Sublime Science Celebrates Winning Small Biz 100

Sublime Science Celebrates Small Biz 100

Sublime Science Celebrates celebrate winning Small Biz 100...

What a day!

So awesome to say that today is “our day” to celebrate winning Small Biz 100 and being named in the top 100 small businesses.

It’s all part of the lead up to Small Business Saturday and we started the celebrations right away!

With a competition to win a ‘Home Sublime Science Lab’.

We asked our customers and social media audience: “What’s your favourite thing about shopping with a small business?”

And offered to send out a ‘Home Sublime Science Lab’ so one lucky winner can do their own awesome experiments from the comfort of their own home.

Home Sublime Science Lab

Home Sublime Science Lab

The response just blew me away. So many incredible comments from (awesome!) people sharing why they love to support small business. Thank YOU so so much for all the support and good vibes.

We even gave a copy of ‘Make Science Awesome’ to everyone who got in touch as part of our celebration which was awesome to be able to do.

I dedicate most of my life to the worlds of small business and to making science awesome. It’s so awesome to see so many others who share that passion. I apprecaite you.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc