A Sublime Science Week!

A Sublime Science Week!

The Best Science Week Ever?


I’ve got to say that was the biggest and best science week ever.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make it possible.

More children got to make slime, launch rockets and explode “stuff” than ever before and we had an absolute blast making it happen.

It’s awesome to be able to say that not only did we see the most pots of slime but also the most rave reviews too. With more glowing feedback from the awesome schools (and event organisers) that we worked with than ever before.

Here’s to figuring out how to make things even more Slimetastic for the Science Week of 2019!

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. The only “downside” to getting to inspire so many children is we do get booked solid, often well in advance.

If you’re considering an event any time around Science Week in 2019 then don’t miss out – grab your free science experiment book when you get in touch through the Sublime Science Schools site now.