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Arthur's party was awesome! He had the greatest time and when I asked him what the beat part was, he said, "Ian!" Ian went or if his way to make sure he was delivering exactly what was needed to make Arthur's day! He dealt with a couple of 'pickles' effectively without causing distress and at all times had full control of 17 lively 5 and 6 year olds without ever stopping teaching them! He went out of his way to deliver a couple of special treats to Arthur and even stopped the snow eclipsing him by making some inside! Arthur says that he world have liked explosions (I know you can't do that! ) but other than that boring could make it better. I've enthused to so many other parents and passed on details. ..The only comment of concern I've heard regards prices. ..but you get what you pay for! My boys love science (too much Harry Potter and potions!) and this delivered against that as well as being something 'different' but also fun and informative. Just another huge thanks and 'big up' to Ian for doing such a fantastic job!
Rebecca Salmon, Son's Birthday Party in Macclesfield with Dr Ian Stein, Jan 2016

The hands on aspect of the show, a great way to get kids interested in science. Very helpful. Easy to contact, prompt communication. We saw the Dragon's Den presentation, offered it as an option for our daughter's birthday party & she went for it! It was good to see something a bit different. James handled a bunch of rather rowdy kids at times very well. The slime making was a big hit. My daughter's favourite part was Bob in the glass flask, she keeps asking me about it!
Kate Clark, Girls Birthday Party in Rugby with James Todd, Jan 2016

The kids were entertained for whole the time!!! Tash was engaging them I the experiments and was answering their questions. Very. All my questions and email were answered very promptly. All were very helpful and professional. I run out of ideas for the party, find you by coincidence online. My daughter really liked the idea. Thanks for a great party. All 18 kids said that they've loved it!!!
Barbora Novakova, Children's Party in London with Toxic Tash, Jan 2016

Her interaction with the children was great. We wanted something different for our annual children's party.
Claire Evans, Children's Party in Walsall, West Midlands, Jan 2016

Just to let you know the party was terrific and Ben was the best presenter.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Many thanks!
Ornella Dellapina Fenman, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

All of it! From the moment Seismec Steve knocked on the door to when he left, the girls had the most amazing time. Izzy took pictures into school to show her science teacher. Seismic Steve was fantastic!! Office were very helpful! As I changed venue a couple of times!! After seeing Marc on dragons den. My daughter loves science so we knew the party would be a massive hit. Seriously the best party we have had so far. All the girls had an amazing time and were still all talking about it at school! Seismic Steve was brilliant, the experiments were "epic"!! We will definitely be booking again. Thank you Sublime Science!
Lisa Stefanutto, Girls Birthday Party with Seismic Steve, Jan 2016

It was different and the kids were mesmerised. Saw on DD and it just knew my son would love it.
Annabel Stewart, Boys BIrthday Party in Chandlers ford, Jan 2016

Very engaging for the kids. Really good party- kids loved it. Alyson was great!
Catherine Blanks, Children's Birthday Party in Stafford, Jan 2016

We have just had my sons birthday! I was very nervous as we have never done this before and I want to say a massive thank you to will he was fab! He was brilliant with the kids and took all the nerves away! Haa so thank you so much! Will was great with the kids and kept them well entertained. It just went so well and the kids loved it which was nice as we just watched too was so relaxing!
Gemma Haigh, Sublime Science Party in Rotherham, Jan 2016

The variety of experiments the children saw and did. The way Abigail was the centre of most things she just loved. The fact the children got to join in with so many activities. The simplicity of some of the science 'lessons' such as the sound bits. Also loved the way it kept the children do entertained and enthralled that sat silently when they needed to and what was going on while also having a great time. Several children and their parents said afterwards that it was literally the best party they had been too! Extremely helpful both in the phone and via email. Excellent service before and after booking, helpful friendly staff and nothing was too much trouble. Party bags arrived in plenty of time and they have been a massive hit with the children! For something different and interesting that would entertain the children unlike the traditional party company whose mission seems to be to hype them up to insane screaming levels!! Just brilliant and wish that you did an adults version as so many of the parents loved it too!! THANK YOU from us and especially from Abigail
Jenny Clarke, Science Party in Lincoln with Jade, Jan 2016

The children absolutely loved the rockets. Ava also loved the ball hovering in the air and the smoke rings! Team were really helpful thanks. Had see it on Dragons Den and my daughter loves science!
Lucy Biszczanik, Science Party in Guildford with Brendan, Jan 2016

All the experiments especially making the slime & the air cannon. Sublime team were very helpful. Don't think you could improve! Everyone had a great time & the boys thought it was 'epic' & 'best party ever'. My 2 boys love doing experiments. Thanks again, was great!
Jo Twomey, Kids Party in Reading with Sciencey Steve, Jan 2016

We liked the noise making experiments. Saw it on Dragons Den and knew it would be different from all other parties my daughter had had previously or attended as a guest.
Michelle Moore, Children's Party in Buckingham with Galactic Gisele, Jan 2016

The children loved making the slime and the tornados were a big hit too. They were all great in the run up and on the day Ian was fantastic. I can't believe he kept the attention of 15 boys for over an hour!!! eep doing what you are doing. Our son is really into science and we wanted to do something no one else has done yet. I have had loads of comments from other parents on how good the party was. Thanks for everything.
Helen Davenport, Son's Party in Greater Manchester with Dr Ianstien, Jan 2016

Sophia was brilliant with the children, she was very enthusiastic and made the whole hour interesting for us all children and adults! She picked up the children's names very quickly and spoke to them in a calm gentle voice and captured their attention throughout. She has so many different things to show them the pace of the party was really good, together with getting them involved. I also really liked the fact she got in touch the day before to go through the details. I think it is wonderful how she made the birthday boy her special helper and he loved being so actively involved throughout the party. My son is really fascinated by science at the moment so I wanted to captivate that interest, to show how amazing science is. I goggled and saw sublime science.
Maxine Beach, Boys Birthday Party in Hitchin, Jan 2016

It all was very very good. Firing smoke rings, making slime. Party bags were fantastic value. How 14, 7 year old boys were captivated and entertained fully for a whole hour 🙂 Very, completely stress free party for me - kept updated throughout, nice little text the night before as well. Really happy, the party ran so smoothly and the boys loved it, I had some lovely messages from parents thanking me for the invite saying their kids had a 'awesome' time, and can't stop taking about about it.
Louise Lawford, Sublime Party in Aylesbury with Nadja, Jan 2016

The fact I didn't have to do anything, kept the children that attended totally engaged with it all. Very helpful, always polite, helpful and informative and efficient. My son had already attended a science party and several friends had one. Thank you, my son and his friends had a fab time and still talking about it at school now.
Michelle Smith, Sublime Science Party in Leicester, Jan 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The children and parents really enjoyed it and loved the slime and sherbet! Don't see any room for improvement - Very thorough in all aspects, the children were mesmerized by the presenter and demonstrations! A very professional job all round! Keep up the good work!
Alex Thompson, Science Party in Bedford with Nuclear Natalie, Jan 2016

Georgia and Claire did a great job of keeping the kids interested throughout and took care of everything themselves, all we had to do was provide tables. The party went really well and was barely any effort! They were great, it was very easily arranged. None of his friends have had one yet so it was good to find something different.
Kat Turner, Sublime Science Party in Southwick, Jan 2016

We liked the professionalism and enthusiasm of Matt. Office team were faultless. Something different. Our daughter loves science. I would like to congratulate you on providing a brilliant party for our daughter. She loved it. The children to be honest were a handful yet Matt just took everything in his stride. Great person and great attitude.
Jonathan Clowes, Daughter's Birthday Party in Swindon with Matt, Jan 2016

That my daughter had a super fantastic time! She was made to feel special as one of the birthday girls. The girls were really engaged and interested. The party was well planned with lots of varied fun activities. They had a chance to get hands on as well, they loved making the slime!! Atomic Al was great and very calm and measured, thank you.
Penny Lehec, Girls Birthday Party in London with Atomic Al, Jan 2016

All of it, she was amazing, she kept all the (20!!!!) Children's attention on her and the experiments. I didn't have to do anything at all (except make some sherbet mmmmm) - Something different to the norm, it sounded amazing and it didn't disappoint.
Jaime Payten, Children's Party in Doncaster with Atomic Alice, Jan 2016

The fact that the children were all really engaged and I felt confident that she would turn up on the day. I really appreciated the text message she sent in advance. Very helpful. I usually got quick replies to my questions. Thank you! I got really good feedback on the party bags too. Really good to have something different to take away and use after the party.
Hanna Claydon, Children's Party in Ely (Cambs), Jan 2016

Loved the experiments, even I learned something! Very helpful with the questions I had. I saw it on Dragons Den and it looked amazing.
Michelle Howard, Kids Party in Kingsley with Sarah, Jan 2016

Alice enjoyed The slime making the most. Good variety of activities, good endorsements. Very easy to book. The girls loved the party!
Jen Gelling, Girls Birthday Party in Oxford with Paul, Jan 2016

They were brilliant and really helpful offering good advice as the age range was 4-5 years old and I was initially apprehensive that they may be too young. I saw the pitch on dragons den and looked at the reviews which were fab. Being voted no1 by netmums for kids birthday parties also influenced my decision to book sublime science. My daughter had a great party and everything worked out just the way that I had hoped. Thanks again sublime science
Vicky Chauhan, 5 Year Olds Science Party in Birmingham with Rukhsar, Jan 2016

The fact that Robbie kept the kids engaged and interested throughout the whole party (no easy task with 15 x 6-8 yr old boys - he was brilliant - I can't praise him highly enough!) and they all thoroughly enjoyed all the things he showed them. The bit that caused the most excitement though, was the mints in the fizzy drink and then the rocket. Saw Marc on Dragons Den and was looking for something to do at a party that would keep numerous young boys entertained that was not football!
Emma Ginger, Science Party in Ashford with Rocket Robbie, Jan 2016

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the Science party yesterday for our daughter Grace. Alex was very friendly, and delivered excellent entertainment for the children - and parents too by the way! He held the children's attention really well, and we really appreciate his efforts. Many thanks
Mark Cracknell, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

Many MANY MANY thanks to the whole team at Sublime Science. Tasmin was amazing, all the kids from the younger ones to the older ones including all the adults, were absolutely engaged. Your hardwork and cooperation really helped make the party the success that it was!
Sneha Jogia, Sublime Science Party with Toxix Tasmin, Jan 2016

How well Kelly interacted with the children and kept their interest. It was excellent. My daughter has become interested in science, we saw your website and she instantly decided it was the party she wanted
Lisa Flaxman, Kids Party in Wirral with Kelly, Jan 2016

Rocket module that Lucy did outside despite it pouring with rain - she could have easily said no, but the kids were so looking forward to it (and it lived up to my expectations)
Tracey Scott, Science Party in Sevenoaks with Lucy, Jan 2016

We liked making the slime. My daughter wanted something different and fun
Karen Gregory, Girls Birthday Party in Lancing, Jan 2016

My little boy was so excited through all of his party all the children loved slime making. My little boy says he is going to be a scientist when he grows up!!! Dave, had to lead the party solo as his assistant had car trouble he managed brill. And the kids loved him
Jo Bagshaw, Boys Birthday Party in Risley, Jan 2016

Sam engaged very well with the children, especially Paige (whose 6th birthday it was), and had a good range of experiments. No improvement necessary - helpful, polite, informative .... all you could ask for 🙂 Sounded like a fun way to engage with Paige's current interest in science and experiments, and also very different to the other types of parties that her friends are having. A big thank you to 'Solar Sam' - he was brilliant. The parents enjoyed the party as much as the 6-year-olds!
Kim Jackson, Kids Party Felpham with Solar Sam, Jan 2016

Claire was absolutely outstanding and kept the children engaged throughout the party. The children loved making the sweets and slime and it was actually good to have a party that was a real learning experience but in a really fun way. The pace of the party did not drop and all the children were keen to get involved. I would not hesitate to recommend Sublime Science to everyone. The Sublime Science office team were fantastic and always helpful when I had to contact them to check details. Everything was perfect. I did see you on Dragons Den and thought it was a fantastic concept and wanted to have a different party to the normal bouncy castles
Jim Hynes, Children's Party in Brighton with Claire, Jan 2016

Catherine managed the large group of children really well and they all had a chance to make their own sherbert and their own slime. The great mix of games with the experiments kept the children entertained and interested throughout. The team were brilliant both on the phone and via email. They answered all our questions and were very patient with us while we made our decisions on the type of party we wanted. They confirmed details and contacted us beforehand to reassure us all was in hand. It was a unique party experience for the children and offered active, great fun experiments to entertain the whole group. Fantastic!
Claire Masters, Kids Party in Chelmsford, Jan 2016

The originality, the spontaneity, the creativity and the fact that 23 5 and 6 year old boys were transfixed for over an hour! I was totally blown away by how amazing Arthur's party was! I think Dynamite Dave must have been coached by Mary Poppins - it's no mean feat to keep 5 and 6 year old boys so transfixed for that period of time. I was a bit nervous about having 23 small boys and girls for the afternoon but this was such a stressless and fun occasion.
Sophie Axford, 6 Year Olds Party in Derby with Dynamite Dave, Jan 2016

It was different and interesting as well as fun. All the girls enjoyed it and it was educational too. My eldest daughter (10) said to me afterwards that it was loads of fun. Recommended by a friend who works at Northampton University and had seen Mad Marc in action. Girls loved the smoke rings and the fake snow best.
Paula Holland, Girls Birthday Party in Guildford, Surrey with Olivia, Jan 2016

We loved the smoke bubbles. Husband saw you on Dragons Den and thought it looked great. I thought it would make a change from 'Frozen'. We were slightly worried that it would be too advanced for our 5 year old's birthday party but we wanted something different so thought we would try it. It was amazing. Jet pack Jess was wonderful, she had the kids completely mesmerised for the entire hour and all of the parents said how great it was and how original. I can thoroughly recommend it, even for little ones. Thanks Marc and Jess, you made the party.
Joanne Allen, Science Party in Burnham with Jet pack jess, Jan 2016

Range of activities well pitched for children's age. I was looking for a good quality Science party which had received good feedback for quality of entertainment and reliability.
Alison Broadhead, Birthday Party in Buckinghamshire with Jet Pack Jess, Jan 2016

The experiments were great and kept the child engaged and amazed for the whole time. Team were helpful. They were professional, polite and very accommodating. I wanted my daughter to learn more about science and hopefully get more interested in it.
Linda Somerville, Science Party in North London with Atomic Anneka Linda Somerville, Jan 2016

Just a quick email to say thankyou for doing such a fabulous job at George and Peter's party last Tuesday.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed it, and my 2 boys haven't stopped talking about the rocket.  The only problem I have now, it that 'noisy straws' are driving me mad - What with all the cut off bits of straw all over the floor, and the loud 'hooter' noise that George has managed to work out how to make! (I'm just joking - all us grownups have been playing around with this too!) We were all really impressed with how engaged you kept the children throughout the party, making it really fun but also informative - it was brilliant.
Emma, Bruce, George and Peter Gringer, Sublime Science Party January 2016

The entertainer was fab,. She got all the children motivated and enthusiastic. Jack thoroughly enjoyed his party. She was excellent and worth every penny. My enquiries were answered as and when required. Experienced no problems. I just wished it was longer. The rockets outside were hilarious. The first one was fired up and landed perfectly in a bin, was so funny. The kids loved it. The reviews from previous parties. It sounded different and a lot of fun. I could not fault the party or especially the entertainer, the way she looked and the amount of fun all the children had. Thank you for a fun filled party.
Lindsay Mason, Kids Party in Prenton, Wirral, Dec 2015

I saw Marc on Dragons Den and was inspired by what I saw. I immediately got in contact - and I'm so glad I did! My girls had an amazing joint party! Ben was very good with a large group of children.. He was very patient!! Excellent - couldn't ask for better customer service. All the children had a thoroughly good time. Just a huge thank you to the whole team! My 2 daughters party was amazing!
Sinead Crick, Girls Birthday Party in Essex, Dec 2015

The experiments - they were great and pitched at just the right level for 7 year olds. My friend is a presenter and she suggested it for my science mad son. He loves finding out about new things and working out how things work. Great suggestion - he loved it! Great party and the kids absolutely loved it!
Kim Arnold, 7 Year Olds Party in Coventry with James, Dec 2015

Will kept the children engaged throughout. He was very funny. The experiments were great. Team were very helpful throughout. I cannot think of any improvements. I was very impressed from start to finish. The kids and parents loved it! We wanted to try something different and Sublime Science looked fun and educational at the same time. I would highly recommend Sublime Science. It was a fabulous party.
Catherine Jones, Sublime Science Party in Doncaster, Dec 2015

The whole thing was absolutely fantastic, from beginning to end. Please do pass on our sincere thanks to Savvi who was brilliant and kept the children entertained the whole time. Parents (and grandparents!) were extremely impressed and all said what a wonderful party it was. Thank you so much. Extremely helpful they made everything so easy. Party's can always be a little stressful to organise but they took it all away so we could relax and not worry about a thing. Just keep doing what you are doing! Our son is mad about science so it was the perfect choice and also seeing all your fabulous reviews we knew it would be good. Just to say a huge thank you again we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and Savvi is a credit to your business.
Chloe Drummond, Kids Party in Harrogate, December 2015

Both the children and the parents found the party both interesting and entertaining. Really helpful, they gave advice on what was best for me and guided me through the booking and party. The fantastic reviews and I also signed up for email/facebook sometime back when I considered this party for one of my other children.
Nikki Hutchison, Children's Party in Barton under Needwood, Dec 2015

The interactive experiments- the kids loved the sherbet, slime etc. Fantastic 🙂
Madeleine Pearce, Kids Party in Sutton Coldfield, Dec 2015

The variety and getting the kids involved, esp the birthday girl. Very, very helpful and quick to respond. My daughter happened to see it on Dragons Den and loved it from the start. She was very happy with her party. Mike was very friendly, helpful and had the patience of a saint.....
Corinne Spillane, Kids Party in Hemel Hempstead with Mike, Dec 2015

We liked the bubbles filled with smoke and the slime best. Previous party was really good (another child) and wanted something a bit different. Alex was great and very patient despite tired, pre-Christmas kids, a broken pump and loud parents!
Claire Ridgway, Science Party in Hertfordshire with Atomic Alez, December 2015

Engaging, fun, vibrante, varied, different. Wanted something different but also fun! Thank you!
Emily de Oliveira, Children's Party in Woking, December 2015

Wanted something a bit different but still fun. Really well organised and flowed nicely, keeping the children engaged at all times with plenty of interaction. The additional climate chaos module was especially good and all the children loved the tornado race.
Victoria Mirfield, Kids Party in Leeds with Radioactive Rick (Richard), December 2015

The whole experience was brilliant.
Deborah Roberts-Barter, Kids Party in Horsham with Hayley, December 2015

The experiments where excellent and the kids where aloud to be a bit noisy and Steve still kept them engaged.
Wendy Dodd, Children's Party in Sevenoaks, December 2015

We liked the smoke bubbles and sweetie making. The office team were very helpful! My daughter loves science and she liked the video on the website.
Melissa Beard, Girls Birthday Party in York, December 2015

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