4,000 Sublime Science Party Rave Reviews!

4,000 Sublime Science Party Rave Reviews!

4,000+ (Awesome) Humans Say Fab Things About Sublime Science...


Thank you so so much.

I’ve just uploaded the latest batch of feedback to the Sublime Science site and there was so much awesome feedback.

It got me thinking… I wonder how many reviews we’ve had over the years.

I dusted off the old abacus and went to work…

It’s a little tricky as Sublime Science has had a few different websites, then there’s facebook, twitter, review sites and so many more places where (awesome!) humans have said kind words but…

I’m pretty sure we’ve now had more than 4,000 rave reviews, all in all.

Seems like a crazy big number now I type it out and I would never have imagined it.

Anyway, that’s enough bragging from me.

To every single (awesome!) person who’s taken the time to say something nice about our work inspiring children to discover how awesome science can be… thank YOU!

And to everyone else who just loved it but never got round to sending us a message, thank YOU!

To the Sublime Science Presenters, Sublime Team as well as all the other awesome folks who’ve supported us, thank you so very much!

I appreciate you. You are awesome,

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc