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The variety of experiments, the enthusiasm of out professor, her ability to keep 15 children's attention for a whole hour! Very, I found all emails useful for ideas and prompts....most of all the email that mentioned it was ok if there were a couple of extra children then originally planned as this is exactly what happened!
Adele Greening, Children’s Birthday Party in Cheshire, January 2017

Ross was absolutely brilliant. He is a very good presenter to children and kept them fully entertained for the whole session . The party was very individual and unique and all of the children had a fantastic time as well as it being educational . It was 100% worth the cost and it will be a party that is remembered . Well done Ross xxx Very well organised , informative and helpful . Very responsive to queries and fast to respond . They put me at ease and gave me confidence about the delivery and efficacy of the party planned. A great service. Something different and also the fact that if the dragons den invested it must be something quite special and unique , which it was.
Minnie Ainley, Sublime Science Party in West Yorkshire with Ross B, December 2016

Best? Everything!!!! The team was excellent! Everything was perfect! no suggestion, sorry:-) My little boy does not like all these disco/games parties and he is more an intellectual person. Excellent! I will use them again for my youngest one in 2 years time:-) Learning something on the same time, it will be a good thing!
Christine Berger, Canterbury Kids Science Party, December 2016

Samantha liked the Rockets, musical instruments, slime. Grace the host was Fab and really engaged the girls. Big thank you! All in all very good, interesting and entertaining at a reasonable price.
Vicky Good, Kids Birthday Party in Guildford, January 2017

All questions answered quickly, plenty of contact. My daughter wanted something different. Fantastic party, highly recommend. Children really enjoyed it.
Sarah strange, Sublime Science Party in Maidstone with H2Jo, December 2016

You did what you promised! Was great the girls enjoyed as much if not more than the boys as they listened more whereas the boys just wanted the visual and noises. My son is well known at school for his science knowledge and Tom coped admirably with his questions and long winded answers! Science mad kid and good reviews
Susie Lupton, Sheffield Kids Party with Tom Boyd, December 2016

All the experiments - especially the electricity demonstration near the end. Office? Very Helpful. Whenever I picked up the phone, there is always someone on the other line to answer all my questions! The science party sounded fun! My son loves science and we would like to try something special. I think it is important than children have the opportunity to explore science, especially for young girls. The children all enjoyed the demonstration and experiment, especially making sweets and slime! Thank you so much Alan.

Genevieve Truscott, Children’s Party in South London with Atomic Alan S, Dec 2016

The organisation was excellent, Magda instilled confidence immediately. Magda is clearly experienced in managing lively 7 year old boys and balanced the line between helping them concentrate and having fun. Very, booking the party was easy and simple. Winter party for lively boys, I was looking for an activity that would keep them interested but also be lots of fun indoors. Magda was excellent and feedback from other parents was great.
Megan hunt, 7 Year Olds Kids Birthday Party in West Berks with Magnetic Magda, Dec 2016

Paul had great patience and engagement with the children, took time to show and explain everything, kept the children involved with the experiments. Rocket launch and Mentos experiments, cloud rings, bubbles, making slime and sweets were all awesome! Olly was so happy that he said it was the best party ever! Every attendee is still talking about it 2 days later at school! Been to a party previously, liked the format and it's was informative and totally fun for the kids. Simply thank you for coming up with this concept as a party. Feels like a good investment that the kids have fun but are learning at the same time.
Sheena Hinton, Sublime Science Party in Oxford with Plasma Paul, Dec 2016

The whole thing was amazing. From the booking procedure, the communication before the party, the advice... And as for the party - it was so much fun. From the second Amy spoke, the children were completely captivated. All the parents were in awe too! Amy was so relaxed and friendly - I was so impressed. The experiments were great fun and the children all had a great time. Really helpful - nothing was too much trouble. I wanted a party that was different and the fact that this one had an educational element to it was great. My daughter loves science so it was just perfect! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write this - please tell Atomic Amy we all thought she was wonderful!

Kelley Sutton, Sublime Science Party in Cheltenham with Atomic Amy, Dec 2016

Just a quick e-mail to say how much my son enjoyed his party on Saturday. Atomic Todd (James) was great. It was my sons 5th birthday and so there was a mixture of 4/5 year olds. I was worried that they would be too young to understand and grasp some of the activities, but they loved it. The presenter got them all involved and was asking them questions as well. It was great to listen to some of their answers to the questions. All of the adults said how great it was and what a brilliant idea it was for a party. Let’s hope Atomic Todd has inspired some budding scientists!!!
Claire Forster, 5 Year Olds Birthday Party in Coventry with Atomic Todd, Dec 2016

The presenter was very good with keeping the children engaged and excited throughout. There was a very lively atmosphere and the kids absolutely loved it. They kept saying it was the best party ever! - Atomic Anne even stayed behind a bit to do further experiments with the kids which the birthday girl thoroughly enjoyed. 'Best party I have ever had!!!' my 10 year old daughter's words! - Thank you for making her day so special.
Tomi Pratt, 10 Year Olds Birthday Party in Kent with Atomic Anna, Dec 2016

Loved the experiments with the kids. They loved it and it kept them focused on what was going on. Office? Very helpful. Always polite and ready to offer any assistance. My son loves science! It was a perfect party for him and his friends, which were a mixture of boys and girls of varying ages.
Tracy Iles, Son’s Science Party in Essex with Seismic Steve, Dec 2016

Just writing to give some feedback from our party today. Eamonn was such a great teacher. He kept the group of kids entertained from start to finish & the adults enjoyed it too. All the kids continued to talk about the experiments after he left & sure it will keep going throughout the school week too.
Nicola Jessop, Science Party in Essex with Professor Perfect (Eamonn), Dec 2016

The presented was very calm and talked quietly so the girls had to listen. He was very well prepared and enthusiastic about the science. Very efficient booking process. Seen on Dragons Den and been to a party already so knew you are reliable.
Susie Zhang, Sublime Science Party in London with Atomic Alan, Dec 2016

Anna was fantastic. She kept the girls completely enthralled and they were fascinated. I learnt loads too! We liked the testimonials on the website. Efficient booking.
Katherine Ainley, Girl’s Birthday Party in London with Atomic Anna Dec 2016

Interactive games i.e. Air Zooka. Different experiments - different party plan so it can be booked another year and expect different. Wanted something different than a play place but wanted the kids to be entertained by someone else, so less stress and worry on the day.
Isabel Isern, Sublime Science Party in Reading with Magnetic Maddie, Dec 2016

Everything! It was very engaging for the children, and adults! We had siblings who were dropping off and picking up who were very envious! Rebecca somehow managed to keep them fully engaged for an hour and a half (I work in a school so know what a tall order this is!) and even the trickiest customer was enthralled and delighted with the slime! I would highly recommend this party and have passed out the details to my friends. Feedback has been things like 'It was the best party EVER'! So glad I found out about you! Brilliant! I needed to budget to afford this party and they were very willing and helpful to allow me to pre-pay monthly. Can't really fault anything to be honest! It was different......and princesses are soo last century! Thank you for making it an unforgettable 7th birthday!
Katie Hopper, 7 Year Olds Party in Eastleigh with Radioactive Rebecca, Dec 2016

The presenter was brilliant, very engaging and great with the kids. How she managed to keep the excitement and attention of 26 very excitable 7 year olds was beyond me. There was great feedback from other parents who had taken older siblings to other science party's that had not gone well. They were very impressed with beryl. Office? Very helpful, open convenient hours and answered any questions I had. Looked like something my son would enjoy and he as a little different to the normal party.
Fatma Ladak, 7 Year Old Boys Birthday Party in Solihull with Beryl (Bonkers Bev), Nov 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

Superb organisation and communication at every step of the process. The Professor was amazing with the kids. The kids were totally engrossed the entire time, they loved it! Made the party so easy - took all the stress out, kept all 21 5-6year olds entertained for over an hour, whilst also being proper science - and fun. I've had so much good feedback both from the children who came to the party and from their parents. Totally recommended. Best party we've ever had. Extremely. Answered the phone immediately, great email communication and easy booking process. Very well run business. Read the great on line reviews. Also our son loves science stuff.

Alice Mears, 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in Tring, Herts, with Professor Fission, Nov 2017

Natasha was fantastic. She had 20 lively 5 to 6 year olds and she managed to keep them engaged and interested for the whole session. The experiments were both fun and educational and my son and his friends had a great time. Quite a few parents also commented how good the presentation was. Can thoroughly recommend. Sublime Science Party bags were good value as well. Office? Very helpful - didn't try to oversell and gave sensible advice as to how long a session we should book for the age group. It was different from the usual party circuit offering. Educational as well as fun and remember seeing Dragons Den presentation and being impressed with the concept.
Paul Speedy, 5 & 6 Year Olds Birthday Party in London with Toxic Tasha, November 2017

Ali was great and the kids were thrilled by all the experiments but especially the rocket experiment outside. My daughter wanted a Science Party and you had strong reviews.
Marie Flynn, Daughter’s Birthday Party in West London with Atomic Ali, Nov 2016

Liked smoke and sound experiments best. We were looking for clever fun. We loved the whole experience. We asked for moving goo making till after snack, which was very good and solved problems with dirty hands for eating.
Monika Swindells, Kids Party in Liverpool with Dynamite Dom, Nov 2017

Really helpful, easy to work with and understood that sometimes organising a visit involves lots of 'yeses' from a number of people (they were very patient). Children were very excited, wide range of activities.
Celine Roue, Birthday Party in Southampton with Radioactive Rebecca, Nov 2016

Really engaged the children. They settled down and thoroughly enjoyed the morning! Very helpful and easy to organise and book. My son wants to be a scientist when he grows up.
Katie Ernst, Boys Birthday Party in Bristol with Atomic Amy, Nov 2016

The presenter - Atomic Andy was really friendly, brilliant with the children (20 five and six year olds) and made the science both informative and SO exciting. We wanted something different - each birthday party for my granddaughter so far has been out of the ordinary and a real talking point. This fitted the bill perfectly. Only problem now is to top this next year.
Jenny Gavin-Allen, Granddaughter’s Birthday Party in Leeds with Atomic Andy, Nov 2016

We had a fantastic science party on the 20th November. It was Juliette's 8th Birthday and her classmates really enjoyed it. It had been a busy weekend for birthday parties but I am happy to report our little Sunday Party was probably better than all the go karting and trampoline birthday parties that were s bit chaotic and trying on the kids. Tash our host scientist was brilliant with the kids, she engaged well and was confident when dealing with them.
Laura Van Zeveren, 8 Year Old Girls Birthday Party in South London with Toxic Tasha, Nov 2016

The kids were super engaged all the way through. Loved the wind machine and smoke rings part. Things that were interactive were best. Loved making slime! Sublime Science office team were super helpful and made everything easy.
Gwen Bueno de Mesquita, Children’s Science Party in London with Magnetic Michele, Nov 2016

The experiments that were conducted outside were enjoyed the most. I wanted something different and I looked at the reviews that you had from other parents and they were very positive.

Sonea Singh, Kids Birthday Party in Birmingham with Jupiter Jay, Nov 2016

Before the programme started, the kids were running around uncontrollably. I started doubting in the choice of entertainment for this unruly crowd. I was blown away by Sharon's ability to immediately round them up and grab their full attention for 1.5 hours! Even the parents decided to stay and watch. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome. I am a research scientist and I am involved in outreach programs in my institute at schools. My daughter is so proud of having a mum scientist and decided she wanted her favourite topic as her party theme: Science.
Mira Kassouf, Girl’s Party in Oxford with Sherbet Sharon, Nov 2016

Great with kids and a lovely variety to suit age group. Really good that you changed some of the things e.g. dry ice was great.
Jonathan Harris, Kids Birthday Party in Coventry with Atomic Todd, Nov 2016

Sharon and her assistant were very pleasant. Sharon looked the part and she had the voice to control 17 10-11 year old boys. She kept them engaged and interested till the end. It was fun but also learning at the same time. Office? Very helpful. Kept me informed and updated. All the boys had a wonderful time and I will certainly recommend it.
Asima Bokhari, Boys Birthday Party in Oxford with Sherbet Sharon, Nov 2016

Children lived it, educational and fun. My son wanted a science party. Ben was great with the children, thoroughly enjoyed by kids and adults!
Charlotte Hall, Boys’ Science Party in Oxfordshire with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The fact that it was a totally different kind of party to anything I've seen before. The kids’ faces when making slime was hilarious! Office? Extremely helpful and informative. Honestly, it was perfect! My daughter was desperate for a Science Party and your company looked the best out of all the ones we looked at.
Lisa Vaughan, Daughter’s Birthday Party in Reading with Professor Ben, Nov 2016

The way Steve somehow managed to keep control of 12 mini-hooligans so that they all enjoyed it. Grandson is interested in science and it looked like a good idea for his age group (8/9).
Glynis Greenland, 8 & 9 Year Olds Children’s Party in Surrey with Seismic Steve, Nov 2016

She was absolutely fantastic with the children. The children were very hyper but she had them under her spell.
Ange Beale, Bolton Children’s Birthday party with Helium Hannah, Nov 2016

Structured. Well controlled, funny and exciting. Kids and adults loved it. The children were mainly 5 - 6 year olds and they absolutely enjoyed it - Colette was a wonderful presenter, Very impressed as were other parents! Perfect length of time and demonstrations as well as level of interaction. Very novel party. So far very interesting, perhaps more for children to do ( interact ) although that would be restricted by time and number of children. Not sure how I can top this! It was also a Harry Potter theme to the party and the entertainer blended it so well with our theme.
Gurpreet Parmar, Children’s Birthday party in Leicester, with Cosmic Colette, Nov 2016

All the experiments were great. Everyone really enjoyed the race they had with the two bottles tied together and they had to get the liquid from one to the other the fastest (sorry don't know the name of it!).
Caroline Frazer, Sublime Science Party in Sevenoaks with Loopy Lu, Nov 2016

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