Slimetastic Fun – (The Easy Way)

 You may get excited about science (Before you get started please read this)

There are so many ways to make slime. With this one you won’t need to go in search of crazy chemicals, you probably already have everything that you need. Ready?... then let’s get started!

(P.S. – We make a different slime (our favourite) at our live events)

how to make slime 1What do I need?

  • Food Colouring
  • Cornflour ("normal" flour won't do the trick)
  • 2 Cups
  • Spoon
  • Water
  • Maybe some kitchen roll to clean up!

how to make slime 2How do I do it?

STEP1 – Add a few drops of food colouring to half a cup of water (real slime is always green!)

STEP2 – Fill another cup one quarter of the way with cornflour

STEP3 – SLOWLY! Add a few drops of the water at a time to the cornflour and mix it all together with your hand.

STEP4 – Keep adding a few drops at a time, then stirring the slime untilyou get a slimey mess! If you add too much water you’ll get something too watery! If that happens add some more cornflour.

how to make slime 3STEP5 – Enjoy your slime!

What’s going on?

The beautiful slime is known as a “Non-Newtonian fluid”. That just means it’s not really a liquid or a solid (it’s kind of both and kind of neither).

Mad-Marc-Slime-ForwardMore Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • Experiment with your slime. Try prodding it with your finger quickly and it will feel hard like a solid or if you pour it across your hands slowly it will feel like a liquid.
  • Try making different coloured slimes.
  • Try and make the ‘perfect slime’ with different amounts of water!

IMPORTANT! When you are done with your slime, not for some time I’m sure! - Don’t pour it down the drain. The slime will separate back into cornflour and water and this can clog the pipes. Just wrap it in some paper and put it in the bin. (If you can bring yourself to!)

Even The Dragons Love Sublime Science Experiments

Honoured To Receive A Queen's Award For Innovation

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