Best Children's Party Entertainment Company 2018 - Sublime Science - Sublime Science

Best Children’s Party Entertainment Company 2018 – Sublime Science

Awesome news just in!

Just found out that Sublime Science has been named: Best Children’s Party Entertainment Company 2018.

It’s such an honour to be recognised in the Business Elite Awards, thanks so so much to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

It’s kind of insane to think but Sublime Science have received 3 different awards over the past 2 weeks!

It’s so awesome to see all of the passion, dedication and hard work being recognised and it’s somehow the most awesome timing as Sublime Science is not far off turning 10 years old.

When I started Sublime Science with that £1,750 Prince’s Trust loan almost a decade ago I never would have dreamed that all of this would happen.

As a (particularly geeky!) scientist I really like the fact the approach of the awards is evidence-based. The Elite awards shared that they are formulated on the back of months of qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by our in-house research team. This tried and tested method ensures that all of our representatives are awarded on strictly a merit basis, rather than on popularity and provides us with the chance to reward and promote talent on a truly global platform.

Thank YOU so much for all the support and positive vibes that’s made this possible,

Stay awesome,

Mad Marc

P.S. Stay awesome 😉