The Giant Bat Rocket Experiment - Free Science Experiments

How to Make a Giant Bat Rocket

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If you thought that the Flying Bat Rocket was cool then just wait until you make yourself a Giant Bat Rocket. I reckon you’ve already got everything you’ll need. Let’s get cracking.

What Do I Need?

  • Two * 2 litre plastic bottles
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Black paper
  • Marker pen
  • Toilet roll
Giant Bat Rocket - What Do I Need?

How Do I Do It?

STEP1 - Make your bat by folding and taping your toilet roll down. You can also add wings and a face for extra awesome points!

STEP2 - Make your connector. Make sure you’ve got an adult to help out. Squash the bottle flat and have an adult use the scissors to remove both the top and bottom of your bottle.

STEP3 - Now you’ll have a plastic rectangle. Twist your plastic round until you make it a cylinder of just the right width to fit perfectly into the end of your other bottle.

STEP4 - Tape your cylinder inside of your main bottle. Pop your bat on top and get ready...

STEP5 - Stomp on your main bottle to fire your bat!

Giant Bat Rocket - How Do I Do It?

What’s Going On?

Hope you love your Giant Bat Rocket?!

You tell me? What happened when you stomped on the bottle? Where did the air go?

That’s right, straight out of the nozzle. So, if you’ve got a bat rocket on the end it will get blasted across the room! 

As you stomp on the rocket you increase the pressure. As the nozzle is relatively thin the air comes out really quickly, takes the rocket with it and flies across the room.

Giant Bat Rocket - What’s Going On?
More Fun Please! - Experiment Like A Real Scientist!
  • Test out different size bottles.
  • How can you build the perfect rocket? 
  • Use cardboard? 
  • Paper? 
  • How about adding some weight with some Blu-Tack?
  • How can you make your rocket fly furthest?
  • What could you set up and knock down for target practice. 
  • Not strictly science but plenty of fun!
Giant Bat Rocket - Experiment Like A Real Scientist!
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