Ultimate Paper Glider

paper-glider-1-setupIn this experiment we’ll be making the Ultimate Paper Glider.  You won’t believe how far your glider will fly or how little effort it takes.

What do I need?

  • A piece of A4 paper
  • Tape

STEP1 – Start with your piece of paper in the landscape position and fold it so you can see two pyramids.

paper-glider-2-pyramidSTEP2 – Next, fold the long edge of your paper over about 1cm in from the edge.

STEP3 – Repeat this again for a second fold.

STEP4 – One more fold for luck!

STEP5 – Work you hand around your glider so that the two ends can connect together. Add a piece of tape at the ends in order to secure your glider in place.

paper-glider-3-foldSTEP6 – To launch your Ultimate Paper Glider just throw it gently in just the same way that you would throw a javelin!


What’s going on?

paper-glider-4-gliderOur Ultimate Paper Glider is a little bit different to a ‘normal’ paper aeroplane as it doesn’t have wings as such. But it does work in the same kind of way as a regular paper aeroplane.

Gravity pulls the glider down and the whole thing acts as a wing and lifts the glider up. Because our glider produces very little air resistance and is nice and light it can cover some real distance with very little effort!

More Fun Please! - Experiment like a real scientist!

  • paper-glider-5-flyCan you make a giant Ultimate Paper Glider?
  • Can your Ultimate Paper Glider fly upside down? Does it make any difference?Could you add more weight at the front of your glider, how would that change things?
  • Does thick paper work best? Or thin paper? Or card?
  • What’s the maximum range you can get out of your Ultimate Paper Glider?

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