20000 + Sublime Science Parties!

20,000+ Sublime Science Parties!

20,000 Sublime Science Parties...

Awesome News!

We’ve dusted off the old abacus again and had a go at some Maths (not an exact science!)

Looks like we’ve now inspired children at more than 20,000 Sublime Science Parties.

Who would have thought it when I was (looking a little silly) staring at the wall on Dragons’ Den trying to decide what to do.

I decided to accept an offer from Dragons Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham and Sublime Science has just exploded since then (terrible pun massively intended!)

To our Dragon Investors, Awesome Sublime Scientists, The Sublime Science Team, friends, family and everyone who has supported us on this journey thank you so so much.

So far we’ve inspired more than one million children to discover how awesome science can be and I know there are millions more budding scientists waiting to be inspired.

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc