we didn't have to.
Jan Miller, Oxfordshire Science Party with Sciency Stephen, September 2016

The fun experiments and interaction was good. Something different and daughter loves science. Overall was very impressed with how Pippa interacted with the kids and the things the kids were shown.
Kelly Washington, Girls Science Party in Northants with Plasma Pippa, September 2016

I liked the whole party and my daughter said she loved all of the experiments but making the sweet was her favourite. It was easy and no fuss. The other parents loved the idea and it was completely different to the normal soft play parties. Our Scientist Lisa was great and kept a couple of the louder children in check but with a smile.
Francesca Fox, Newmarket Science Party with Electric Lisa, September 2016

I saw you guys on dragons den and thought straight away my son would love this, very helpful and excellent communication.
Kelly Trewin, Boys Birthday Party in Eastbourne, with Tasmin, August 2016

What I like the most is the party concept, the kids had a great time whilst learning science concepts through fun experiments. My daughter is a lot more interested in science as a result which is great. Eamonn was a great presenter, he was very nice and very patient with the girls, he engaged their attention through the whole hour and showed enthusiasm for what he does. The office team was very helpful and friendly. If I had to spend money in a party, I wanted something where the kids could learn something interesting. After some research I found Sublime Science with good reviews and the dragon's den reputation,I thought it was the perfect party. Just to say thank you for a great party, to the office team for making booking very easy and to our presenter Eamonn who did a great job. The party went very smoothly and stress free, that was all I wanted.
Mrs Roza, Kids Science Party in Chelmesford with Electric Eamonn, Professor Perfect, August 2016

The children had a amazing time, lots of fun and very educational - kept their attention at all times and all left happy and entertained. My son really wanted to have a science party and it was something different to what his friends had done for their birthdays.
Emma Wesley, Boys Birthday Party in Cheshire with Sarah J, August 2016

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Annette Butler & her associate today for my son's birthday party. They were both extremely professional and friendly, an absolute credit to your company. The party was great fun & also educational, all of the children in attendance absolutely loved it! They have both given my son a birthday to remember- thank you so much!! I will definitely be recommending your services to other parents. Thanks again.
Zoe Gillliver, Boys Birthday Party in Birmingham with Atomic Annette, August 2016

She was really calm yet engaging be with the kids and she made sure that the birthday girl was the lead volunteer for experiments. The kids really enjoyed their time with Cosmic Caz. Something different and all children are naturally curious making this a great combination.
Jessica Hawley, Kids Science Party in London with Cosmic Caz, August 2016

The kids really enjoyed being hands-on and doing the experiments (making sherbet and slime).
Zoe Ordish, Kids Party in Burton on Trent, with Atomic Alyson, August 2016

The interaction with the children and the learning being fun. My daughter had a smile on her face the whole time. Amelia obviously liked the slime best. Kelly was fantastic. I was a little worried leading up to the party how some would keep the attention of 20 5 year olds but Kelly had no problems and the children were captivated. They enjoyed getting involved with the experiments and the parents thought it was amazing.
Emma Tracey, Sublime Science Party in Chester with Chemikel, August 2016

Everything about it. It is a brilliant concept. Every child that came to the party was very much engaged and happy to participate. It is educational and fun at the same time. Even the parents that brought their kids decided to stay and watch, and were impressed. The children can't stop talking about the party, some of them even came up to me and my husband to say it's the best party they've ever been to. How it was presented online, the experiments, etc is very good.. Made me want to book. Plus the reviews of the other parent sealed the deal for me.
Rose Singson, Birthday Party in Hastings, with Magnetic Mimi, August 2016

Rebecca kept the children very engaged for the whole party - she was great at explaining what was happening during the experiments and involved the children at the right level. I was looking for different party idea that others had not done before. My daughter loves science (and mum & dad are both scientists by background!) so this fitted the bill perfectly. We received fantastic comments after the party, including "best party ever". This was something different which kept the children very entertained. I'd recommend adding the rockets option to the end of the party, which provided a brilliant finale and would recommend sublime science!
Sam Dixon, Sublime Science Party in Sandhurst with Radioactive Rebecca, July 2016

Engagement with the children generally. V lively and interested presenters, moved along at a good pace, had a good set of experiments. The rocket launches were epic and how fabulous for the birthday boy to involved in actually setting them off! My son asked to have a science party every year from now on! Office? Very helpful. Answered the phone swiftly and had all the information that I needed. I wanted a science party and your website caught my eye.
Rachel Webster, Kids Science Party in St Albans with Atomic Amy, August 2016

Water rocket and smoke filled bubbles. Internet reviews and something different, many many thanks!
Catherene Tibbs, Children’s Science Party in Reading with Batty Bridget, August 2016

The rockets was by far the children's favourite thing. Very helpful, everything happen exactly how they said it would. Google search and we wanted something different for our sons 8th birthday party.
Samantha Challis, 8 Year Old Boys Party in Essex with Eamonn, Professor Perfect, August 2016

Would recommend this to anyone looking for something a bit different. Dina our scientist was great. All the kids of varying ages were enthralled.
Sarah O’brien, Kids Birthday Party in Liverpool with Dina, August 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

From the moment Sarah arrived she was full of smiles and engaging with the children. She kept their attention from the moment she started the party. Love all the experiments and how the children all get involved! Very helpful and always answered any questions I had. Can't fault anything on the parties. I like to book parties that are different and interesting, this was both!
Gemma Smith, Sublime Science Party in Warrington with Sarah Sparks, August 2016

Molly was fantastic with the children, they were completely taken in by her straight away. She was so bubbly and friendly and helpful with everything. The children were laughing and shouting all the way through the 1 hour 15 mins which went so fast. The exploding rockets and slime were a big hit 🙂 fantastic! Very helpful I never had to worry about anything it was all so simple to arrange. The admin team were always very quick to reply to my emails. I had seen great reviews and I wanted something different for my daughter’s party.
Lynda Buckfield, Girls Birthday Party in Horsham with Magnetic Molly, July 2016

The wacky rockets were brilliant and really captured children's imagination and excitement! Excellent, was emailed a week before to confirm and stop me panicking.
Sarah Dove, Kids Party in Kent with Jupiter Jeremy, July 2016

Our presenter was great and really enthusiastic. I also loved how many different activities there were for the kids to get involved in. They were very helpful whenever I called. Something different from a standard party and my son loves Science.
Aimee Dunne, Children’s Party in Kent with Professor Will L, July 2016

Our presenter was great and really enthusiastic. I also loved how many different activities there were for the kids to get involved in. They were very helpful whenever I called. Something different from a standard party and my son loves Science.
Aimee Dunne, Children’s Party in Kent with Professor Will L, July 2016

The children were thoroughly entertained. Continue as you are doing. It was just what my son wanted for his 7th Birthday party. Thanks a million.
Theresa Kennedy, 
7 Year Olds Birthday Party in Surrey with Dynamic Daisy, July 2016

The whole thing - Jeremy turned up early and set up with plenty of time for the party to start - he was patience and waited a while as there was some late arrivals. He kept 25 children aged between 3 and 10 years entertained for the whole hour and half we booked and had all the adults entertained as well - there where many favourites from the sweet making to the slime making and the rocket launching was hilarious causing lots of screams. The staff have sent several emails updating me throughout and also helped me with questions when I rang a couple of times with questions. They were genuinely interested in helping me. Nothing - it was all perfect. Once again thank you for a brilliant party, how on earth can I top this next year?.
Anastasia Betts, Children’s Birthday Party in Kent with Jupiter Jeremy, July 2016

The kids enjoyed the presentation. Dina engaged the kids well, but some of her explanations were not very clear. The kids really enjoyed the rockets at the end. My emails were replied to quickly and efficiently. My daughter had been turned on to science by an event at Daresbury laboratory science day.
Erica Miller, Girl’s Birthday Party in Warrington with Dina Dynamite, July 2016

Loved that John really got the crowd excited and enthused and that he made the birthday girl feel special. My daughter loves science and I had heard good reports from a friend that had used you.
Lisa Edwards, Girls Birthday Party in London with Jupiter John, July 2016

Prof William was fantastic and very engaging. The kids ages ranged from 4-11 and they all loved it, including my 40 year old husband!! I thought it was great how the kids first thought it was magic and were then given the science behind it. They loved the loot bags too!! Thank you for a memorable party!! Office? Very polite, friendly and helpful.It is unique, fun and educational.
Shalini Thomas, Birthday Party in Doncaster with Professor Will, July 2016

Good interaction with the children. Made it special for my daughter and involved all children. The range of experiments were excellent and all the children loved the green slime. Your service is unique to any parties out there.
Phil Cook, Sublime Science Party in Tingley (Wakefield) with Galatic Gabi, July 2016

Louisa's enthusiasm, the interaction and involvement of different children on each experiment so they all felt involved. Her ability to keep control and the interest of even the slightly less behaved and cheekier children. A completely different party from what we've had and been to before. The fun, excitement and hands on approach which is hassle free.
Sam Mason, Science Party in Derbyshire with Lightening Louisa, July 2016

Hello – just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for sending Dynamic Dave to enthral and educate the children (and some of the parents!) at Louise’s science party last Saturday. He got the tone just right: quickly identifying the level of understanding the children already had and using terminology and language that built on their current knowledge. I think above all things he deserves real credit for that! All the children wanted to join in every part and went home telling their parents what a great time they had had.
Anna Webb, Kids Party in East Sussex with Dynamic Dave, July 2016

Firstly a big thank you to the wonderful team at Sublime Science you have been a pleasure to deal with and made organising the event a breeze. Magda was amazing and I arrived to lots of very excited children who could not stop talking about how wonderful all the experiments were. My own children asked me to go to the supermarket on the way home so we could buy things to do them at home.
Liza Freyer, Children’s Party in Berks with Magnetic Magda, July 2016

I liked all aspects of the show being from a Science background myself. I think the children probably loved the rocket launch outside the most as it meant getting wet as well as the sweet making experiment! But I also loved the excited face of my little boy the best when he believed he was really going to fly ! It was priceless. Most importantly the children had fun and parents said that they couldn't stop talking about the party when they got home! So that's a result! Office? Very helpful indeed. Excellent service and communication. My son loves Science and having been a Research Scientist myself for 9 years I thought it would be the perfect party. It was both educational and fun. The best party ever! All the children who attended loved it. I would certainly recommend it to other parents.
Afshan Butt, Boys Birthday Party in High Wycombe with Dr Shakey, July 2016

I think there were many favourites. My son loves science and you had good reviews. Natalie was very pleasant and great with the kids. She stayed and chatted for a bit afterwards and I didn't have to worry at all. The kids were thoroughly entertained! The slime was a hit! 🙂
Kate Leach, Science Party in Oxfordshire with Nuclear Natalie, July 2016

Very efficient booking, polite on time presenter and kept children entertained throughout.
Suzy Roberts, children’s birthday party in Reading, with Matt R, July 2016

The whole presentation was excellent. The kids had a fabulous time and the mum's are still messaging me saying what a great party it was. Rocket Ren was amazing! She kept 30 kids engaged for 1 hour +; no mean feat! The kids jaws were on the floor for quite a lot of the time.
Aparna Mirchandani, Kids Party in Greater London with Rocket Renin, July 2016

The way Aurora kept the children interested and all the experiments that the children did thank you Aurora the boys enjoyed themselves 🙂 Office? very helpful!
rystina Normanton, Boys Birthday Party in Halifax with Atomic Aurora, July 2016

The whole concept. 19 five year olds and an 8 year old were engaged for the whole thing. Wanted a party that was different and interesting, not running round a hall for 2 hours. We were all impressed with how Claire kept the children's attention. We hope they are that good in school!
Hazel Taylor, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Northamptonshire with Chaotic Clare, July 2016

Cheryl was fantastic with the children. She held all 19 of the children's' attention for a full 1.25 hours - no mean feat given it was hot. The rockets launched into next door neighbours garden went down brilliantly, and the children loved making slime. The parents who stayed also really enjoyed the party. Really rapid response from the office team. Very reassuring.That it would all be great. Easy to book and helpful to chat to a real person. I wanted a stress free party that Oscar would enjoy. He enjoys science and I had. Heard very good things. Just to. Reiterate how great Cheryl was.
Babs Rayner, Children’s Birthday Party in East Sussex with Cosmic Cheryl, July 2016

The wide variety of interesting experiments, keeping the children entertained at all times. Office? beyond helpful, thank you 🙂 Can't think of anything that would have made the party any better. Plenty of hands on fun and cool experiments enjoyed by children and parents alike. Even one of the dad's who's a head teacher said how good the party was! Something different, and had great recommendations on social media. Thank you so much to the team at the office, and a special thank you to Steph for making Ava's 8th birthday party so memorable.
Jenna Thorpe, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Birmingham with Stephanie, July 2016

Caroline was absolutely fabulous with the children keeping their attention and even teaching them true science! Very helpful from start to finish. Niamh is very interested in science and l wanted an interactive party with a difference. Totally professional from start to finish. The children had a ball . I am a scientist myself and loved the way it was made fun. Definitely would recommend.
Gillian Maloney, Children’s Party in London with Cosmic Caroline, July 2016

Everything - the organisation and taking charge of the children and keeping excited ones under control. Lots of participation and making sure a girl who was in plaster was involved. The experiments were great and all the children really enjoyed it. I wanted a party that could be held in our house but was not dependent on good weather (good job really with the weather at the moment). This party was perfect for 8 year olds and really kept their attention. Connected with a lot of what they have been doing at school this year but was also a lot of fun. They loved the sherbert and obviously the slime! My daughter got comments at school "best party ever" and "really cool". I'm very pleased we booked this party. 8 is a tricky age for party activities and this was pitched just right. I think the price is good value for money and all parents have to do is feed the children and check that the presenter is still in one piece every so often.
Jenni Cook, Kids Party in Rochdale with Helium Hannah, July 2016

Hard to say. kids were engaged right from the start and it all built up to the great rocket launch. Very helpful tailoring the party to age and number of children. My 9 year old is interested in science and experiments and has kind of outgrown traditional parties this was perfect.
Kat Folkson, 9 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Lucy Lightening, July 2016

Ease of booking and essential hassle free entertaining for children. Office? Make things easy. Good communication, know their job well.
Jocelyn Lee, Birthday Party in Worksop with Kinetic Kevin, July 2016

Yes, very helpful in helping with party logistics and deciding advising on which tier of party to choose. I wanted something a little different, where the children would have fun but come away with great memories and stories to tell. My son said the party "exceeded his expectations " 🙂
Michele Awuye, Children’s Party in Worcester with Su Pernova, July 2016

The children were captivated! Emily asked for a party that was different and exciting and that's exactly what she got. It was such fun and so easy I wish I'd had the children for longer as we were all having so much fun! At pickup time there were tales of it being the "best party ever" which made my day! I loved all of the experiments... but my favourite had to be the rockets in the garden... truly fantastic! Office? Brilliant... easy to reach... caring about the details... warm and friendly. For something different... and you had fantastic reviews.
Liz Taylor, Children’s Party in Didcot Oxfordshire with Paul, July 2016

The range of activities was great, obviously a lot of thought had gone into activities that entertain. The fluidity of session meant that there wasn't one point where the children weren't engaged. Hannah's enthusiasm and ability to keep that many children's attention was impressive. Very helpful, booking easy, also reassuring to get a text from the person presenting. Looking for something different and son loves science. Thanks for a great experience!
Michelle Restall, Science Party in Dorking, Surrey with Helium Hannah July 2016

Absolutely everything!!! Both the children and the adults had an amazing time! You made my sons birthday a very special one and certainly one to remember. A few parents got in touch after saying that their child said that it was the most amazing party they had ever been too! It was certainly money well spent and I would recommend to anyone. AWESOME! Charlotte was absolutely brilliant! She fully engaged the entire group and grabbed their attention. She did an amazing job managing such a large group of children! I am glad she was a part of my son's birthday party! Something completely different that we had never experienced before and others would thoroughly enjoy too!
Reena Talwar, Sublime Science Party in Derby with Charlotte Cottrell, July 2016

Kids loved it and had fun, that's what it was all about! Something different and fun! Thank you so much for making my little girls 8th birthday so much fun! She had a whale of a time!
Donna Farrell, 8 Year Olds Party in Redditch with Rocket Rookie, July 2016

The flow of the party - how every activity smoothly went on to the next, in turn keeping the attention of the children for an hour!! Just keep coming up with more scientific ideas to show the children. After attending over 25 parties this year in my sons class, this was the only party where parents sent messages of thanks and gratitude on the same day, also mentioning how great the party bags are.
Kate Glover, Boys Birthday Party in Kent with Cosmic Charley, July 2016

I didn't have to do anything! Daughter in year 3 and they did a lot of science this year. Thought I would make the party fun & educational. Pure luck while browsing for something completely different.
Evelyne Canevarolo, Girls Party in West London with Meteor Matt, July 2016

I just wanted to say how happy I was with Dr Ianstein and the whole sublime science experience on Saturday for my daughters party! Zaara and her friends had an absolutely wonderful time (as did the parents watching). Ian was a brilliant scientist, very engaging and funny and the kids adored him! I would highly recommend sublime science to all my friends and Dr Ianstein.
Umme Kolsum, Girls Birthday Party in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, July 2016

Natalie was amazing - captured the imagination and captivated 18 5 and 6 years olds for an hour and a quarter! The children loved the demonstrations, and the opportunity to interact and be part of what was going on was fabulous. Cannot thank you enough for making Alexandre's birthday party such fun! Fabulous service, quick response to any questions and extremely flexible and helpful. Something different from the usual party. Also, excellent website and reviews backed up immediately by the responsiveness and professionalism. Excellent in every way.
Mike Cantelo, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Northampton with Nuclear Natalie, July 2016

The science party was great, all the children were entertained really well. It was good fun. The children loved the slime making. The party bags were excellent to, my son loved the balloon helicopter. My son is really into science, and he loved a party he went to which had sublime science.
Narinder Dhiman, Boys Birthday Party in Leicester with Electric Emma, July 2016

Jodi was fantastic, she kept all the kids entertained and explained the science in a really easy, fun way. The parents loved it too. She also helped me organise the kids to sit down and have their meal, taking all the stress away. Pretty helpful, especially in getting Jodi to contact me a good few days before the event, something most entertainers don't do. We wanted a party that was different to what's been done before plus something that was informative, interactive and of course fun. The reviews plus the Dragon's Den factor swayed it to Sublime Science for us.
Manju Kataora, Kids Birthday Party in Datchet with Jupiter Jodi, July 2016

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