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Sublime Science Named Top Children’s Entertainer

Awesome news!

Wow, it’s so cool to be able to say that Sublime Science has just been named Top Children’s Entertainers by independent reviews site Reviews Centre.

Thank YOU so so much.

The really cool thing is that it’s all based on the feedback of (awesome!) humans just like you that love what we do and took the time to say something nice about us.

Thank YOU, I genuinely, really appreciate it!

Along the way, we’ve received so much support and positive vibes and all in all there’s more than 200,000 words of Slimetastic Sublime Science feedback.

I did a bit of googling and it turns out that the number of words of all the Sublime Science feedback is now about the same as three Harry Potter books!

That just blows my mind!

Thank YOU so much for all the support and positive vibes.

Means the world to me.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. Stay awesome 😉