How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off (& let down)

Here's a short story that one mum told me after I called her to say thanks for some awesome feedback...could make all the difference!

On a beautiful afternoon, 2 years ago, two mums began to think about organising their child’s birthday party.

Both had a similar budget and the children were of similar ages. Both were really excited about making sure their children had the best day possible (of course!)

Both mums had sent their enquiries at the same time, figured out the food, hired a venue and invited friends and family.

But there was a difference.

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One mum was more stressed, spent more money and had a memorable day for all the wrong reasons whilst the other had a stress free, easy and fun time both at the party and organising it.

So, what made the difference?

The mum who had the bad experience had done everything right...

...except she didn’t try to book her choice of entertainment until a couple weeks before her child’s birthday!

This meant that unfortunately there was no availability left and couldn’t have her first choice kids party!

As a result she had to “panic buy” entertainment at the last minute and ended up with mediocre entertainment and got slammed with extra charges because a few extra children turned up on the day...

And the mum who had the stress free, fun experience?

She booked herself in early to avoid disappointment and did so with a company that has a rock solid reputation for delivering laught-out-loud fun, an iron clad guarantee and one that doesn’t have any hidden extra charges.

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ulimate-kids-party-survival-guide-tight-300The morale of the story?

"As soon as you’ve decided..get booked in!"

In case you were wondering, the happy mum booked with Sublime Science!

There's no pressure from us but whatever you decide to go for - get it booked in nice an quick!

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