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The children were engaged from the off...they loved the sweet making and slime in particular. Going outside for the rockets helped break it up a bit and kept the boys interested as i think 5 year olds sat down in one place for an hour was a mean feat. It all worked brilliantly. We went for the Gold party bag option which everyone said were some of the best party bags they'd ever had. All in all a fab 2 hours. Molly was brilliant! Saw Mad Marc on Dragons Den then a friend record him after my daughter requested a Science party.
Jane Jo Bushrod, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Brighton with  Molly, July 2016

Lisa was excellent, so relaxed, friendly and organised. The children loved her and were completely captivated. Our favourite experiments were the sweets and the slime! Extremely helpful - they dealt very efficiently with all my (sometimes random) queried! No improvement needed! My daughter loves science! A big thank you to Lisa and the office team!
Louisa Matheson, Girls Birthday Party in
 Cambridge with Lunar Lisa, July 2016

Rocket launchers, tornado race and sound stick. Educational and fun at the same time. Most of the kids attention was kept by the scientist so made the party easy for me to run/control!
Kanan Tekchandani, Kids Party in Baldock, Herts with Electric Emma, July 2016

How bubbly, friendly and silly she was with the children. The perfect entertainer! My daughter wants to be a scientist and it was a bit different to the usual stuff.
Emma Duerden, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Belper, Derbyshire with Marvelous Melodie, July 2016

How Sarah engaged with the children on their level. She knew exactly how to gain there attention and they were mesmerised. Very helpful as initially I hadn't confirmed the venue. Great to be in touch the week leading up to the party too completely unprompted by myself. Honestly just keep doing what you’re doing it was amazing.
Gemma Adaway, Sublime Science Party in Stockport with Sarah Supernova, July 2016

Variety of acts/experiments kept kids interested and occupied. Dayle was fantastic. He was patient, firm and seemed to genuinely enjoy what he was doing..
Radha Kuhan, Kids Birthday Party in Essex with Dynamic Dayle, July 2016

Children loved the slime, the rockets and the smoke bomb, but really enjoyed all of it actually!! It's such a lovely way to encourage children's interest in science - and Lisa was a really wonderful, kind and engaging presenter. Thanks so much for the thoughtful suggestions about how to structure the event as well (having rockets after the meal was a great suggestion).
Leah Loughnane, Science Party in
 Cambridge with Lunar Lisa, July 2016

Kids enjoyed the smoke ring puffs and sounds. Kids like getting involved and having a go at things. Office? Very helpful, spoke to a lovely lady about my sons autism and she was very understanding. Saw it on dragons den, perfect for my son who is very interested in science.
Sarah Trent, Boys Birthday Party in Coventry with Atomic Todd, July 2016

The Scientist!! he was hands down AMAZING! he captured the attention and imagination of the children perfectly with his bubbly/wacky personality. The children (and adults) were captivated by the experiments and thoroughly enjoyed the party. The wacky rockets went down perfectly as did the climate chaos, the children absolutely loved making the slime and were keen to show all! we had booked a Sublime Science last year too but this one beat it hands down. My Daughter, her friends and parents have been raving about it ever since. You have got a lot of new customers coming your way! Extremely helpful, booking from initial contact went smoothly. After stumbling across the company on Google after searching for party ideas last year I booked. I knew very little about Sublime Science but hoped that as it was different from the norm it would be perfect for my Daughter. She absolutely loved it and asked for another this Birthday hence my second booking.
Jaimi Marsh, Kids Birthday Party in Burbage Leics with Atomic Todd, June 2016

Thank you for a fantastic party. Jodi, our entertainer, was absolutely amazing. The children loved it. She took the weight off my shoulders. Thank you.
Manju Kataora, children’s birthday party in West London with Jupiter Jodi June 2016

Just a quick note to say how pleased we were with my daughters 6th birthday party yesterday. Alan managed to enthrall and educate the children, whilst making it fun. I was worried they may have been too young, but Alan kept them quiet! This was our second party with Sublime Science, and many of the parents asked for details, as they were so impressed. Well done, and thank you!
Giselle Cody, 6 Year Olds Party in West London with Atomic Alan P, June 2016

The boys enjoyed the rockets most. Yes very helpful - they squeezed us in to a morning slot when the original slot was taken. Wanted something cool for Mylo's birthday and he likes understanding how things work.
Jane Thurgood, Boys Birthday Party in Croydon with Toxic Tasha, June 2016

Very - perfect from beginning to end. Great for both girls and boys and educational too! Keep up he good work of making science fun for kids!
Emma Dempsey, Boys and Girls Party in Rugby with Nuclear Natalie, June 2016

The kids enjoyed nail vanish experiment and rockets and Bob the balloon. Good press, advertising and extremely helpful and friendly advice from head office. All in all very good and enjoyable hour for kids and parents alike.
Mannu Allan children’s birthday party in Ferring, with Cosmic Claire Henderson, June 2016 

Ben engaged and controlled the children very well so made it very easy for my husband and I. Just looked fun and was a little different.
Lucy Antysz, Children’s Birthday Party in Newbury with Ben E, June 2016

I wanted to email to advise you how thrilled both the children and adults were at my Daughters party last Sunday with your presenter James Todd. James is a huge asset to your company, he captured the imagination and more importantly the attention of all. The children were fascinated by him and the experiments, he is very animated, professional and wacky all in one! I wanted to send our appreciation as our Daughter and friends absolutely loved him, him alone made the party a huge success. We used Sublime Science for Isabella’s party last year and this year was so much better, we thought last year was amazing but this beat it! I have shared your company details far and wide as I cannot rate you enough, please do send on our thank you to James. You are all amazing at what you do!
Jaimi Marsh, Children’s Party in Coventry with Jupiter James T, June 2016

The whole party from start to finish was brilliant. Professor Aurora had all the children spell bound by the science experiments. Favourite parts were the bouncing smokey bubbles, making sweets and slime and climate chaos and the rockets!! Everything was spot on.... Professor Aurora was fantastic with the children and had them all under control! Something different and practical for both boys and girls to enjoy.
Melissa Lumn, Kids Party in Huddersfield with Aurora, June 2016

The rockets were the best part of the whole thing and the office were very helpful and answered every question quickly.
Perdy Finn, Science Party in Tilford, with Fizzy Flo, June 2016

Thank you so much for Leon's party on Sunday. He's not had it easy at school and you made his party something really special so thank you, thank you, thank you. All of the children loved the party and they were all so engaged throughout. You did a great job and we will be recommending sublime science to pretty much anybody whoever talks to us. A lot of the parents found out all about it after the party and a few have said they were disappointed that they hadn't stayed. We feel that these parties did really offer the children a completely different party experience and hopefully their enthusiasm will stay with them.
Lorraine Siddle, Kids Birthday Party in Hampshire with Kryptonite Kristy, June 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

My son and his friend had a joint Sublime Science birthday party on Saturday 11 June and I would like to say how delighted I was with the party.  We went for the Ultimate package, which I did initially think was very expensive and so I had extremely high expectations, which I was delighted to say the party lived up to.  Organising the party with the office was very straight forward and Charlie was delighted to receive the box containing the party decorations, invite cards and thank you cards which looked very exciting when it came wrapped in hazard warning tape and a cartoon scientist on the package.  The office was also very happy to send out extra science books and pipettes at no extra cost two days before the party when we had more children accept than excepted.  I then had a text from Dr Dangerous Dan the day before the party to confirm the time and location which was extremely re-assuring. Dr Dangerous Dan arrived nice and early for the party and was completely relaxed and good humoured as he had to set up for the party with two very excited birthday boys constantly asking him questions and wanting to touch all the equipment.  We had 29 six and seven year old children at the party and Dr Dangerous Dan managed them all wonderfully.  All the children were fully engaged for the whole two hours, as well as quite a few of the parents!  The birthday boys were also made to feel very special.  It was a brilliant party, thanks very much.  I would definitely recommend the party to other parents.
Julia Meere, Boys Birthday Party in East Yorkshire with Dr Dangerous Dan, June 2016

The children loved the Slime the best and I understand are still playing with it! Very helpful. Everything I requested was provided 🙂 Thank you so much for entertaining the children so well.
Lisa Brelsford, Sublime Science Party in Leicestershire with Cosmic Collette, June 2016

The control over the children, flexibility and ability to improvise. Really helpful, contacted them at least 5 times. It was excellent.
Emma Morris, Kids Party in Gloucester with SU Pernova, June 2016

Just to say a huge thank you to Laura for visiting St Margaret's today. The activities she had for the children were ideally suited to the children's age and the children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities. Jessica Wilson, St Georges, Cheshire, Laura Lightyear. Just to say that our Party host Stephanie was awesome and kept a room full of 6 year olds enthralled for an hour! Charlotte is still talking about her party! 
Vicky, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Worcester with Sciency Stephanie, June 2016

It was all very good . My daughter like the rockets and the slime . Caroline was very nice and good with the children . She ensured my daughter was very hands on.
Ann Styles, Daughter’s Party in Haroenden with Cosmic Caroline, June 2016

Steve was brilliant with the group of 18 Brownies. They were enthralled by the whole session. Best thing for me as a Brownie Leader was listening to the gasps and 'wow's from the girls. Such a great mix of experiments etc, something for everyone and they loved the rockets! Very helpful during the booking process etc. and sent a Risk Assessment through very promptly when asked for one. I honestly don't think you can improve. Thankyou!!! At first I thought the session was quite expensive but once I saw everything you do I quickly changed my mind. Thoroughly recommend Sublime Science
Ann Allaway, Sublime Science Party in Surrey with Sonic Steve T, June 2016

Jupiter John got the boys attention and held it for an hour. Other science entertainers may cover similar material but John' presentation style was really fun and engaging. The kids, grown-ups and even the neighbours all enjoyed the show. Loads of great comments at school the next day.
James Bruckner, Kids Birthday Party in Kingston, Surrey, with Jupiter John, June 2016

Can I just say how impressed we were with Tash yesterday.  She did a great job running the kids science table, was very professional and made sure the children had fun (along with a few adults).
Fee Cahill, E
vent at Guys Hospital, with Atomic Tasha, May 2016

All of it. The children really liked the slime but every bit went down well. We saw you on Dragon's Den and my son is really into science and has talked about having you for his party ever since. Everything was taken out of my hands and the children entertained for 90 mins. I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you.
David Nunn, Children’s Party in Oxted with Electric Elle, May 2016

I was amazed and delighted that it kept all the children completely interested. The rockets and slime were particular favourites. Good to have requested a list of the children's names before the event too. Good reviews and wanted something different plus educational. Thanks for a great party
Debbie Holden, Children’s Party in Eastbourne with Chemical Cheryl, May 2016

It was full on total packed which kept the kids totally interested. Office? Very helpful I needed to change the time of the party which they did and it was after 5.30!
Fran Hobill, Kids Party in Notts with Dynamic Dave, May 2016

The party was original and a real change from the usual kids' parties. The rocket launch at the end was a particular hit, and three days later, most of the kids are still playing with the slime they made. My son loved it. Thank you very much.
Jill Thomas, Boys Birthday Party in South London with Atomic Alan, May 2016

Good interaction with the children. Office? Very helpful, especially when we asked to change the time.
Rod Pardoe, Science Party in Malvern with Supernova Su, May 2016

Ben was so engaging with the kids.. They loved the sherbet and the rockets the best. Office? Very.. And very friendly and human! My other child had been to a Sublime Science party (also run by Ben!) Great party.. Great service. 14 very happy kids!
Sheena Cartwright, Children’s birthday party in Reading with Ben E, May 2016

The wacky rockets was a superb finale, the kids were screaming with excitement, just brilliant. The whole experience had all the children captivated even the 4 year old brother. The participation was excellently done and Electric Elle was just the best presenter, Thank you. Office? Extremely helpful, and made everything very straight forward. A huge thank you for an amazing party.
Shereen Shimmin, Sublime Science Party in Kent with Electric Elle, May 2016

The variety of experiments. Office? Very very helpful!!! Sublime Sam literally rocked! She engaged 15 eight year old boys and 2 four year olds and unlocked a real interest in science. Rockets, slime, sweets, just perfect and I can't recommend her enough.
Ana Bennett, Boys Birthday Party in Stamford with Sublime Sam, May 2016

Presentation was fun and engaging - all the children were captivated!
Faye Hinsley, Kids Birthday party in Kent with Chemical Charley, May 2016

The rocket launch. Absolutely perfect for a 6 year old party. Kids and parents loved it!
Lizzy Hampton, 6 Year Olds Party in Farnborough with Batty Bridget, May 2016

I have jest voted for you. My son had a birthday party yesterday with Ian. It was the best party ever and Ian was great with kids. We loved it. I have just spoken to Maksy's head teacher about Sublime Science as some parents yesterday said that they learnt more about science at the party then at school. So the head teacher is interested in bringing Sublime Science to their school. 
Kasia Brertherton, Sublime Science Party in Manchester with Ian, May 2016

Thankyou so much for giving my 8 year old son Harvey such an amazing party on Friday. It was better than we expected and the best party harvey said he'd ever had! We heard a few of the other children saying it was the best party they had ever been to. I was amazed how Professor Aurora kept all 19 children entertained for so long without them getting bored. The party was a great success and i would definitely recommend sublime science to anybody. Thanks again,
Vicky Smith, 8 Year Olds Birthday Party in Leeds with Aurora, May 2016

Loved the outdoor rocket launch! No one else I know has done anything like this and looked very entertaining. Overall it was a fantastic party, my son thoroughly enjoyed it as did all the party guest... Parents and children were talking about it for days after! A number of parents have also said how fantastic the book is and how easy the experiments are as all contents needed are usually what you have in your kitchen cupboards or around the house! Big thumbs up to the whole sublime team! But especially to our presenter- who was truly so lovely!
Louise Beckenham, Boys Birthday Party in West Sussex with Sonic Steve T, May 2016

We loved the hands on experiments: making goo & sherbet. Keen scientist in the party and something different.
Nina Chapman, Science Party in Essex with Dynamic Dayle, May 2016

Just a quick E-mail to say a big thank you to your company for sending us the lovely Ruth for my daughter party on Saturday 21st may. She engaged with the kids so much and kept their attention very well even though there was a small group.
Catherine Wilkins, Science Birthday Party in Sheffield with Ruth, May 2016

Wacky Will was a hit the moment he walked in the door and managed to keep 10 Year 2 boys and a couple of reception girls completely enthralled for over an hour. The children are all still talking about him 2 months later - he is a brilliant way to have a great party and inspire children into science - thank you Will.
Sam Olsen, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in West London, Teddington with Wacky Will, May 2016

The rocket launches. The kids and parents loved it and have been talking about it ever since!
Tanya Jessop, 
Sublime Science Party in Berks with Dr Shakey, May 2016

The fast paced range of interactive activities, that kept the children’s' attention held well. Great! It was helpful having the confirmation emails and texts at every step, to prevent any parental anxiety. Our son had shown a great interest in science after attending a 'bubble show' at the science museum in December 2015. Therefore we looked on line for a suitable 'sciency party' - and your consistently strong positive feedback for previous parties made the decision to have you easy. We have had a great deal of feedback from the parents of the children who attended the party. All the children had described having a brilliant time, and a few even wanted science parties for their next birthdays. The parents who stayed for the party also loved it - and one particularly enjoyed being able to make his own pot of slime!!
Katherine Hodson, Boys Birthday Party in Bucks with Dr Shakey, May 2016

We loved all of it! The kids loved it; the parents loved it. Everyone was fascinated. I've had several parents tell me that their kids said it was the best party they've ever been to and, most importantly of all, it was everything and more the birthday boy hoped it would be. Thank you! Very! It was a smooth, hassle - free process and everyone I spoke to was friendly and polite. No complaints at all from us. My son loves the idea of being a scientist and was bored by the idea of a normal children's entertainer.
Charlotte McIntyre, Son’s Birthday Party in Kent with Sonic Steve T, May 2016

The whole thing....but especially the slime and sherbet making. Thought it was great...
Amanda D'Archambaud, Kids Party in London with Atomic Alan, May 2016

Wow it was all so awesome. The kids had so much fun! Best bit was the rocket launch in the garden it was amazing!!!! Even the adults enjoyed it :)Don't think you could have done any better presenting your science experiments! Well done Fizzy Flo! Something different for the kids to enjoy as I hadn't heard or known of this before
Carmelina Kulasingam, Kids Birthday Party in Hillingdon with Fizzy Flo, May 2016

Rocket Ren was AMAZING! She went above and beyond to deliver a fantastic experience for my daughter and her friends (and the parents who were there also found it fascinating). Immediately afterwards my daughter asked if she could have Rocket Rens again next year! The kids probably loved the wacky rockets the best, but were all fascinated (including my 2 year old who sat in rapture throughout).Great - just the right level of engagement - and adapted the party so it wasn't the same as the last one they went to. My daughter went to a friend's party with Sublime Science and wanted it for her own.
Debbie Spitz, Girl’s Birthday Party in Herts with Rocket Renin, May 2016

The whole show - it was all amazing. The team were fantastic. It was easy to book and all of my questions were answered. Great communications and very clear. Adam was a fantastic 'scientist' he kept the children entertained and under control through the whole show - Thank you Adam!
Aimee Smith, Kids Birthday Party in Birmingham with Atomic Adam, May 2016

What did you like best? Everything! Perfect for 7 year old's plus.
Ajsen Spriggs-LeTocq, 7 Year Olds Party in Oxfordshire with Plasma Paul, May 2016

The party was a HUGE success; big thanks to Jo and all at Sublime Science!  Lily had the best party ever and her friends (& parents) are still talking about it!
Leann Griggs, Kids Science Party in Kent with H2Jo, May 2016

The way Sarah was able to captivate an audience of young children and some adults - including my Dad who will be 100 in August! Sarah made such a fuss of Matthew and included him in many of the experiments which he very much enjoyed. Nothing to improve regarding office booking, face to face presentation or online party bag ordering. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Sarah, she was an absolute star before during and after the party. She managed to entertain 12 children on the hottest day of the year so far. She was so engaging and made the experience such fun the children all had an excellent experience.
Victoria Ikin, Children’s birthday party  in Knutsford with Sarah Sparks, May 2016

The party all together was amazing. Children were laughing or sitting with their mouth open with amazement. Parents loved it too and its now the talk of the week in our school! I loved the fact that our birthday boy was made so special and being called out to do things a lot. Big thank you to you as your ideas are truly something different and great! It sounded very different from the usual disco, dressing up parties etc.
Hedvika Trott, Sublime Science Party in Wrotham with Lucy Lightening, May 2016

I like the way he approach the children and make them think. My daughter loves science and keen to do some experiments stuffs together with her friends.
Armida Dela Cruz, Girl’s Birthday Part in Birmingham with Atomic Adam, May 2016

We booked Sublime Science for our wedding as we had a large number of children coming. Dr Shaky was great and adapted well to suit the situation. The experiments were enjoyed by adults and children alike.
Caroline Bleasdale, Children’s birthday party in Windsor, with Dr Shaky May 2016

All of it, but wacky rockets was cool. For my son who loves science and it is different from all the other party's. Thank you! The grown up's liked it and the kid's loved it. All was great fun.
Irene Mills, Kids Birthday Party in East Sussex with Chemical Cheryl, May 2016

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