Your Ultimate Summer Science Experiments!

Your Ultimate Summer Science Experiments

Discover The Ultimate Summer Science Experiments...

The British Summer is well and truly here, and, it’s actually sunny!

Aside from snacking on some delicious ice-cream and working on your tan, it’s also the perfect time for the Ultimate Summer Science Experiments…

The perfect way to learn, explore and enjoy some awesome science this summer, with “stuff” that you’ve already got, of course!

You’ll get to:
• Cool yourself down by making an Ice Volcano
• Discover the “magic” of the Ice Cold Magic experiment
• Astonish your child with the Gravity Defying Drinks experiment!
• Experience the joy of Bubble Worms, Marshmallow Mayhem and even a Water Bomb Catapult!

After all that experimenting, you’ll want to cool off by making your very own batch of Scientific Ice Cream.

(Ice Cream + Science = Awesomeness)

Grab your free copy of the Ultimate Summer Science Experiments right now!

Happy experimenting,

Mad Marc

P.S. Stay Awesome