Ultimate Paper Popper

paper-popper-1-setupThe Ultimate Paper Popper is an absolutely phenomenal way to learn about sounds and best of all you’ve almost certainly got everything you need.

What do I need?

  • Just a piece of paper!

STEP1 – Fold your paper in half length-ways.

paper-popper-2-halfSTEP2 – Open your paper out again and then fold one side into the middle.

STEP3 – Keep folding the same way 3 times until you have a long strip with a paper “bar” across the top of it.

STEP4 – Fold your paper block lengthways in half with the “bar” on the outside.

paper-popper-3-foldSTEP5 – Hold the top of the “bar” next to the crease loosely in your left hand.  Pull the top right corner down with your right hand until the cone shape forms.

STEP6 – To fire your Ultimate Paper Popper make a throwing motion but keep hold of your popper!

What’s going on?

paper-popper-4-sideTo some extent every single sound in the world works the same way. There’s always something ‘vibrating’ (which really just means shaking!) and those vibrations shake the air back and forth.

Those sound waves travel through the air...into your ear and that’s how you can hear the sound.

The real question is ‘what’s vibrating?’. When you “throw” your Ultimate Paper Popper the cone shape catches the air and the paper flips back and snaps into its new position. This causes the vibrations that make that awesome popping sound.

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • paper-popper-5-popExperiment with having the “cone” super high or low, how does that change the sound?
  • Try different thicknesses of paper, how does thicker paper or thinner paper effect the sound?
  • Could you use a different shape piece of paper?
  • How does the speed that you “throw” your Ultimate Paper Popper effect the sound?

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