Milk Rocks

milk-rocks-1-setupWhen I say ‘Milk Rocks’ I mean it literally. You can turn milk into a rock hard substance and best of all I’m guessing you already have everything that you need.

What do I need?

  • Microwave or hob to heat your milk (Adult to help out).
  • 1 pint of milk
  • White vinegar
  • Bowl, glass and a spoon
  • Paper towels
  • milk-rocks-2-splitDish cloth, elastic band (optional)

STEP1 – Get an adult to help out with warming your glass of milk so that it’s warm but not boiling. Then pour your milk into your mixing bowl.

STEP2 – Add around 3 tablespoons of white vinegar into your bowl and stir it together.

STEP3 – Immediately your milk will start to change from a liquid to a weird gooey substance.

milk-rocks-4-strainedSTEP4 – Make a little strainer with a dish cloth, elastic band and a glass. Pour your mixture through your strainer to separate the solid bit from your milk.

STEP5 – Use a paper towel to really dry out your ‘solid milk’ as best as you can.

STEP6 – Leave your gooey mess on a windowsill to dry out for a couple of days until you get your milk rock.

What’s going on?

Unbelievable that you can make rock-solid milk, right!?! This stuff was like plastic but before plastic was invented and now you’ve made your own, which is awesome.

milk-rocks-5-milk-rocksOur vinegar is an acid and by adding acid to our milk we’re separating out the casein that’s always within milk from the rest of the milk. A big component of milk is just water and by separating out an ingredient called casein and getting it to dry we can turn our milk (or at least part of our milk) rock hard. When casein is allowed to dry it turns rock hard and you get your very own milk rock.

More Fun Please!

  • What type of milk works best? Full-fat? Skimmed?
  • Does it have to be vinegar that you use? Could it be another acid? What about brown vinegar? What about lemon juice?
  • You could get creative with food colouring or glitter to create a super-cool milk rock.

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