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Make Life Easy (For You And Your Guests)

This weekend just gone I was at a birthday party and my goodness was it hard to find!

Thankfully I'd set off in good time so we could still get started on time and have an awesome party but it wasn't as easy as it could have been!

You see, the hall was really set back from the road, down a thin gravel path with no signs! I'd got the contact number of the parents and tried giving them a call but being a rural area they had no signal!

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The postcode wasn't accurate (it isn't always in rural areas!) and the road the hall was off was pretty long!

Thankfully, I've been at this a while and just drove around till I saw the village post office, dropped in and got the detailed directions from them! No great drama!

A few of the party guests had trouble finding it and they were from the local area!

How to make life easy!

Simply tie balloons around a tree/lamppost at the edge of the road so that everyone can easily find where the party is! Not a new idea but it works just fine! It's also a good idea to mention if the hall is tricky to find just so people keep an extra lookout!

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Not sure if that's a real word but hopefully you catch my drift! Fancy more party planning help? Make sure to grab your copy of 'The Ultimate Kids Party Survival Guide' - Download your copy here!. I'm sure it'll be of help!

Here's to an awesome party!

Mad Marc

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