The Ultimate Science Party Partyware

Ultimate Science Party Partyware...

Science Party Food Boxes:

When serving up science party food there are a couple of options. Plates, serving dishes, etc. can work really well but my preference is always food boxes.

That way you can get everything set up ahead of time and then do the food with a minimum of fuss.

Adding 'WARNING: Hungry Scientists Only' stops any of those pesky adults from snacking!

Science Party Food Boxes
Science Party Cups

Science Party Cups:

Making science awesome is thirsty work!

Labelling your cups 'WARNING: Thirsty Scientists Only' makes sure your drinks only get consumed by our budding scientists. 

And really adds to the theme too!

Science Party Tableware:

When it comes to tablecloths, cutlery and serviettes it can be a little tricky to make it particularly 'science-y'.

One simple but effective thing to do is to pick a colour. I'd suggest a slimy green and stick with it. This makes everything match and helps to build that slimy theme!

Science Party Tableware
Science Party Partyware

Science Party Partyware:

All in all. The 'trick' to science partyware is to keep things simple and consistent but maybe add a few science-y touches.

Keeping everything green works really well and your budding scientists will love the 'WARNING: Hungry/Thirsty Scientists Only' messages.

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Your Sublime Science Party Bags

The Time-Saving Options!

Feel free to use these ideas plus your own creativity and imagination to transform your space into an incredible lab.


If you're in any way short on time then adding the Sublime Science Decoration Pack might be perfect for you.

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Caution Science Party Decoration

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