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The kids were completely enthralled, they had lots of fun but they were so engaged in the experiments that they sat still and were so much more calm than at every other party. Their parents all listened intently and said they learned so much too. Office? Very reassuring. It's totally nerve wracking organizing a kids party and the thought of the entertainer not turning up is enough to keep parents awake at night. The office were totally reassuring and helpful which allowed me to relax and enjoy the event. I was looking for an interesting party, but also something educational and exciting for the kids. The party totally lived up to my expectations. Everyone loved Louis. Please tell him many thanks, he was brilliant!

Fiona Mcguire, Children’s Birthday party in North London, with Lighting Louis, Nov 2016

Natasha held the groups attention fantastically! I am officially the coolest mum EVER for organising this fantastic party! The way the entertainment was structured was perfect. She did a great job! It was the first one with a theme to happen in her year! My daughter requested a science themed party (she loves science) and you were the first good response. Will continue to recommend to others!
Julie Hutchinson, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Mitcham, Surrey with Atomic Natasha, Nov 2016

Loved the professionalism and organisation dealing with 20 7-8 year old boys and also the huge sense of fun. Ben was fantastic. Office? Amazing and hugely helpful. Thank you. I have no negatives at all. It was an amazing, fun, interesting party for Bertie and his friends and made my life so much easier. Hugest thanks all round especially to Ben who was outstanding.
Floss Lee, 7-8 Year Olds Boys Birthday Party in Newbury with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

Paul was absolutely brilliant! He managed to keep a room of 24 6-year old girls totally engrossed for well over an hour. You could hear a pin drop. He was sweet to one little girl who was missing her mum - she helped him set up. The children went home delighted with their concoctions. Thank you. My daughter isn't very girly and she has grown out of magic shows. My son went to a science party and loved it so I thought it would appeal to my daughter and her friends.
Sarah Blagden, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, Nov 2016

Thank you for all your help and support arranging the party for me. Colette was brilliant and the children had a wonderful time.
Carole Shelton, Children’s Party in Coventry with Cosmic Colette, Nov 2016

The amount of stuff Kristy packed into the time she had was amazing - It was educational, fun and really entertaining for the kids and the adults who were there! My daughter has an interest in science & having a birthday in November means we are always looking for original, entertaining indoor party ideas! This fit the bill perfectly and the kids are still talking about it several days later. 'Best day ever' was the comment from the birthday girl as she fell asleep that evening.
Charlie Mackay, Girl’s Birthday Party in Winchester with Kryptonite Kristy, Nov 2016

Just a quick note of thanks for a superb party yesterday! Tash was great and held the attention of a pretty rowdy bunch! Pic attached as proof. I've already shared the Sublime science contact details with other equally impressed parents and I'll continue to do so! Keep up the great work and thanks again!
Julie Hutchinson, Sublime Science Party in South London with Atomic Tasha, Nov 2016

Atomic Anna engaged the kids for the moment the party started until the end with lots of enthusiasm and energy. She impressed all the parents that also really enjoyed themselves. Great - easy booking system and kept informed with lots of emails and a text on the evening before the party. To have a party that had a difference and was of interest to the kids - something they wouldn't normally do or see. I didn't want to do a party in the local play centre of with an entertainer that would just play music and let the kids run around. I wanted the party to be something different and special that the kids would remember. Atomic Anna was absolutely fantastic. The area was cleaned and hovered after so I had nothing to do other than feed the kids!
Sharon griffin, Kids Science Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Nov 2016

Dear sublime science I would like to say my grandson, Kenzo had a FANASTIC birthday party with you. All his friends enjoyed it and had a brilliant time. I am so pleased and happy and would just like to say thank you for a great party. I wish sublime science every success in the future. I also am recommending sublime science party to all my friends. It was awesome.
Sharon Agnew, Sublime Science Party in Staffs with Atomic Alyson, Nov 2016

It was outstanding. The kids loved it, and I was fascinated too. Everybody learned lots, and it was great fun. I'd highly recommend Sublime Science to parents for kids' parties. Something different for my sons 8 birthday party. It was all fantastic.
Colin Doyle, 8 Year Old Boys Birthday party in Sevenoaks with Seismic Steve Sevenoaks, Nov 2016

The children loved interacting and getting involved in the science experiments, the children all got to be involved and had a chance to ask any questions they had about each experiment which were greatly answered. The adults watching thought it was great fun also. The children didn't get bored of waiting for the next part as it just flowed very easily on to the next part, Tash was great it wasn't rushed the time was taken for all to enjoy. Thank you Sublime Science. The office team were great if you had any questions you could ring any time and you got your answers straight away, everything was explained easily. I remember seeing the guys on dragons den when they first showed them and I liked them then, I found them this year on a Facebook advert and looked in to having them.

Samantha Stansbury, Children’s Birthday party in Croydon, with Toxic Tasha, Nov 2016

The whole event was excellent, kids loved the air cannon and smoke. Not sure that you can , Granny said it was the best kids party she has ever been to...and she’s done a few over the years. Fantastic day, great organisation. Keep up the good work.
Bob Kennedy, Sublime Science Party in Tunbridge Wells with Electric Ellie, Nov 2016

The game with the different liquids in the bottle - competing to get the liquid form one bottle to the other - was great fun for the children. Kate was extremely professional, suitably authoritative with the children and also good fun. She came and set up quickly and without any hassle and left the place looking pretty neat and tidy, considering! She had the children engrossed throughout (and they can be an unruly bunch). All in all, a wonderful birthday experience for our daughter. Thank you.
Ciara Bird, Daughter’s Party in Birmingham with Kenetic Kate, Nov 2016

Everything was just perfect. The entertainer involved every child in the party. Everyone said 'It was the best party ever'. Unique concept and a great relief from the usual princess and disco parties. Office? Extremely helpful always around to answer all our queries.
Aditi Richharia, Sublime Science Party in Reading with Jupiter Jess, Nov 2016

Fantastic party, had the kids and parents captivated. Great that all the kids got to take part in each experiment and Ben took the time to explain in an accessible way to pique curious minds. Tommy's friends left saying they wanted their own science parties.. sounds like success! Office? Very helpful in creating the perfect party for the number and ages of kids. Well if you ask the kids turning the grown-ups into slime would be popular! Tommy and his friends have been getting more and more curious about science and how things work. Sublime looked like heaps of fun and learning all in one. We weren't disappointed. Thanks Ben
Henry Majed, Kids Party in Oxford with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The children loved it. They were interested in the Science and she had them captivated. The experience was great. Our son enjoys science, different experiences and we were looking for something different for the party. Great fun, good organisation, children loved it.
Beth Auger, Boys Birthday Party in Romsey with Kryptonite Kristy, Nov 2016

Rockets and smoke rings. As a mum, I liked the fact that there were so many experiments and that you referred to the science and didn't just treat it like a magic show. The kids were entranced for the whole 90 minutes, well done Rebecca! Office? Very good. All communications were clear and gave me all the information I needed. It was also good that Rebecca called me before the event as it gave us a chance to chat through the details. We wanted a science based party and your information was very comprehensive so I felt I knew exactly what I was getting.
Susie Gray, Children’s Birthday party in London, with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

All of it! It was really interesting for children and parents. It was different, I'd seen it on Dragon's Den and thought Mad Marc was great. What a brilliant idea to get more young people interested in science... Radioactive Rebecca was great. She held the children's attention throughout the hour, a tricky job with mostly 6 year old boisterous boys!
Loves the experiments, she got the balance just right. I loved it!
Christian brown, Boys Birthday Party in Fareham with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

Relaxing for an hour while the presenter completely captivated the children.
David Edgar, Children’s Party in Church Crookham with Helium Hannah, Nov 2016

Your presenter was amazing. She was incredibly positive, brilliant with my children and controlled a tough crowd really well. The variety and good amount of interaction
Karl Stanton, Kids Party in Birmingham with Su-Pernova, Nov 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

I thought the whole thing was thoroughly fantastic, it's difficult to pick what was best, but I think the children most enjoyed making slime!! Office? Very helpful, can't fault them. The reviews and because it was so different to every other party we have been to or thrown ourselves. Nuclear Natalie handled the kids excellently, she held their attention, she was patient, but equally kept them in line when needed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone!

Nicola Siarbawa, Sublime Science Party in Rugby with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

All of it the children really seem to love what she was talking about and enjoyed trying things out with sodium Sam. How can we improve? I don't think you can to be fair it was perfect just the way it was done 🙂 I had done all the boring themed parties and felt kids got bored so easily. I saw a video on Facebook and watched it. I was blown away by all the experiments the guy was doing and though hey why not this seems like fun. Kids loved the sweets and slime making 🙂 Just you rock keep doing what you do!
Eloise Veale, Children’s Science Party in Peterborough with Sodium Sam, Nov 2016

Liked All the lovely experiments.
M Cummings, Kids Party in Horsham with Seismic Steve, Nov 2016

Will was really friendly and the kids all loved it. Very engaging and fun! Thought it would be fun, and it was!
Phoebe Pallotti, Sublime Science Party in Sheffield with Weird Will, Nov 2016

The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant. Rich kept them totally entertained. I thought the kids attention spans would wander but they were transfixed from the moment it started. All of the children participated. They were all eager to answer questions and loved making and tasting their own sherbet. The slime making went down very well. My only experience of the office team was when I booked the party. They were very helpful and answered any questions I had. I was given information on what would follow once I had booked the party and also how to get in touch if I required additional help with anything. Regular e mails followed. I can't really think of anything you could improve on. It was a brilliant party. Rich was fabulous. The feedback I had from other parents was very positive. I can't really think of anything you could improve on. It was a brilliant party. Rich was fabulous. The feedback I had from other parents was very positive.
Amanda O'sullivan, Children’s Party in Birmingham with Rocket Rich, Nov 2016

A huge thank you for your enthusiasm at Freyas party yesterday. The feedback today from parents is what a fantastic time the kids had had and that they talked about it through the afternoon. Even the parents said they had enjoyed being at a different type of party and raved about you. So thank you so much for mailing it a very special day - you will be highly recommended!
Sublime Science Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Nov 2016

Entertainer kept the kids fully entertained. He managed a large group of 28 children mainly boys well....let them all have fun but kept them fully under control. Kids all thoroughly enjoyed all of the experiments. Nothing to improve on. We wanted something other than a sports party for my sporty 9 year old boy. Read good reviews.
Melanie Hall, 9 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Berkshire with Dr Shaky, Nov 2016

Gabi interacted extremely well with the children. Lots of interesting experiments. Hands on for the children. Office? Very helpful, I was impressed how they went over and beyond when I explained I needed to get the venue confirmed so they held my booking for 24 hours so I could get everything co-ordinated. Gabi held the children's attention, came down to their level and engaged their imagination. She explained everything clearly and made the experiments fun and relevant to the age group.
Caroline Ross, Science Birthday Party in York with Galactic Gabi, Nov 2016

We loved the interaction with the Children. The performance was informative and engaging. I would highly recommend Sublime Science to friends and family. The office team, were so enthusiastic and helpful they are a credit to the company. I cannot speak highly enough of the individual that presented Joseph's party. It was remarkable that they were able to keep 30 children occupied for an hour. Each child thoroughly enjoyed every element of the show. Initially we found it difficult to justify the cost, however, on reflection the show did represent value for money, and the reaction of the children and Joseph in particular meant every penny was well spent!!!
Sarah Green, Kids Birthday Party in Derby with Dynamic Dave, Nov 2016

Looked fun. Presenter was great.
Susannah O’Brien, Science Party in Marlborough with Litmus Leah, Nov 2016

Everything about this party was excellent! From first booking it to the party itself, I was never disappointed. It was slick and professional throughout. The attitude and knowledge that our presenter had was impressive and he had a wonderful manner and temperament with the children. The party bags were a huge success and where well presented, they had just the right amount of fun treats included and all I had to do was add a few sweets and hand them out....effortless! I also spent less than what I would have done had I tried to put something together myself. My daughter and her friends LOVED this party and we have already recommended it to a friend! My seven year old daughter loves science and when she asked for a science party we had no idea about Sublime until we luckily found you through Google. This was an activity which I felt could engage children get them involved and have a lot of fun! I was not disappointed!
Joanna King, 7 Year Old Daughter’s Birthday party in Buckinghamshire with Professor Fission, Nov 2016

Subatomic Sara & Explosive Emma were very engaging, fun and not at all patronising. The activities were perfect for seven-year-olds. The children were keen and able to participate and were thoroughly entertained. The presenters were also very organised and everything ran very smoothly. Office? They were helpful. Everything was very clear.
Mary Hays, 7 Year Olds Kids Party in Cambridge with Subatomic Sara and Explosive Emma, Nov 2016

The party was a massive success. The presenter was great and kept the kids engaged for the whole time. Everyone loved it. I thought it was a great idea.
Emily Keenan, Children’s Party in Birmingham with Kinetic Kate, Nov 2016

CO2 experiments, the rocket, the 'airpedo' and the plasma ball. The boys all greatly enjoyed the exciting experiments and having been talking about it ever since! We booked having attended my nephew's party a couple of years previously which had been by the same presenter in the same venue which all the children had really enjoyed.
Georgina Badrudin, Sublime Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, Nov 2016

Water propelled Rocket Launcher and the smoke ring gun. Office, efficient speedy replies to my queries. Science experiments seemed to be the age appropriate theme for a 6 year old's birthday.
Andrew Hardwick, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in North London with Atomic Ali, Nov 2016

Loved seeing how excited the kids were. Really fab party that all the kids loved.
Dani Hall, Children’s Party in Crawley with Fizzy Freda, Nov 2016

To follow up on the party we held on Sat 5 Nov 16, I’d like to praise Belle for her outstanding work. She held a tough crowd of 5 year olds mesmerised AND also catered for an older brother and cousin. No mean feat! She was brilliant and a great representative of the business.
Dan Chapman, 5 Year Olds Kids Party in Surrey with Bubbly Belle, Nov 2016

Just to say thanks so much to Lightening Laura for Max’s party on Saturday. She was a great host and kept 15 noisy six year old boys (and three girls) entertained!
Mrs Murray, 6 Year Olds Boys Party in North London with Lightening Laura, Nov 2016

The fact that all the kids were fully engaged, listening, having a go at answering questions, and belly laughing at the experiments! Very helpful. We booked this fairly last minute but the communication was friendly and clear. Perhaps have a choice of themes to choose from. That way if some children have attended a party before a different theme can be selected and all the experiments are new. That said, making sweets should always be kept in! We had attended another friends' sublime Science party and my daughter requested it!
R Powell, Daughter’s Birthday party in Northants with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

The children really enjoyed the lemonade rockets, especially as they all got sprayed! The team were quick to respond to all correspondence. My son wanted something really different, but also wanted to invite quite a few children, so this fitted the bill perfectly. Dr Shaky mentioned that he rarely does parties for children of 11+ but that he found it to be a great experience as he could have a bit of a laugh and a joke with the older children. He really held their attention, getting them all involved, asking scientific questions and teaching them a few bits and pieces along the way. He was brilliant!
Karen Norton, Children’s Birthday party with 11 Year Olds in North London with Dr Shaky, Nov 2016

Colette was amazing with the kids, she pitched it completely at the right level. It was a joint party for two 6yr old boys and she managed to make them both equally special. Office were fantastic.
Katy Percival, Kids Party in Leicestershire with Cosmic Colette, November 2016

The real science and healthy competition, presenter enthusiastic, made it fun and interesting. Interesting subject and unusual for child's party, educational and fun.
Lucy Askin, Kids Birthday Party in Basingstoke with Bubbly Belle, Nov 2016

The smoke bubbles and the slime & all the interactive bits. It was different and I thought would be more interesting for a bright little bunch! Keep up the great work!
Jaime Burman, Children’s Party in Milton Keynes with Galactic Gisele, Nov 2016

The 10 children were entertained from the minute they arrived, Helen arrived early to set up and kept them transfixed till the minute she left. I wanted my 7 year old son to have something a little different. Couldn't recommend enough and a big thank you to Helen who managed to keep all the children entertained and happy.
Emma Wright, Science Party in Lincolnshire with Helium Helen, November 2016

Rocket Ren was utterly amazing - the kids loved her, she clearly enjoys what she does they were totally spellbound! Office? Really helpful, communicated efficiently. Didn't feel a standard party entertainer would be right for 8 year olds (great for younger ones but they are at a tricky age) - wanted something different - it was utterly amazing - will consider it again for their party next year. Honestly loved Rocket Renin don't lose her!
Carrie Patsalis, Sublime Science Party in London with Rocket Renin, Nov 2016

The ease that the children were entertained for an hour and the parents could relax over a coffee.
Elle Snedker, Science Party in Northampton with Nuclear Natalie, Nov 2016

It was a novel party idea that we had never done before. The children loved all the experiments. Office? I had to change the party time and the staff were very encouraging. The website sold itself as the most amazing party.
Helen Madden, Birthday Party in London with Professor Perfect Eamonn, November 2016

Very friendly presenter, the kids got involved, something very different to any party we have been to before, fun! Sounded great on the website and very helpful staff.
Samantha Kowalski, Kids Birthday Party in Derby with Professor Melodie Marvelous, Nov 2016

Mike kept the children entertained for a good hour and they particularly enjoyed making sweets and slime. We were happy with everything - it all worked very well and the kids had a great time. Something different and fun but also educational - we thought it would be a good way of sparking an interest and all the feedback we've had from the parents of children who came has been great.
Clare Warnett, Children’s Science Party in Bucks with Dr Shaky, November 2016

Just want to say a great big thank you for today. Our visitors really enjoyed it and we got lots of great feedback. The session worked extremely well and we will definitely be in touch about doing it again next year. It really was excellent, please pass on our thanks to our mad scientist!
April Ross, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Ross Burton, November 2016

Mike kept the children entertained for a good hour and they particularly enjoyed making sweets and slime. We were happy with everything - it all worked very well and the kids had a great time. Something different and fun but also educational - we thought it would be a good way of sparking an interest and all the feedback we've had from the parents of children who came has been great.
Clare Warnett, Bucks Birthday Party with Dr Shaky, October 2016

I thought the whole experience was well thought out and all worked well. I think my 5 year old loved the sherbet and definitely the rocket was a highlight but everyone probably had their own favourite bits. Can't think of anything to improve, I was really pleased the booking process and the speed of response etc. I wanted something that would appeal to both boys and girls and be interesting. John was really brilliant especially as the target audience was a bunch of 4-5 year olds. He really captured their imagination and had them screaming for more at points. Also I think a number of parents enjoyed the party as much of the kids. I think it should translate into some more bookings for you.
Aine Coghlan, 4 & 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Jupiter John, October 2016

Rocket Ren was a fantastic presenter - my son and the other kids all loved her and the show was excellent all through and very interactive. It kept 20 7-8 year old totally engaged from start to finish. Whacky Rockets was a terrific finale, and had the kids screaming with excitement. Just brilliant, thank you! Very helpful and great that you can be reached every day of the week! The endorsements/reviews, including that from dragons den backing!
Marianne Markham, Children’s Party in London with Rocket Renin, October 2016

Kenton was a brilliant presenter, very patient with the kids and demonstrated some great examples of fun science. Thank you for accommodating our last minute change of venue too - very understanding which made it easier for us. Extremely. Office? Friendly and helpful understanding how it all works. Impressed by Dragons Den pitch!
Simon Jobling, Northamptonshire Kids Party with Kenetic Kenton, October 2016

Magda was fantastic, she kept the children's attention at all times and knew exactly how to interact with them.
Yvonne Hadden-Gray, Surrey Children’s Party with Magnetic Magda, October 2016

Presenter was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly! Children and parents enjoyed every minute of it. Loved the interaction and participation. Excellent recommendations. The uniqueness of it. Learning and fun! Something different. Suitable for all ages. I would certainly recommend this. My kids are 7, 12, 18 and 20. We all loved it!
Penny Kealahet, Party for mixed ages in Bedfordshire with Sherbet Sharon, October 2016

How well Gabi conducted herself throughout the entire party. She arrived early, was very organised. She kept the children’s attention and the party flowed really well because of her. A request from my daughter as she had been to one before. A brilliant party which everyone really enjoyed, thank you!
Carol Bolton, Girls’s Party in Wetherby with Galactic Gabbi, October 2016

Excellent from start to finish - children fully engaged for an hour! Highlights for all, slime making and sweets. Something different, interactive and fun.
Katie Fogarty, Kids Birthday Party in London with Atomic Alan, October 2016

Our son just loves science and all the experiments that come with it! The interaction with the children. Thank you so much for a great party, our little boy really enjoyed himself and so did all of his friends.
Natalie Gillies, Boys Birthday Party in Essex with Steve M, October 2016

The presenter absolutely made the day. What an amazing man. The kids absolutely loved it as did we. He was excellent, professional and engaging. I cannot thank him enough. The science was amazing and even had some of our adults were mesmorised!!
Hannah Ciubotariu, Sublime Science in Manchester with Dr Ianstein, October 2016

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