Sublime Science Are Finalists For Best Service!

Wow! Sublime Science Are Finalists For Best Service Business!

Mad Marc flimed for Leicester Business Awards

Sublime Science chosen as a finalist for the best service business...

Wow, what an absolute honour to have been chosen as a finalist for the best service business.

Before I get into that it’s probably best if I explain the slightly ‘odd’ photo. I found out the other day that Sublime Science had been picked as finalists in the ‘best service’ category of the Leicester Business Awards.

As you might have picked up I’m slightly fanatical about customer service (I’m one of those people that thinks it’s even more important than ever despite all the awesome technology we now have to play with).

Anyway, I was so excited to have been selected as a finalist and even more excited when I found out they were sending a film crew to the Sublime Lab to make a short film for the awards.

It was a fun time, we made lots of slime and apparently my slime making face doesn’t look as cool in real life as it did in my head. 

I’ll work on it!

That being said, it truly is absolutely awesome to have all our hard work recognised. Thank YOU so much for all the positive vibes along the way. Please, please, please start crossing stuff as the awards themselves aren’t far away.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc