9 Top Tips To the Perfect Kids Party!

dragons-den-mad-marc-caption-400Top Tip No.1 - What about the children getting into a mess?

At children’s parties the children want to look their best and so often wear their best clothes. This isn’t normally a problem as the vast majority of parents realise that at a children’s party a small amount of mess is to be expected. Eating the food is almost always the messiest part of a party!!

Top Tip No.2 - What about Invitations and Thank You Notes?

It’s great to use invitations and thank you notes based around the theme of the party. It helps to let everyone know what’s going on and sets things up nicely for the special day. (We provide free invitations and thank you notes that are sent to you electronically upon booking that are science themed - bubbles, smoke and slime feature heavily!)

Mad-Marc-Slime-LeftMad Marc's Top Tip No.3 - The birthday certificate Idea...

Having a 'birthday certificate' that all the children sign on the day is a great memento to keep hold of and look back on for years to come! (We provide these with all of our parties but you can, of course, make your own with Google and a bit of imagination)

Mad Marc's Top Tip No.4 - Name labels are great...

A great idea as everyone can use the children’s names straight away. Nice and simple but makes the atmosphere so much more friendly! (At Sublime Science we actually bring our own labels with us, which we give out when we introduce ourselves and then we use the label to stick on each child's cup of slime at the end.)

Mad Marc's Top Tip No.5 - Should the parents stay?

Based on entertaining thousands of children every year the general rule is that the fewer parents staying at the party the better! We know this seems odd and all professional children’s entertainers will insist on some adults being present at all times but having all of the adults in the same room, chatting, can detract from the children’s experience.

Mad Marc's Top Tip No.6 - Keep the food out the way!

Make sure the food table is as far away as possible from the children’s entertainment, otherwise the children will be tempted to grab the food and this just disrupts the party and means they won’t be hungry come tea time.

Top Tip No.7 - Air horns are only fun for about 30 seconds!

Don’t give the children party poppers, air horns or anything that they can make a really loud noise with. It’s fun for about 30 seconds but then you’ll have 20 children making a hideous noise for the next hour!

Mad Marc's Top Tip No.8 - Get contact details!

Get the parents to jot down their name and contact number on a piece of paper as they drop their children off.

Mad Marc's Top Tip No.9 - Be easy to find!

Tie balloons around a tree/lamppost at the edge of the road so that everyone (the entertainer too) can easily find where the party is! One more thing about balloons - Hang the balloons out of reach of the children! (They still look great but can’t be popped or tripped over!)

Hope these extra top tips have been useful for you - if you have a party coming up then don't delay - get in touch today!

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