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All the children were captivated for the full time. The Tornado races was enjoyed by all, along with the sweet making and especially the slime! Scientific Sophie was fantastic, I am sorry I didn't get to say a proper thank you to her on the day. Please can you pass on my thanks to her, Alex had a fabulous time and so did his friends. The neighbours enjoyed it too!
Debbie Harrison, Children’s Science Party, July 10

The way the children were kept interested from start to finish as there was no time for them to get bored and wander off because they'd miss something good if they weren't paying attention was excellent. The sweet making and slime went down really well. All the children left the party saying it was one of the best they had been to. Scientific Sophie has a way with children which I haven't seen other in a classroom, as they all just did as she asked straight away and joined in with things willingly.
Sue Sullivan , Nuneaton Science Party, July 10

Please say thank you very much to Lively Laura. It was a great party. Mae and Luke loved it and all the parents thought it was fantastic. Thank you again
Kathryn Berrisford, Derbyshire Birthday Party, July 10

We would just like to pass on our thanks to ‘Scientific Sophie’ for a brilliant party yesterday. All the children really enjoyed themselves and Sophie was excellent at keeping their attention for the whole time. The sweet and slime making was a real hit. Thank you again, and thanks again to Sophie – she did a brilliant job.
Sue, Stuart, Ryan and Amy Sullivan, Science Party, July 10

I just wanted to say thank you and to Lively Laura for the brilliant party, the kids and the adults lived it and everything was great. My best regards to all of you.
Yusr jaafir, Leicester Kids Science Party, July 10

Prompt, friendly and a great entertainer Radioactive Ralph kept the kids enthralled for the whole hour. They all absolutely loved the experiments, making their own sweets and slime. A party to remember and from a parent's perspective, money very happily spent. Radioactive Ralph was fantastic! Very personable, great with the kids, controlled the party very well and kept them all entertained whilst educating at the same time. Would definitely recommend to friends! Dealing with Marc over logistics and costs was easy and efficient, great customer communication, liked on the online invitations etc. All in all, am delighted and would use again when the kids are a bit older for a different perspective on science!
Mrs Morrison, Warwickshire Birthday Party, July 10

Fantastic how you kept 21 5 and 6 year olds captivated for 1 hour!!! Really good that they could be hands-on too. Had all the children talking the next day at school so it must have been good!
Katharine Harding , Edith Weston Children’s Science Party, July 10

We liked 1.The unique nature of the party. 2. The children were entertained without exception for a whole 75 minutes. 3. It demonstrated how science can be fun and inspirational a subject that is sometimes perceived as 'boring'. George my 8 year old said when Mad Marc had left that he would like to work for Sublime Science when he’s older.
Teresa Vann, Shirley Children’s Party, July 10

We loved the fact that the children were kept enthralled throughout and the adults learnt things!
Ruth, Stoney Stanton Children’s Party, July 10

The kids loved the part where they got to make and eat "sweets". I thought this was great especially because everyone had a turn at making their own. They also loved the tornado races.
Terri McInerney, Northampton Birthday, July 10

We like the whole lot - it was fantastic - he keep the whole party entertained for the whole time.
Michael Foster, Science Party, July 10

The kids had a fantastic time. A group of 20 eight year-old boys and girls totally engaged and into the activities was amazing. Wacky Winsome did a great job.
Jo Channer, Children’s Science Party, July 10

Just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to Lively Laura for making Henry's party one he'll remember forever. You did an amazing job at holding the attention of 15 six year olds (especially when you were competing with the World Cup England match!) We were really thrilled with how it all went and will recommend you to everyone!
Emma & Richard Coombs, Nottingham Birthday Party, June 10

Kids enjoyed themselves and the parents well impressed.
Andrew Burr, Little Aston Birthday Party, June 10

Well organised and fun activities that captured the imagination of the children (and the adults!!). The right length of time and really good pace. Children really enjoyed it. Even our 18 month old was enthralled by the experiments - job well done....
Mark Millinchip, Stafford Children’s Science Party, June 10

I did not see all of the experiments, however what I did see engaged the children completely. There was enough variety. I liked the fact that the children participated and were encouraged to think about how the experiments worked. It was fun.
Radioactive Ralph was very good at dealing with the children and making sure that every child was included, whether they shouted the loudest or not.
Tanya Casey, Rothwell Child’s Birthday Party, June 10

Many thanks to Lively Laura. The children really enjoyed the party and it entertained all - from 4 years old to 12 years old. The certificate for Miles was a nice touch too!
Julie Oldale, Wingerworth Church Centre Science Party, June 2010

It was brilliant thanks and a lot of people have said they really enjoyed it. Thank Sophie for me she did a great job. The slime is still in use!
Peppy Marshall, Birmingham Birthday Party, June 2010

We loved making slime, sweets and all the other hands on stuff! Thanks for being so flexible and accommodating m change of plan at such short notice
Helen Sangha, Walsall Science Party, May 2010

We loved all of it! Lively Laura was also extremely patient with some of the boys in our group - they were a bit prone to running around at times! She engaged beautifully with all of the children and kept them very entertained. A big thank you from all of us for a very different and interesting party.
Angela Lord, Child’s Party, May 2010

Thank You! SupersSonic Shanaz was great and the party went really well and thankfully she managed to get them outside at the end for the rocket. Huge Thank you!
Kerri Tew, Littleover, Derbyshire, Birthday Party, May 2010

It was a completely different birthday party and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
Billy Shannon, Kidsgrove Birthday Party, May 2010

Wacky Winsome was very good - best bit was making the slime. It was the easiest and less stressful party I have ever done.
Amelia Griffin, Dadlington village hall, Science Party May 2010

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The children enjoyed the rockets, slime and sweet making. There were lots of squeals of excitement and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. Scientific Sophie kept the children captivated for the whole time. Amazing! I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering a scientific themed party. All the mums commented how good she was too.
Samantha Hooper, Shenstone Village Hall Science Party, May 2010

Scientific Sophie was excellent at engaging the kids, making them laugh and smile throughout. The kids liked the hands on experiments the best, with a pretty even split between who liked the slime and sweet making the best. Any further comments?: Overall a good mix of demonstrations (which still involved the kids) and hands on activities. The kids loved it and so did the parents. A couple of them came up and said it was the best party they had been too.
Suzanna Tan, Mosely, Birmingham Child’s Praty, April 10

Thanks to SuperSonic Shenaz for a good show on Saturday - all the kids and adults loved it!
Victoria Browning, Houghton on the Hil, Leicester, April 10

Just to say we thought the party was absolutely fantastic! Lively Laura held the attention of 24 children, some quite lively ones for over an hour!! Something we couldn't have done. I've had texts from parents today as kids have gone home saying it was the best party they had ever been to. I certainly would recommend a sublime science party.
Claire Ward, Ashbourne, Derby Science Party, April 10

The children enjoyed the whole party, they were especially keen on the rocket module, the tornado water race and making the goo. Thank you for a great party, that was different and fun.
Gill Khele, Bilton Rugby Birthday Party, April 10

Everything was great but the way Scientific Sophie made our son feel comfortable before the party began really helped the whole party to be a success. The Sublime Science party has been the most successful party we have had for our son.
Wendy Peel, 51 Goldthorne Ave, Kids Science Party, April 10

A big thumbs up to Lively Laura who kept entertained 15 mostly five year old children at our twins birthday party. The kids loved it, the adults loved it & their was no clearing up to do afterwards. I would recommend the 'wacky rockets' as the grand finale; a great hit with us all. I would highly recommend Sublime Science to anyone considering a birthday party.
Jane Lockett, Chellaston, Derbyshire Chidlren’s Party, April 10

The experiments and presentation were pitched perfectly for the 9-10 year old audience, and even kept my 4 year old engaged for well over an hour. The mix of inside and outdoor experiments worked well and made for a great party.
Brett Marshall, Bedworth Birthday Party, March 10

Great enthusiasm from Scientific Sophie. Smoke rings were great. Loved making the slime. 10 out of 10!
Gabi Watts, Newcastle-under-Lyme Science Party, March 10

Scientific Sophie is a natural with young children, she brings science across to the children with lots of enthusiasm and keeps the children under control and entertained for the duration of the party. I’ve recommended these parties to lots of friends and this has been the best party my son has had, he couldn’t wait to get to school the next day to speak to his teacher.
Natasha Hyslop, Leicester Science Party, March 10

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Mad Marc & Radioactive Ralph. Everyone at the party thoroughly enjoyed it. Not surprisingly, the girls enjoyed making the sweets and the slime the most. As a parent with a teaching background, it was great to see 'awe & wonder' in their little smiling faces enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. I will no doubt be booking you again when my youngest daughter gets a little older.
Lesley Clarke, Harpole, Northampton Birthday Party, March 10

The whole party was fantastic! The children were totally captivated. The Goo making was a real hit ! Mhairi & her friends had a fantastic time at her party & so did the adults! Some of the parents wanted to stay to see what the party was all about & they were all very impressed. The kids haven't stopped talking about it at school. I would recommend it to anyone, it definitely is a change from the usual party entertainment & the kids learnt a bit whilst having great fun. Thanks very, very much! A firm 10 out of 10!
Diane Bannister, Supersonic Shenaz, Botcheston, March 10

The party was wonderful – Scientific Sophie was great. Will definitely be recommending you to all my friends.
Gabi Watts, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Party March 10

Thank you to Radioactive Ralph for a wonderfully entertaining presentation both parents and children said how much they enjoyed themselves. So once again thanks for making it a very special day for my son.
Swati Mavani, Oadby, Leicester Birthday Party, March 10

The party was a roaring succes....Scientific Sophie was superb! The children were mesmerised and Ace had a really memorable party, so many many thanks! Thanks once again, I shall be recommending Sublime Science to all of the parents that have asked me about you!
Gemma Harvey, Kings Heath, Birmingham Child’s Party, March 10

Thanks for a birthday experience with a difference. The choice of a female entertainer, Loopy Liz, to entertain a group of predominantly girls was much appreciated. Feedback from both children and parents has been really positive. High professional standards and friendliness all the way through, from initial enquiries/booking, the party itself and follow-up. Wishing the business continued success in the future and looking forward to re-booking in the years ahead for younger siblings.
Sara O'Shea, Earlsdon, Coventry Science Party, Feb 10

Wacky Winsome was great with the children. They kept their attention well even when moving from different activities. Fun and interesting scientific 'experiments' that parents enjoyed it too!
Helen Sadler, Tilton on the Hill Science Party, Feb 10

The kids loved the slime and the adults liked the smoke balls! The whirlpool race was good fun too - the kids just seemed to enjoy all of it. It was great fun, different and it got the kids thinking as well as having a good time with Lively Laura. 10 out of 10!
Sharon Morris, Loughborough Birthday Party, Feb 10

Just wanted to say thank you for the party today – the kids all had a great time and loved the experiments. The smoke ball one was particularly successful & they all liked the slime! Please thank Lively Laura for us!
Sharon Morris, Loughborough, Leicestershire Party, Feb 10

Isaac particularly enjoyed the rocket science and goo making. This is his own quote "my science party was the best party I have ever been to!” I thought Scientific Sophie excellent. She was able to hold the attention of 11 really excited 5 and 6 year olds (and a 3 year old) for an hour and a half. They were completely enthralled with the facts, the processes and the opportunity to join in. It made my job very easy, just food and party bags to organise! Scientific Sophie was incredibly well organised and very personable. She arrived promptly half an hour before the party and had everything ready for the event before the guest arrived. She spent some time chatting to the birthday boy and his cousin and put Isaac at his ease about what was going to happen without giving away any scientific secrets. We had the extended 1.5 hour party and Sophie had the complete attention of the group for the whole time and was really good at getting the boys to participate, even the shy ones. The kids loved making their own sweets and the rockets were a real highlight for everyone. I have had several of the Mums tell me how much their child enjoyed the party and how nice it was to have something different.
Joanne Guy, Solihul Kids Science Party, Feb 10

A BIG Thank you!! My Son love it, you were very professional, and very entertaining and we will definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of having this kind of party. All of it! Wacky Winsome & Mad Marc were fantastic, kept the kids engaged from beginning to end, as well as being very funny and entertaining it was also very educational and the kids absolutely love it!
Jennifer Bollen, Peopleton, Pershore Birthday Party, Feb 10

Lively Laura & Wacky Winsome had a fun and easy going way of engaging the children and holding their attention - not a easy task for 20 plus 6 year olds! The experiments were great fun and the Climate Chaos and Wacky Rockets were a great hit. It was good to hear the village hall echoing with the children’s laughter. Thank you very much, the children all said they had a great time!
Julie Ford, Kids Science Party in Wolvey, Hinckley, Feb 10

Thanks for a great party, Lively Laura was fantastic, held the children’s attention and was very patient. A great success and the parents felt they missed something special when they came to collect their children. Glad we added the 'rocket module'!
Joanna Jones, Science Party in Nottingham, Feb 10

Thank you for making my daughters birthday party so special. Kids loved it. Loopy Liz kept them busy for an hour which I founded amazing. They founded it very educating and interesting!
Anna Manning, Duston, Northampton Children’s Party, Feb 10

I can honestly say that all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves Loopy Liz held their attention for the whole hour.[all 28 of them]I'll be recommending you to all my friends!!!!!!!!!!! It took the pressure off me and I was able to sort out the party food. FANTASTIC!
Lizzie King, Burton Overy Party with Loopy Liz, Feb 10

The party kept kids thoroughly entertained for the hour also controlled louder members of party so everyone could enjoy it!
Kerry Verbeet, Solihull Science Party, Feb 10

I loved the children getting involved in making sweets and slime! They got really excited and enjoyed eating / playing with the end results. They also loved the noisy bits! All great fun and Loopy Liz was brilliant at engaging the crowd / getting them to put their hands up before calling out answers. Most enjoyable, educational and good value.
Nicola Newman, Northampton Party with Loopy Liz, Feb 10

Just wanted to say Thank you. Jennifer's party was superb. The children and adults all really enjoyed themselves and the slime was a great hit. I couldn't believe how Scientific Sophie had full control of 20 children. I couldn't have done it!
Dawn Wooldridge, 6 year old party in Stourbridge, Jan 10

The children were engaged from the word go, Loopy Liz had just the right approach to keep them involved and organised. Parents were captivated too. All-in-all a fabulous, unique and engaging birthday party! First class level of care and professionalism delivered – I liked that you took the time and care to really understand what we were looking for. I felt I was in safe hands. Excellent level of customer experience – well done and thank you!
Elaina Smith, Wadenhoe Science Party with Loopy Liz, Jan 10

All 20 excitable kids kept focussed on the activities the whole time. I would highly recommend this party to anyone who fancies something different, fun and educational all at the same time. 10 out of 10!
Nicola Cooper, Dorridge, Solihull Birthday Party, Jan 10

Most importantly the kids were right there following it through and enjoyed the experience. I also like the fact that there were different kinds of experiments (liquid, Air, Chemicals etc) It was magic with education and a very relaxed session.
James Clark, Burntwood Science Party, Jan 2010

The children were totally taken by everything and thoroughly enjoyed it. They especially liked the floating ball and the smoke rings – as did the parents! We all were thrilled with the Sublime Science team (Mad Marc and Atomic Angela) – thank you for keeping 30 very excitable children happy!
Linzi, Swithland, Leicestershire Science Party, Jan 10

Thank you very much for a great party yesterday. Please pass on our thanks to Lively Laura, she was very good, confident with controlling the children and making sure they were having fun and learning a bit about science too!
Caroline Worby, Mountsorrel Kids Science Party, Jan 2010

The flow of the experiments kept the children from getting bored or distracted. It made the time go very quickly also. All the feedback from parents has been excellent, they had not seen anything like this before for a children's party!
Sonal Dearden, Walgrave, Northants Kids Party, Jan 10

Thank you so much. Lian said it was the best party he'd ever had. All the kids were talking about it today & several had bought the slime to school. It was so popular that the school science lesson tomorrow is to be devoted to it with Lian to bring in his certificate ect. A real hit.
Eilise Somers, Harmston, Lincoln Birthday Party, Jan 2010

Kept the children’s interest for the whole time. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Molly was the talk of the school. A different party which everyone enjoyed. Thank You, Scientific Sophie
Jane Higham, Acton Trussell Kid’s Party, Jan 10

I liked the variety of experiments, interaction with the children, hands on inclusion, educational input, scientist appeared natural and easy to get on with the children. Would recommend to friends.
Sarah Hall, Little Horwood Birthday Party, Jan 2010

The children were fascinated and many parents have commented today on what a brilliant time they had. Mad Marc did a brilliant job in keeping their attention and involving them all. One child even took her goo to bed with her. Many thanks for making Joshua’s birthday one to remember!
Shelley Turner, Wellesbourne, Child’s Party, Jan 2010

Thank you very much. Billy had a great party and Loopy Liz was brilliant with them. I will happily recommend you to others. I loved the very enthusiastic presenter and the fantastic range of experiments etc that covered all the senses. Billy and all his friends really enjoyed it. Lots of comments about it in the playground!! You have also thought of everything including lovely invites and thank you letters.
Sharon Chappell, Newton, Rugby Birthday Party, Jan 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent party. The kids had a wonderful time and Lively Laura was very good with the children
Zena Kacar, Science Party, Dec 09

Thank you, the party was absolutely fantastic.
Andrea McGarry, Science Party, Jan 2010

Where to start?! ALL of the experiments were excellent fun! in terms of what the kids liked best I’ve had a lot of good feedback about the sweets and the slime, so I guess they like the hands on stuff best, but Aidan certainly enjoyed watching ALL the other stuff too. Very professional - arrived on time, everything so meticulously organised. tidying away was done so sleekly I hardly even noticed!! pre- and post- party organisation and communication were impeccable!
You were everything i could have dreamed of in a party entertainment team - thank you so much!
Tracy Bosworth, 8th Birthday Party, Kettering, Northampton , Nov 09

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