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Super Sonic Sophia was absolutely AMAZING!! She held the children's attention from the moment they walked into the room. She was exciting, friendly, and so enthusiastic, and really got the children's brains working! They were wowed, mesmerised, and excited by all the experiments, it was so great to see them all participating and having so much fun! The rockets were brilliant, the slime and sherbet they LOVED making, and the tornado racing was brilliant! Such a good time had by all!! Brilliant, all the info was easy to understand and all my questions were answered quickly and efficiently. To be honest you excelled our expectation and i still have parents saying what a fantastic party it was and how their child has not stopped taking about it! I wanted something different; Belle gets invited to so many parties and wanted hers to stand out. I also wanted it to appeal to both boys and girls, and excite them all! The fact it was educational and made it all that much better!!! Brilliant idea, brilliant party!!
Hannah Gilbert, Kids Birthday Party in Hertfordshire with Super Sonic Sophia, Feb 2016

Kids enjoyed it so much and were calm and interested and totally loved all of Lauren's experiments! Daughter had been to one before and loved it and wanted it for her own bday.
Jodie Harris, Kids Party in Leeds with Lightening Lauren, Feb 2016

The kids were fascinated I can't believe Adam managed to hold their attention for the whole session. He was very engaging. I wanted something different that was educational too. Please pass on my thanks to Adam for a great party.
Jennie Ferguson, Children’s Party in Sutton Coldfield with Adam, Feb 2016

We liked all of it! It was something different for the children. Really good, hugely entertaining for children and parents alike. Would thoroughly recommend!
Lesley Devis, Kids Party in Long Itchington with Kenton, Feb 2016

We liked the slime making/ sweet making. The Sublime team were very helpful.
Sonal Pattni, Science Party in London, Feb 2016

Ian engaged with the kids from the start, especially my daughter, handling the few cheeky comments with funny comebacks. He made my daughter the star of the show, which she thought was great. The kids really enjoyed the first experiment where the water disappeared, they were expecting the birthday girl to get wet! The sherbet making was a hit with some. The rocket launch was a big hit also and my favourite too! While the kids were having lunch Ian did a couple of experiments at the table which included making snow and demonstrating a tornado.
Carrie Ley, Science Party in Cheshire with Ian Stein, Feb 2016

We liked how engaging Steve was with the kids. The office were outstanding. So helpful every step of the way. Can you improve on perfection? My little girl loves the you tube videos. Thank you so much Steve went over his time to complete the activities with the kids he was just amazing!
Siobhann Mckechnie, Children’s Party in Welwyn Garden City with Steve, Feb 2016

Michele, thank you for your enthusiasm at the party today. Eva said it was her best party ever. I wish I had seen more myself!!
Sublime Science Party Feedback, Feb 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Daniella's party today with Steve, she had an amazing time, all her friends thought it was amazing too. They all want a plasma ball now and my daughter wants to set up a science lab!! She said it was her best party ever. I've never seen 20, 8 year olds so enthusiastic and attentive! Thanks again.
Katie Spurr, 8 Year Olds Party, Feb 2016

All of it! And some great messages of thanks from the parents! Thank you it was great, some pics attached of the party!  Some very excited kids! It was something different to the usual parties
Emma Brice, Sublime Science Party, Feb 2016

Nuclear Natalie managed to keep 26 4/5 years gazed and amazed for an hour - that girl has skills! The delight on our daughters face is one to treasure. We have had so many texts and Facebook messages saying it was such a brilliant party. Oh and your party bags... "The best party bags... Ever!" Thank you. Extremely helpful - I called a few times and the team were quick and efficient to answer my queries. Superb! My daughter loves Nina and the neurons, she has a chemistry set and sparkle science... I asked if she would like a science themed party... She jumped with excitement - yes please mummy! I googled science party Cambridgeshire and your name came up - net mums no 1 - dragons den - the reviews... I knew I couldn't go wrong with sublime science. Your party bags are amazing! We had the gold ones I think? The one with the science book..? Well, a few children declared "the best party bags ever"
Anoushka Levant-Tonks, Kids Party in Huntingdon, Feb 2016

We liked: Slime, Sound experiment with straw, Brian the water balloon experiment. The Sublime team were very helpful. Thankfully they advised that an hour would be long enough for this age group and they were right! It sounded different and had excellent reviews. Clare was very professional and engaging. She involved the "birthday boys" a lot and made them feel special.
Mrs Hosking, Science Party in Olney, Milton Keynes with Chaotic Clare, Feb 2016

Sam was great with the kids. Air gun/smoke gun was great and he knew pretty much all their names by the end. There was the right level of science and fun. Wanted something different and fun. This fit the bill. An enjoyable party - something different. Had positive feedback from parents.
Tracey Manser, Children’s Party in Surrey with Sam, Feb 2016

The science presenter did really well to keep the children interested and engaged. 19 7 year old boys, very lively! The table was set up great, looked fun and interesting. She was organised and prepared. Excellent! Always really friendly and helpful.
Kerry Morton, Kids Party in Liverpool with Professor Chemi Kel, Feb 2016

The kids had great fun. The Sublime team were very helpful.
Simone Graham, Science Party in Burgess Hill with Simone Graham, Feb 2016

The way she held the children's attention for 1 1/4 hours and her great attitude. Also the long tube experiment. The Sublime team answered all my questions. I cannot find fault. I was impressed that you were on Dragons Den. Well done. Congratulations and thank you for a great party.
Adele Smith, Children’s Party in Sussex with Jodi Jet Stream, Feb 2016

The way she kept the kids' attention and the kids loved it. The adults there found it really interesting as well. I was really pleased! Recommended by a colleague who saw it on Dragon's Den and I wanted something different. Would definitely recommend.
Ann-Marie Cadman, Kids Party in Portsmouth with Radical Rebecca, Feb 2016

The whole party was amazing, Matt managed 30 hyper kids brilliantly all on his own, they were all inspired, listening well and taking part. The kids loved the rockets the best! The office were great. A great party idea, and I had taken Oliver to the theatre to see the science museum science show, which he loved, so choosing you was an easy decision. Matt was amazing coped really well on his own with 30 children. All the children really had a great time and so did the adults, an absolutely fabulous party thank you.
Lynn Austin, Children’s Party in Newbury with Mad Matt, Feb 2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Nuclear Natalie was absolutely amazing - truly gifted to keep 26 4/5 year olds entertained for an hour. A brilliant party! This picture just sums up my daughters delight.
Anoushka Levant, Sublime Science Party, Feb 2016

Good morning Marc and the Sublime Science crew... I just wanted to echo my wife’s comments from our party yesterday with Nuclear Natalie. The kids really really loved it! Thanks for putting such a great party together for Edie. I am sure some great memories were made yesterday...
Pete Tonks, Sublime Science Party, Feb 2016

What Did The Dragons Think Of The Sublime Science Party?

Sarah Willingham Invested in Sublime Science

"I love where you started from...you started because you wanted to do some good and not many people start from that and make a really, really good business" - Sarah Willingham

Nick Jenkins Loved Making Slime and Investing!

"I just think that it's wonderful to really inspire kids to take an interest in science so this is right up my street...I'm going to make you an offer" - Nick Jenkins

Peter Jones was incredibly impressed!

"Congratulations... I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. It is exceptional" - Peter Jones

Touker Suleyman

"Science was never my subject at school but I admire what you've done...you've got a very good business" - Touker Suleyman

Deborah Meaden Made An Offer!

"I would very much want to be part of it...I think it's very exciting...I'm going to make you an offer. I'm sitting here very excited thinking - 'please let it be me!'" - Deborah Meaden

The presenters were fantastic! So enthusiastic and kept the children’s attention the whole time. They were very friendly and explained everything fully which filled me with confidence, knowing what was going on. My daughter is a huge fan of experiments and making things , sublime science had no comparison. Sublime science team should feel so proud! Happy children and happy adults. I can’t praise the presenters enough. They were fantastic and even other adults attending the party made comments on how great they were. My daughter and her friends are still talking about how great the party was. Thank you so much.
Lucy Harding, Science Party with Professor Brainstorm and Fizzy Flo, Feb 2016

The presenter really entertained the children for the whole time. They were laughing and getting involved it was fantastic. Beth said it was the best party ever! Absolutely loved it. I have been telling everyone.
Jo Ritchie, Kids Party in Nottingham with Dynamite Dave, Feb 2016

The Climate chaos part was really good, as was when they made sherbet. The presenters (dizzy Daisy and fizzy Flo) were fab. I really don't know how they kept 15 5-6 year olds happy for 75mins. Everyone at the party was very impressed. I had a lot of people asking where I'd found them. Plus they cleaned up after. Very helpful, they gave me a good description of what the party would include for each price. They also recommended what they thought would be most appropriate for my child's age. When I didn't know which extra bit to add on they didn't push for a decision they said the presenter could bring the stuff for both and we could decide on the day.
Victoria Meacham, Children’s Birthday Party in Bristol, Feb 2016

It was a fabulous party. Lots of experiments to keep the children entertained. Professor Aurora was really good with the children and had them focused and interested throughout. They all listened to her and did as she said (which with a group of 5-6 year olds is no mean feat...) Have seen other science parties but Aurora keep the language at the right level for the children who responded well. Very helpful as were the follow up emails and communication. Think you're all doing a great job.. My daughter wanted a science party, so googled and Sublime a Science came up... The office team were so helpful this encouraged me to book the party..
Charmaine Smith, Kids Party in York, Feb 2016

We loved how interesting the experiments were. Office were extremely helpful, no problems. I wanted a different party for my daughter rather than a boring wacky warehouse gathering.
Rachel Leech, Girls Party in Stoke on Trent, Jan 2016

Hi Jeanette and all at Sublime Science. Just to say thank you so much for a brilliant party on Saturday – Nathan and his friends had a fab time with Alan. He kept them all mesmerised with the goo, smoke, sweets etc and the tornado competition really went down well with the boys!! Just what I was hoping. All best wishes and good luck,
Versha Jones, Boys Science Party, Jan 2016 

Radioactive rob was absolutely brilliant yesterday for Damien's, George's and Tristan's party!! He kept 23 children ages 5-6 entertained for the whole hour!! Would highly recommend to people!
Sarah Cheal, Boys Birthday Party, Jan 2016

Hi there! I honestly can’t praise ' professor brain storm ' and 'fizzy flo' enough! They came to my daughter’s 8th birthday party today in Corsham and they were fantastic. They kept the attention of the children , they knew how to connect with the children, they made the birthday girl feel so special and they were friendly and very polite. I will be recommending sublime science to everyone. You should feel proud. Thanks again
Lucy Lanni, 8 Year old Girls Birthday Party, Jan 2016

Carole's flexibility with the children and how she engaged them. The science was pitched at the right level and the children really enjoyed it. Carole made my grandson feel special by making him her 'assistant'. Very helpful. You kept me informed along the way and made it very easy to book the party. I was a bit nervous about booking a party online. But when I spoke to Janelle on the phone I felt reassured. I'm not sure you could it was a great experience. My grandson loved it. I wanted something different that my grandson would remember. When I read the online reviews it made my mind up.
Lynn Griffiths, Grandson’s Science Party in Northampton, Jan 2016

The rockets and slime got everyone involved and made them giggle and scream with delight. Very helpful with both booking and reminding me what time I had booked the party for and giving advice on children getting there early and when to have lunch. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the party was yesterday. Everyone had a wonderful time and were completely mesmerised by everything that was going on - particularly the rockets! At least 4 people told us as they left that it was the "best party ever" and I have had numerous comments from parents at the school gates today that the party is still being talked about this morning. Thank you so much for making the organisation so easy. I would highly recommend you to anybody looking for a fun, exciting and different party.
Pauline Young, Children's Party in Stockport with Chrisy, Jan 2016

Helen was fantastic with the children. She made the whole party extremely interesting and fun for the children and even the parents. The children were entertained from the start to the finish there was no dull moments at all. The office staff were very helpful with all my enquiries. Because it was something completely different.
Jenna O'Malley, Science Party in Doncaster with Helium Helen, Jan 2016

The kids were so interested and loved being able to join in with the experiments. Sublime team were brilliant, polite and efficient. Something different that the kids loved, and the adults enjoyed too. Highly recommended!
Verity Hope, Science Party in Warwickshire with Collette, Jan 2016

Party was great thank you....atomic Emma handled the 11 4-6 year olds brilliantly. I really don't know how she held their attention for so long. And birthday boy and his older sister LOVED it!
Karen Young, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

The children liked the smoke bubbles and making the sweet powder. Fancied something different.
Shelley Tomlinson, Science Party in Stockport, Jan 2016

Kids really enjoyed the slime making. Something different for a group of bright kids. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Davisson, Science Party in Oxford with Professor Ben, Jan 2016

We had a great science party with Atomic Al, my daughter now wants to be a scientist so can't say better than that!
Jackie Brown, Sublime Science Party with Atomic Al, Jan 2016

My grandson had his party today with 'helium' Helen .He had the greatest time as well as all his friends . Not only did Helen do some great experiments, she also gave the interesting scientific facts and made sure everyone was involved. She made my grandson feel special and centre of attention but every child without exception was entertained and wowed by the party. Thank you mad Marc for employing such great people like Helen who is obviously very knowledgeable but also very comfortable with working with young children so competently. My grandson will be 9 tomorrow and certainly won't forget his birthday this year for a long time to come, if ever!!!
Kay Walker, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

My son was desperate for a science party. I googled and this is what I found. Remembered it from Dragon's Den so thought we would treat him.
Kathryn Kimpton, Children's Party in High Wycombe with Plasma Paul, Jan 2016

Very interactive and informative. Fantastic simple experiments that completely captured the children. A great introduction to science. Completely different from a normal party. Fantastic party - thank you Kirstena and the team. Great party bags - the novelty lasted far longer than the normal 5 minutes!! Fantastic reviews from parents, novel idea - a step away from run of the mill Birthday parties.
Sonia Wakelin, Children's Party in Botley with Kirsten, Jan 2016

The children,5yr olds! Were all kept entertained for over an hour, wide variety of fun activities & Esther went out of her way to make Connie feel special by involving her in experiments. Very - all questions answered promptly & all in a friendly & approachable manner. I'm a secondary Science teacher & mother of 3 - I wanted something different .... And it was brilliant! Esther was great - she made Connie's party a really memorable occasion.
Sarah Bunford, Children's Party in Studley, Jan 2016

The children we captivated from the start, the presenter held their attention throughout and it was pitched at the right level. Very helpful, answered calls immediately and responded to my queries.
Jennifer Robinson, Science Party in Riccall, York with Ross, Jan 2016

The variety of scientific ideas that were covered in the presentation, the sense of fun (and engagement ) that came with it, the way that Dave held the children's attention throughout... and the fact that when he left there wasn't a trace of the bedlam he had just brought to life. We wanted something exciting and educational for a bunch of lively 10/11 year olds, and that was exactly what we got.
Alan Simpson, Children's Party in Nottingham with Dynamite Dave, Jan 2016

How interested and engaged a lively bunch of 5 year olds were, oh, and the smoke rings, they were cool. My daughter wanted me to and you guys had the best reviews. Thank you all, it was marvellous - wish we could do it all again so I could pay more attention instead of dealing with the chocolate fountain!!
Joanne Franklin, Daughter's Birthday Party in Coventry with Loopy Liv, Jan 2016

Kam was energetic, fun and kept the kids captivated. Thoroughly enjoyed the party, the adults were really impressed too! Very helpful! Reviews looked great and i wanted something different. Keep doing a great job!
Lyndsey Johnson, Science Party in London with Kam, Jan 2016

Many Thanks for the fantastic party by Sublime Science and the brilliant Professor Aurora who was our presenter. My 7 year old daughter had a great time along with all her friends. Thank you so much for providing a fun packed and different party.
Kerry Fewster, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!! The organisation and clear instructions, the free downloadable invitations and thank you notes, the contact before hand by team and by Sarah - her early arrival and organised set up, the way she acted/taught and communicated with the children (there were 4 cheeky boys in the group and they didn't even seem an issue), she had it all to hand, start to finish! Everything about her and the party - perfect, inspirational and entertaining!! Even the surprise certificates at the end, great touch! Perfect - very efficient and clear in all communication! Saw Marc on Dragons Den - loved the whole concept - educational yet entertaining, something different. Both my children are in a school that likes to do 'one up' on parties, an unspoken competitive thing - hands down we won! THANK YOU!! Will be one of my favourite treasured, precious memories for all time - their little faces, experiment after experiment - they LOVED it! For Sarah to keep their undivided attention for SO long ... even the parents were captivated - AMAZING!! And what's more they've been the talk of the class room - for all the right reasons! Delighted, totally!! Thank you Sarah, thank you team, thank you Marc!! All the best!!
ABI SMITH, Children's Party in Wigan with Sarah Sparks, Jan 2016

Steve was very charming and we felt like we had a proper scientist running things. He was great with the children and was incredibly accommodating and flexible when some of the children were arriving late. He was also great fun and was obviously enjoying the experiments. The children loved it. I saw it on dragons den and it also appeared very quickly high up on the list when I Googled children's parties in my area. We are very satisfied and will happily recommend. I had actually rung the sublime office already to thank Steve.
Andy Gadd, Science Party in Surrey, Jan 2016

Range of experiments really engaged the children. Jo was brilliant. Jo was a fantastic presenter and many parents have commented on how much the children enjoyed the party. My daughter loves Science and Sublime Science have a good reputation.
Jocelyn Ratnasabapathy, Science Party in London with H2jo, Jan 2016

Can you please pass on my thanks to Will for a spectacular party yesterday. The children were captivated and the birthday girls were thrilled.  Thanks once again!
Angela Green, Daughter's Birthday Party, Jan 2016

Just want to thank Will for making our daughters birthday party very fun and exciting. All the children and parents. Had a fabulous time and left smiling. Thank you also to the Sublime Science booking team.  The whole experience from start to finish was excellent! Warmest Regards
Mr. & Mrs Ahmed, Girl's Birthday Party, Jan 2016

Jannine Church, Sublime Science Party, Jan 2016

Thanks so much for making Katie’s day spectacular. The kids were a little nervous at first as it wasn’t a theme they were familiar with but within 10 mins they were hooked on Collette. She kept the kids entertained and waiting for the next experiment with bated breath. All the kids left with smiles on their faces and we had lots of messages from the kids to say it was the best party ever. Thanks again and I won’t hesitate to recommend Sublime Science. Kim and a very happy 10 year old Katie!
Kim Meads, 10 Year Old Girl's Party, Jan 2016

The booking was easy, he kept the children engaged and the children are still talking about it! Very helpful, courteous and the email system of reminders and payment automatically works well. My children are science mad, the parties receive good reviews and the price is reasonable.
Gail Nicholls, Sublime Science Party in Leeds with Richard, Jan 2016

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