Mad Marc Wileman Speaking At TEDx

Mad Marc Wileman Speaking At TEDx

Marc Wileman shares a few ideas At TEDx...

I’m genuinely humbled to have been invited to share a few ideas with TEDx.

I’ve always found TED talks to be the perfect mix of inspirational and informative and the TED strap-line of Ideas Worth Spreading has always resonated with me.

Hopefully the idea that I’ll share will help people to find whatever success they are looking for. It’s something I’m passionate about, I just hope I can find the way to communicate it effectively enough to make a dent.

Oh, firing smoke rings at the awesome humans that attend TED talks is appropriate, right?

Let’s hope so.

Stay awesome out there,

Mad Marc

For anyone vaguely local it’s at Curve Theatre in Leicester on the 26th October.