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dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400If you've been trawling the internet in the hope of coming across a kids party in Warwick, Stratford or Leamington that's a little out of the ordinary then you might just like what you've found here.

The Sublime Science Party is a truly unique experience that will have your child and their friends launching rockets and making slime.

It's Dragons Den & Award-Winning and the most popular kids party in the UK and you can find out all about the Sublime Science Party in your local area on this page.

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What's The Coverage Area For The Sublime Science Party In Warwick, Leamington Spa & Stratford Upon Avon?

bubbles - children's birthday partyIf you're planning on hosting your kids party in Warwick, Leamington Spa or Stratford Upon Avon or in the local vicinity then we definitely cover your area. After more than 10,000 unforgettable experiences we've developed a talented team in Warwickshire but we do get booked up. Get in touch today and we'd love to help out if we possibly can.

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What Are The Most Important People Saying?!

Can I See More Reviews From The Warwickshire Area?

"Even as all of the science equipment was being carried in (there was a lot of it!) I could tell that we'd made a good choice by how excited all the children were" - Kids Party in Leamington Spa for 6 Year Olds Birthday

"All the parents were intrigued by the prospect of a science party and plenty of them stayed to watch" - 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Warwick

"Had a group of boys and girls so that ruled out most of the 'girly' and 'boyish' parties. We wanted something that would appeal equally to both and this really did" - Kid's Party in Stratford for 7 & 8 Year Old Children

"Well done Radioactive Ralph you dazzled 23 8-9 year olds with your science and ethusiasm" - Warwickshire Childrens Party For 9 Year Olds

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DMad_Marc_300o You Have Sublime Scientists in Warwick, Leamington Spa & Stratford?

Yes! We've got a talented team of kids party entertainers based around the Coventry and Warwick area. Kinetic Kenton loved to entertain at kids parties in Warwick and Supersonic Sarah & Helium Helen live to inspire children at birthday parties in Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon.

Netmums Kids Party Awards - Winner!

Winning Queen's Award for Innovation

"I wanted a different type of party for my 6 year old son and he's been doing science at school and absolutely loves it"

- Childrens Birthday Party in Warwick for 6 Year Olds

"What a party! The kids loved Mad Marc and all of the experiments that he brought with him"

- Kids Birthday Party in Leamington Spa for 5 Year Olds

"For the best experiment it was a toss up between the rocket launch or the slime - both were fab!"

- Childrens Party in Stratford Upon Avon for 7 Year Olds

"Our science party was a lot of fun and it was something that both the boys and the girls could really enjoy"

- Childrens Entertainers in Warwick
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